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WordPress photo challenge: Sunset


When I saw this week’s prompt I knew immediately the sunset I wanted to show you.

Fire to the south of me.

I was in northern Michigan in December of 2015 when one evening the sky just exploded. To the south it was burning in orange and reds, and to the north the sky was sighing in shades of pink and purple.

Cotton candy to the north of me.

The air was pinkish gold. I couldn’t shoot fast enough, and I never felt the cold.

The waves were tipped in light.

Though I usually limit myself to one photo for a photo challenge, this time I just couldn’t decide. So since the sunset itself was divided between fire and sweet I decided to go with full disclosure.

The islands out at the horizon were crowned by gold and purple.

Picture me turning from south to north and back again, trying not to miss any detail.

It just kept getting better.

It was amazing and I’m so glad to be able to relive it through these shots.

What a place to sit and enjoy the show!

And, as always, I’m glad to share them with you.

A firestorm in the sky.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

31 thoughts on “WordPress photo challenge: Sunset

  1. Oh my word. I saw the first two photos and was having a tough time picking my favorite … and then I scrolled down. Oh my word! How can we mere little humans be so blessed?


  2. Beautiful captures of water and light!


    • Thank you. Loved your orange clouds in the reflecting water too! Actually, loved all of them! I love a good campfire as well…feeling ready for some camping soon, though up in Michigan, where I live, it’s a little too early to tent camp. At least for me.


  3. I’m glad you kept shooting, Dawn. These are beautiful. I don’t recall ever seeing the water so pink!


  4. You seem to get a lot of once in a lifetime shots, Dawn! This series is jaw-dropping. No need for words with these images – they speak for themselves.


    • I’ve been really lucky to be in some very beautiful places. I love this sunset and was sooooo lucky to be there for it. It’s not where I live, but one of my favorite places to visit.


  5. A very beautiful sequence. The warmth of the colours and the coolness of the snow make a fascinating contrast.


  6. These are breath-taking! (Now, don’t you miss being home … just a teeny bit??!)


  7. I love these! Naturally my first reaction was “wait, wait – that’s HERE!” and so it is. I have seen that – not captured it, of course, I leave that to my betters – and I’ve been working on a poem about it. When the poem is finished I’ll send it to you.

    Meanwhile I’m working up to restarting TLV, which I have missed. I dispensed with FB altogether. Just deleted myself as best I could. Let me know if my ghost reappears! You know how to reach us – hope to see you on the beach or the trails soon.


    • I’ve missed your blog. Periodically I check just to see if maybe there’s something new there. I will be excited to see it updated!

      Yes, this is ‘up there’ from a visit to Northport in 2015. It’s a sunset that is burned in my memory.

      I’ll watch out for ghost FB Gerrys.


  8. Wow! And the “islands out at the horizon” is an amazing sunset shot unlike any I’ve seen before–the pink-orange and blue-green complement each other so well. It’s almost more of an abstract than a seascape photo. Love them all, what a day that must have been!


    • It was an amazing evening…and the sunset lasted for quite a long time. I was squealing. I’m surprised I didn’t fall down the 40+ stairs to get to the beach I was moving so fast! It was close to zero if I remember right and I never felt cold, though I did eventually stop taking pictures and just stand there and let it wash over me.


  9. YOur sunset in 2015 is really something Dawn. The scope of the photo- so far reaching and the colors of that sky… just breathtaking!! Thanks for sharing!!


  10. Full disclosure was the perfect way to go for this challenge. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss one of these images. They are all so beautiful.


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