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…but change is certain.

A contemplative afternoon in the park


Katie 1939 I’ve been promising Katie for what seems like days, and probably seems like weeks to her, a trip to her favorite soccer field/park.  Today I wasn’t scheduled to work, it wasn’t raining, and even more motivating was the fact that there were contractors in the basement sawing a window well and a crawl space door into the wall.  After hours of listening to the screaming, grinding saw Katie and I ran away to the park for the afternoon.

Since we missed doggie school last night because I had to work, Katie and I practiced our heeling quite a bit today.  She did awesome, probably in part because she hadn’t been fed yet so was highly food motivated!  This makes me know for sure that she knows how to do everything.  Sometimes she choses not to do them, but she sure knew how today!

After we did about 30 minutes of heeling, sitting, staying, stand for exam and recall I switched her to her long leash and we went exploring.  I was looking for pretty places to get her portrait.  She was more interesting in sniffing stuff.

Katie 1940

As we walked along I saw this tiny little nest that was in a bush right at the side of the walking path.

Trees 1232

I stuck my finger in this shot not because it’s such an attractive photo, but to give you a sense of scale.  I wonder if it’s a hummingbird nest.  If not, what other bird would be that small?  Maybe a chickadee?  I need to look this up and see what I can learn.

After our walk through the fields we wandered back to the pond.  Katie actually stepped on a garter snake!  Her back feet sort of hopped up which is what she does when she steps on a thistle or a stick, but she kept on going.  I glanced down and realized it was a snake!  I didn’t get a picture of it as it slid slowly off into the tall grass, but I got a picture of another one we came across, about the same size.

Trees 1239

Do you see it? Katie never saw the second one, though she did wait patiently while I photographed it.  She’s used to waiting on her Mom while she takes photos I guess.  We sat by the pond for quite awhile, listening to the quiet and watching water bugs on the surface of the calm pool of water.  Then she heard a chipmunk.

Katie 1952

And off she ran to investigate.

Katie 1950

Hmmm…I thought.  Here’s a good chance to see how she is on distracted recalls!  So I called her in my school voice; “KATIE!  COME!!  And instantly she turned and ran right back to me!

Katie 1951

And then of course she sat for a treat.  Like a good girl.

Katie 1959

She’s adorable, and I’ve been a bit grumpy with her lately.  So as we sat pondering things, watching the water, I told her I was sorry I’ve been mad, and promised her we’d come back to the park more often this fall.   She said she forgave me.  Cause she is, after all, Mommie’s girl.

Katie 1946

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

9 thoughts on “A contemplative afternoon in the park

  1. I love your “katie come” photo! She’s so darn cute.

    Oreo always does better at agility class when we go before he eats his dinner. I think we can definitely use the “hunger” factor as a motivator.

    Glad you had a good “mom & Katie” day.


  2. Great walk and great photos! Katie always smiles so pretty in her pictures! I love the “Katie , come” photo too – her fur flying out behind her!

    I’m food motivated whether I’m starving or whether I’ve just eaten my dinner! I always have more room for food!

    Sounds like Katie did well if you trained her on that obedience stuff for 30 minutes! Mom gets bored with it and that’s why we do so many tricks!


  3. Yea sometimes its hard to remember dogs dont do things to irritate us. But boy, it sure seems that way sometimes.
    Im glad you had a nice walk, well except for the snake. Diana


  4. Those are wonderful photo’s, especially the last three. Katie is just the sweetest little girl it is hard to imagine ever being mad at her. That is obviously the key to when you take her to training, don’t give her any dinner until after.


  5. After much official research on the internet, this Librarian-like person thinks it’s a goldfinch nest!


  6. I love the Katie come photo too! The little nest is sweet but Katie is sweeter. Glad you found out what it was though, that woulda bugged me!


  7. I love the Katie photo when she was called too. I would love to retire and take photos of children and pets……must be a market for those….


  8. Add my vote to those who like the “come” photo. Good job.


  9. Dad misses the midwestern parks of Ohio. Florida just isn’t the same.

    Essex & Deacon


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