Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.



Did you know that’s a word?  Mashup.  I had to get a graduate degree in information to find that out.  And I’m still only vaguely sure what it means.  So for the purposes of today’s post, class, we will define it as a bunch of unrelated topics mashed into one post.

First up are technological problems.  There was the blog issue where it suddenly one evening stopped behaving in the way I’ve become accustomed.  Even with the graduate degree in information I have a phobia about technology.  And when things don’t work the same way they’ve worked before I get a little weirded out.

I’m trying to be better.  I really am.  And braver about clicking away at different things in an attempt to fix stuff without making other stuff worse.  But it’s still uncomfortable for me to do that.  And during the past two weeks we’ve been having cable issues here at the house as well.  Intermittent outages, little blackouts, for a few seconds, or hours.  So the odds of having internet work when I needed it were low.  The combination of blog problems, work problems and internet connection problems was, at times, overwhelming.

So I did what any good person does when technology lets her down.  I made soup.

I haven’t made this recipe before.  It’s the Weight Watcher version of potato soup.  I make another potato soup full of Velvetta cheese and bacon that is purely heaven but hardly healthy.  This one is full of onions and leeks, and though I’ve only tasted a bit of it as I cleaned up the pan, I think it just might be a different version of heaven.

And after the soup was made and put away Katie and I went for our weekly adventure. I’ve been wanting to take her on longer car rides.   I’m hoping to get her used to trips of greater and greater lengths so that we can explore further afield on weekends this summer.

So with high hopes, and virtually no planning, I loaded her up and off we went.  I got approximately 1/2 a mile down the road when she started complaining.  Loudly.  Seems I forgot to do the potty break prior to the loading of the sheltie.

So we stopped at her favorite local park.  I figured she’d do her thing like she always does, as soon as she’s out of the car, then we’d continue on our way.  But no.  We had to EXPLORE first.  Did I tell you it was cold yesterday?  We had blue skies and sunshine, but the temperature was in the high teens.

Yes it was very very cold.

Eventually she got her jobs done and I started back to the car.  She was like “WHAT?!  We haven’t done much of anything and this is MY FAVORITE PARK MOM!!!!”

But we headed off to MY favorite park, about 40 minutes away anyway.  Because I had the car keys and she doesn’t even have her learners permit to drive yet.

Once at my favorite park we headed out to the end of a point of land that extends into a big inland lake.  It’s a picnic area when times are warmer, but during winter it’s just a part of the park with no cars going by and no runners and nobody on bikes.  And it’s down a long hill so it’s sort of out of the wind.  Did I mention it was COLD out?

There are some big old hickory trees out there with the most beautiful bark.

There are lots of beautiful places to look at the lake and enjoy the sunshine.  It was almost totally frozen over with a smooth sheet of ice that reflected the blue sky.

We saw a pair of swans who were doing synchronized swimming just for us.

We had fun walking around and pretending it was summer.  Which it clearly wasn’t.

Then I had to go to the bathroom, so I loaded up the sheltie again and off we drove in search of an open restroom.   Once I got to one I debated leaving Katie in the car.  But I never do she and I walked across a playground to the bathroom building.  Katie didn’t want to go in the big scary building.  But she did.  And she certainly didn’t want to go into the stall, even though I used the handicapped stall so she’s have more space to freak out in.  But she did.  And she was not OK with the fact that the toilet paper holder thingy squeaked.  A lot.  But she held her own and only tried to get under the wall to the other stall once.  But the flushing thing?  In a big empty concrete building with all it’s echos?  Oh boy.  That’s why she was on a leash.  Picture it, crazed sheltie, all four feet going, head down, pulling wildly on the leash and Mama just trying to get her coat back on.  Good thing we were alone.

So after the bathroom adventure we came home.  She was pretty quiet on the 40 minute trip home.  I guess she figured if she stayed quiet she wouldn’t have to go into any more scary places.

And for our third and final mashed up topic, husband and I went to see “The King’s Speech” last night because the TV and internet were down again, and we’d read all the hard copy magazines and newspapers we had in the house.  Technology let us down, so we had an old fashioned date night.  Not such a bad thing.  The movie is wonderful and deserves all the praise and awards that it has received.

When I got home the internet was back up, so I looked up more information about King George VI, his brother, Lionel his speech therapist and Wallace Simpson.  I guess I have a love/hate relationship with the internet.

Class dismissed.


Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

13 thoughts on “Mashup

  1. Oh Dawn, you made me laugh this morning.

    Katie sounds a lot like Oreo in the car. Crazy on the way there, quiet on the way home.

    I’m dying to see the King’s Speech. I saw a segment about it on 60 minutes, and was so intrigued by this bit of history I didn’t know about.


  2. That’s a good interesting mashup, Dawn.
    I love the part that you and Katie had your exploration here and there. The rest room episode did crack me up and gave me a good laugh. I could imagine what would happen if it were Eva there too. As you said, a crazy sheltie , LOL!
    So sorry about the power cut but you had a good date night with your hubby! I haven’t watched that movie yet but Rosie told me I should see it.


  3. I imagine you did not end up sitting on the picnic table bench at the first park, hahahahah, that ice on it is amazing. LOve the bark on the tree in the second park, and my dogs want to talk to Katie, they want to tell her about the horrors of having to stay in the car by themselves, hehehehehe, with three dogs I take out to train they each have to take their turn sitting in the car while I am out with another dog……they do not mind staying in the car if I have to run in the store or something but they go wild they are shut in while someone else is doing something fun… sounds like Katie would know why that is soooo wrong and be able to lend a sympathetic ear 😉


  4. I think you should name your soup mash up. Rascal is crated when I am not in the car with her. Since I never leave home without her if at all possible (hot-weather and extreme cold weather make us both very unhappy) taking her “with” is not alway possible. Ever since that car was stolen with the pups in it..I have been more worried though.
    Your adventures sound like such fun. Summer will be here soon and I bet you two will stop for an occasional cone!
    Happy Sunday.


  5. Very enjoyable mashup! We were out at the park in that cold weather yesterday too. Fun but way too cold for the end of March! Love your restroom story! Ricky is an old pro at going into restrooms and stalls with me! Poor dogs – what they have to put up with. But I figure he can do it since at home, I am rarely allowed to be in the bathroom by myself! LOL!


  6. What a relief to find it was only technological difficulties, because my first thought on seeing “mashup” in the title was highway wreck. Sorry! But glad it wasn’t! Soup–great idea! Outdoors with dor–Sarah likes that idea even better!


  7. That was supposed to say “dog,” not “dor.” I tried to stop and correct but got a message saying I was trying to post comments too quickly and should slow down. A lecture I get from the blog platform? Technology!


  8. You’re right, “mashup” is a real word. But I was sure that “weirded” wasn’t. And I was right – sort-of. “Weirded out” is in Who’da thunk?


  9. The English and of coarse thier far away relative the Aussie’s (of coarse of which I am one) – use the term Mashup quite a bit and you guessed correctly it means a mix up of something – in this case topics. We also use it to describe a meal made of leftovers – usually vegetables that are mashed, mixed with egg and then fried (rather like bubble and squeak) As for technology problems – it seems across the board at the moment – I have noticed quite a lot of people commenting on blogger issues and I know I can not leave comments on Asta’s page for some reason. Out internet has also been finicky of late, on off on off – maybe it is finally overloaded and has decided to protest !! I am glad you got out for a walk – even though is was cold cold cold.


  10. Great mashup post! Your walk does look lovely, although, I know how deceiving the sun can be. We had some sun by us with cold temps too. And when we were coming back from our walk a couple snow flakes were falling. The pubic bathroom does sound like it might be scary to an unfamiliar sheltie. Glad she was brave!


  11. Nice photos! Hey, I’ve been involved in high tech & computers & related hoohah since 19mumble and my degree is in computers, and there is so much technology in so much now that *I* get flustered and flummoxed when things go wrong, and often have no idea where to start. But, like you, have a love-hate relationship with that self-same technology. And I do the same thing you do, hit the internet after seeing a movie. Every film raises so many questions! Sometimes the story, sometimes the actors, sometimes the credits… Today it was Jane Eyre and afterwards we were reading about Robin Wright, Byronic heroes, and how much 20,000 british pounds back then would be worth in US dollars today. Unrelated except by being related to Jane Eyre the movie. 🙂


  12. What an adventure! Soup, scary buildings, etc. At least you got a date night!


  13. The Kings Speech is on my list – almost always we see movies only via Netflix.

    Our girls do okay on long rides. Bailey sits leaning against a seat and panting all the way anywhere, whether it’s 5 minutes or 5 hours. Shasta thinks she needs to be in the front seat, and views whichever of us that is the passenger as an interloper. But they’re always thrilled to be somewhere they can roam, anywhere they can roam.


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