Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

How far would you go?


I was distractedly listening to CNN while cooking up some holiday goodies Monday night when I heard the President dealing with the immigration hecklers in San Fransisco.   Apparently he was there to talk about immigration and many standing behind him  as he spoke were members of an immigration advocacy group.  One or two began to shout, asking him to exercise his executive powers to help their cause.  Many began to chant.  He took it in stride.

I understand their passion for their cause.  But he is the President.   On the other hand when will those folks ever again get this close to someone they believe can fix their problem?  So they chose to make a statement.   Were they brave?  Or were they stupid?

I have an issue I feel the same passion for.  I have often wished that I could just sit down with someone as powerful as the President and explain things, ask for help.  But I’m sure I could never, ever, heckle him at a public function.  Protest outside the venue perhaps, but never to his face, never interrupt his speech.  In fact I don’t think I could interrupt any public official’s speech.

So I’ve been thinking about this.  Thinking about the public officials I’ve met, the ones  I’ve asked politely to help us in our cause.  Thinking about how little progress I’ve made.  Wondering just what exactly it would take for me to be brave enough to demand that help publicly, even rudely.  Maybe polite doesn’t work.  But who knows if rude works either.

What about you?  Do you have something that matters enough to you that you’d heckle the President of the United States?  Do you think it was brave of them?  Or stupid?

I’m undecided.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

19 thoughts on “How far would you go?

  1. I saw that video, and thought Obama handled it beautifully. He understood their passion, and I get that. I also liked how he made sure the hecklers were allowed to stay and hear him out. At least their feelings were validated.

    I would LOVE to heckle our current Education Commissioner! So annoyed with the way things around going in education right now. Bill Gates is essentially running and controlling education in our country, and last I checked, he never was a teacher. Hmmmmm. But he is willing to sell us a program to help us track student data. Luckily, parents are rising up and doing some heckling themselves, so I’m hopeful for change this legislative season…..


  2. If it was something I felt really passionate about, I might heckle the President or some other official. I went with “might” because I’m undecided, too. It would have to be something terribly important for me to be rude.


  3. As one who spent 10 years going through the immigration process the legal and right way…..yes I would heckle the president to ask him not the make a mockery of my 10 years by just giving immigrations passes to those that do not do it the right or more importantly the legal way!


  4. On the one hand, I kind of feel like our public officials need to be heckled 😉 But really, I can’t imagine it helps. I would expect that it accomplishes the opposite. I am often incredibly frustrated by our government (aren’t we all, no matter which “side” we’re on?), but aside from voting, I feel so impotent about it. At least you’re doing something for your impassioned cause!


    • Yes they deserve to be heckled…but I wonder. Of course the President got more press due to the heckling…and so did the issue…and more press seems to be the only way to get stuff done anymore.


  5. You were probably brought up, as I was, to be polite. I still think showing respect is usually best, even when disagreeing, but there are occasions, and there are people, who will never hear [x = speaker or issue] unless it’s right in their face. But p.s. I don’t think our president is one of those clueless people!


  6. I think heckling is rude. Far better, I think, to make your impassioned plea in another form ,one that does not show disrespect.

    Then we get back to the problem of money winning over everything else.

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  7. We vote for stupid. Heckling shows the world we are uncivilized and have no respect for others. If you were a foreign investor, would you give your money to people like that. Our feeling on how to change thing would be best reflected in the song “The Call” by Regina Spektor.

    If you are not familiar with the lyrics, here is a link.

    We think what you are doing is a start. The real change is when the word gets out. You have changed the way we view truck driving. That is a start.

    Sherman & Dog Dad


  8. No, I wouldn’t because it is not my way. Sometimes I wish it was tho. When I am old with purple hair, I’ll make up for lost time.


  9. What a thought-provoking post, Dawn. I would have trouble being rude and heckling, but could see myself getting terribly direct if needed. Would probably only do so if it felt like this directness might make a difference. Of course, we’ll never know unless we try… Am still crossing fingers and hoping the health insurance conundrum turns out the best for the millions of uninsured in our country.


  10. Did the group heckling get what they wanted? If so, give being rude a try. If not, don’t go there.


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