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Holiday spirit?


I’ve heard that UPS had a problem delivering many packages that had been guaranteed for arrival by Christmas.  The story was aired all day on Christmas and is still running on CNN tonight.   When I first heard heard, listening to the media hype up the horror of gifts not arriving on time, I figured it was just a slow news day.  But here it is still in the news.

My immediate thought was of the UPS drivers; those I’ve encountered have been the nicest people I’ve ever worked with.  And they work like dogs during the holiday season, so it’s not for lack of trying that some gifts didn’t make the deadline.  Frankly, if you order something within a week of the holiday and it doesn’t make it on time you should be prepared to provide a photo of the gift or a link to a website along with a letter to your intended recipient and I bet that person will be fine with the actual item showing up in a day or so.  In the big scheme of things getting a gift a day or two or even a week late doesn’t take away from the fact that someone loved you enough to send something to you.  And doesn’t everyone really believe that Christmas is about family and friends rather than how many gifts you receive?

So why is this still news?  And why are certain government officials calling for an investigation?  Sure guarantees were not met.  That happens in life more than most people realize, but the world still turns.  It’s not as if the gifts were stolen and will never be delivered.  It’s not as though anyone intentionally cheated anyone else.  It was just a combination of honest, uncontrollable events including weather and unexpected volume.

So how about we let it go.  Let’s just enjoy the time we have with family and friends, and let the gifts fall where they may.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

25 thoughts on “Holiday spirit?

  1. Applause, applause!! Standing ovation, even. Funny how certain government officials want to investigate things that just happen rather things that intentionally happen. You summed this post up so well in your last paragraph. 🙂


  2. I can think of no better way to spend some of our tax money to investigate – but maybe what they should investigate is why the weather has been so extreme, so different from the norm, so bad that it interfered with delivery of packages. In the meantime, maybe we should review our priorities and determine whether it was really such a major problem – that having to wait a bit longer for gifts. As you said, our focus should be more on the spirit of the season, and less on the gift giving. Our family did that this year – we voted no gifts, and it made for a much calmer, simpler holiday. I would rather give a gift when I find something at any time of the year that a loved one might enjoy, no reason other than that I want to.

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  3. If there isn’t any news, they make it up. I’d rather just see good news.


  4. Stuff happens, its not the mail workers fault. Christmas has become too commercial. What ever happened to the true meaning of Christmas. People r so focused on gifts, its crazy.


    • I think lots of people aren’t focused on gifts…but they don’t make the news. There WERE several people interviewed who said it wasn’t something to get so worked up over. The news just liked showing the angry people more.


  5. I agree that there doesn’t need to be an investigation. But many of the people ordered their stuff Dec 1st. and didn’t get it.


  6. Well said. In the grand scheme of things, it simply doesn’t matter. And it certainly isn’t news. Uh, there’s a genocide on the brink in Africa right now….why aren’t we hearing about that?

    The news is a bunch of whiners.


  7. No one can be 100% prepared….what with the terrible weather and a 30% increase in online purchasing in the last week…I really don’t think it was UPS or Fed Ex’s fault. I think people are just looking for someone to blame other themselves…if they didn’t leave everything to the last minute maybe it wouldn’t have been a problem.


  8. I agree 100%, Dawn — well said! If a gift was important enough that it HAD to arrive before Christmas, the giver really should have sent it earlier, rather than blaming the messenger. Why folks procrastinate on stuff like this puzzles me.


    • I know that some people did order stuff really early…and I also think it’s partly retailers fault for guaranteeing stuff would arrive by Christmas when time got tight.


  9. Completely agree on this one, Dawn. I’ve heard people swear they’ll never use USPS again — or never use UPS again — because this one year some deliveries were late. Is that a tragedy? Hardly. Reminds me of one early morning at work, years ago: the president of the university called, and a machine rather than a person answered the phone. It wasn’t yet 8 a.m. Heads rolled! It was an OFFICE, not a hospital ER, and that call would have been returned within minutes. Nothing is 100% foolproof 365 days a year everywhere and at all times. That’s LIFE, and some people need to GROW UP! (Sorry these full caps look like I’m shouting — I’m really not!) I also don’t understand why so many people wait until the last minute. If only genuine couldn’t-ship-any-earlier stuff went out late, problems would shrink like magic. And then — the weather? the power outages? My hat is off to everyone in our local post office and to our UPS and FedEx drivers, too. They all go the extra mile to get their jobs done for the rest of us.

    Happy new year!


    • No tragedy in late gifts that’s for sure. Life goes on. People will forget. We had people down here without power for days. In fact some still don’t have power…that’s a bigger problem than late gifts…and it gets less press. So time to change the station.


  10. Hear, hear!

    I ordered a tiny thing two days before Christmas with a guarantee of arriving on tuesday–UPS dropped it off Tuesday evening well after dark, I think it was well into the evening. So they were trying hard!

    My family on many occasions has given photos of the thing that’s on its way–this happens sometimes in part because we draw names and sometimes that doesn’t get done until a week or two before xmas. We’re pretty casual about it anyway.


  11. I’m thinking that next year maybe no gifts for anyone…or maybe make stuff if that…drawing names is good though…everybody gets a little something..but it’s not overwhelming. In a family without little kids that would work.


  12. You hit the bulls-eye and Dog Dad & I agree.

    Happy Colliedays,



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