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I don’t understand advertisements


Spring fashion.

Spring fashion.

Superbowl Sunday is tomorrow. If you’re not in the US that probably doesn’t mean anything, but trust me, it’s a big deal. Even if you’re not into football it’s a big deal, the culmination of our football season supposedly between the two best teams of the season.

And then there are the advertisements.

Advertisers are paying $5 million for a 30 second ad to run during the game. Superbowl ads have gotten more and more creative over the years until now they are as much a draw to watch as the game itself. This year they’re already showing us bits and pieces of some of them, though many people want to wait until game day to see them for the first time. Sort of like the groom waiting until the wedding day to see the bride in her dress.

Brighten up any kitchen.

Brighten up any kitchen.

But even before the Superbowl I’ve begun to notice I don’t understand today’s television ads. For example, right now there’s some guy with a drum and cymbals strapped on his back, playing them with a line attached to his stomping foot while he’s also playing an accordion and singing (I guess it’s singing) something about how he loves to eat ‘pepperona.’ I had to see it several times to figure out he is advertising pepperoni that goes on pizza.

It’s obnoxious.

And there’s the two guys at the gym, each doing bicep curls, wearing tight shorts. As they banter the guy on the left gets more and more buff, curling more and more weight. I have no idea what they are selling.

It’s gross.

Equally annoying is an ad with a macho guy with some sort of wolf dog on the left v.s. a girly guy in golden light on the right. They are hawking cough drops.

I don’t know why.

Summer sport.

Summer sport.

I hope with $5 million spent on each 30 second Superbowl advertisement that they make more sense, are less awkward, and certainly less obnoxious. And that it’s at least clear what they are selling.

I hope you all enjoy the game. Or whatever else you’re planning on doing with your Sunday.

(Photos on today’s blog are leftover mall ‘vibrant’ shots that didn’t make the cut. After all, everything there is meant to sell something too.)



Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

22 thoughts on “I don’t understand advertisements

  1. We were just talking about this last night – stupid ads that make absolutely no sense and you have no idea what it is they are selling – maybe they deliberately made that way to annoy us as we tend not to forget things that annoy us. Add the Suburu ad to that list where they chose between the woods or the store – dumb


  2. Then there’s the toilet tissue “commando” ads. Just offensive, and they won’t encourage me to buy that brand. Years ago Ajax had ads I found obnoxious and I still don’t buy their products.


  3. Dawn, your comments about TV advertising are like ours at home about magazine ads. (We don’t have TV.) My reply: We are not the target audience! (I wrote about that recently.) But here’s a funny story: the other morning my husband, who is no more interested in sports than I am, announced joyfully to me that Western Michigan University was going to the Superbowl. “The Broncos,” he added, going on to say, “I bet that excites you.” When I didn’t comment, he asked, “Don’t you find that interesting?” I said I would find it very interesting if I could believe it, but I could not. “WMU would not be playing Big Ten schools in the first place,” I said, “and they certainly wouldn’t be playing against pro teams.” (Neither of us was sure if the Superbowl was a pro thing or a Big Ten thing.) He mulled that over and then said, “Maybe there’s another team called the Broncos. Denver?” Indeed. But now every time we hear mention of the Denver Broncos on the radio, I burst out in uncontrollable laughter.


  4. Great thoughts, Dawn, and I heartily agree. I enjoyed the puppy or Clydesdale ads that Budweiser had in previous years, but I’ve previewed this year’s version…and it fails miserably. Perhaps I’m just not cool — and that’s okay with me!


  5. As a recovering publicist/PR person/advertising hack . . . I don’t understand most ads either.

    I figured it was just me, as I haven’t had television for 10-15 years now and can’t make it work when I’m at somebody else’s house either. I’m with PJ – Not the Target Market.


  6. We watch some shows on Netflix or Amazon, but mostly we just use our TV as the pass-through for music. People ask me if I’ve seen such-and-such on TV, and the answer is always “no.” I’m glad I don’t have to suffer through the inane ads, too.
    Also, I’m glad no one in our home takes football very seriously. Tony likes to watch the highlights on ESPN (which we don’t have), or a game with his folks (who are in Ohio), and that’s about it. I think we’ll just go for a hike 🙂 Hope your Superbowl Sunday is a Sunday Funday!


    • I take myself out to the movies on Superbowl Sunday. Bruce watches the game. Generally when I get home he’s stopped watching the game because it wasn’t much of a game. I don’t have the patience to watch the game just to see the commercials that usually annoy me anyway.

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  7. The whole superbowl thing is out of my understanding down here in Oz, but it’s gets everyone talking regardless. Enjoy your day and I hope you understand the very expensive ads when they show them 🙂


  8. I agree 100% with you…I usually don’t even know what they are selling. I opted to not have public television service several years ago and don’t miss it one bit.


  9. Used to be the Super Bowl ads were a big part of the watching experience but over the last few years many have gotten pretty lame. Hard to understand why advertisers pay that kind of money. Sunday had a few that we enjoyed (singing sheep Honda ad was fun) but nothing will compare to the cat round-up commercial from a few years ago, but, quite frankly, I can’t remember the product it was advertising!


    • I went to a movie rather than watch the game so I didn’t see most of the advertisements. Some of them were playing prior to the game, and I think maybe a few are playing after…but mostly I missed them, which doesn’t seem to be that bad a thing.


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