Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Photography makes me fat


I admit, the title of this post wormed it’s way into my brain during sleep last night. It made perfect sense then, but it’s less clear in today’s snowy morning light.

I weighed myself yesterday because my knees, hip and legs ache most of the day and night. I particularly notice my knees when I’m carrying the dog, an extra twenty pounds on top of my own extra poundage.

Snow is on the way.

In my sleep I analyzed the situation. I rarely take long walks anymore. When I do walk, even on short neighborhood strolls, I almost always have a camera, though sometimes it’s just my phone. There is always something to stop and take a picture of.


So the walk turns into a photo shoot. Very few calories are expended while leaning over a mushroom or shooting up into trees.

Let’s go for a walk before it snows more mama!

I wear my Fitbit and religiously note the dismal number of daily steps. Even knowing I’m barely moving doesn’t get me off the sofa. It’s just so warm and snugly there. And here comes winter in full force. Record breaking cold is on the way. More snow. Little sunlight. The odds or me taking more steps slips lower.

But! We have a perfectly good elliptical in the basement. It’s been there for years and I’ve used it twice. It’s hard. It’s boring. But I have no excuse, something has to change, probably more than one something.

Darn. Change is hard.

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Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

22 thoughts on “Photography makes me fat

  1. Oh, Dawn….I can so relate. Every time I have to go to the doctor, I eat light the weekend before so their scales won’t scare me. Even then, the nurses laugh as I take off shoes, coat…..God knows those things add an extra 5 pounds!!


    • At my last yearly physical (Dec of 2017) I was wearing heavy clothes and boots. The nurse weighed me wearing everything but my coat. The doctor told me I was now officially obese. I blamed the boots. Now I am that same weight naked. UH OH. I have to at least get back to the fake obese person before I schedule my next physical!

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  2. I have photography walks, then dog walks. Generally….but not always, when on a dog walk it’s a 3 mile march out and and back. Torrey likes a fast pace walk, and so do I. Then, there are photography strolls. Looking, walking slowly, stopping more. Sometimes they blend together though.


  3. I’m trying to get back into the habit of a walk, even if it’s very short, every afternoon. When winter comes and brings slippery surfaces with it, I do not venture out, and when I break the habit, it’s hard to get back into it. I’m with you on any form of exercise – it’s boring and so I just don’t do it. If I’m going to be bored, I might as well be comfortable.


  4. I have to hop on the treadmill every day to get my exercise in. No excuses! Walking Dallas or taking photos counts as extra since they don’t do beans to keep the pounds off. It’s boring, of course, but I’d rather be bored for a while than replace my entire wardrobe!! Hang in there — Spring will arrive in due season.


  5. I have also discovered that taking a camera hiking with me is dangerous in that way. I like your title much better than what I came up with when looking at myself a couple of days ago: “Does this butt make my butt look fat?”

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  6. Don’t beat yourself up about the elliptical rider. I can’t think of anyone except for my stepdad who can force himself to workout in the basement. I’ve found as I’ve grown older that I have to coerce myself to the gym by joining dreaded classes. Otherwise, I’m good at putting gym time off.


  7. Winter makes motivation so hard. I can barely make it to the gym once a week. I know 2 years ago when I was told I was on the borderline for the number that would put me into pre diabetes and my cholesterol hit 200 for the first time ever, I buckled down, ran 2 miles everyday for 3 months, lost 14 pounds and all my numbers went below normal. But it was April, May and June I did it. Made getting out there a lot easier. That and the threat of disease! My walks these days are like yours, rambling with the camera. Oh well, spring is coming 🙂


  8. Well, you could stip carrying the pup…just saying. The pictures are lovely.

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