Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

One thought on “DSC_0611

  1. The Barn Sanctuary was on Animal Planet or one of the Discovery TV channels for a while. Maybe it still is, but we don’t get that channel anymore. It is build on the dumbest premise (in my humble opinion). They rescue farm animals and for the rest of their natural lives these animals live on this farm, I watched one episode where they rescued some pigs from a terrible place 1000 miles away. A whole lot of chasing and frustration, but they finally got the pigs loaded onto the trailer and moved back to Chelsea, Michigan, where they had a brand new pig barn. Of course, one of the pigs was pregnant, so their new pig barn was soon full and they couldn’t rescue any more pigs.
    Apparently the staff spends a lot of time giving therapy to the animals and helping them learn to get along with other animals and people.
    But, hey, if it floats your boat you can donate to their worthy cause!


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