Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Camping dreams


It’s in the mid 30s this afternoon, with grey skies and a bit of a chilly breeze. Not weather that supports camping in a tent. Yet…it will not be long before I can be out in the woods in my little tent again.

In fact, if you want prime sites you have to book them as early as possible. Here in Michigan you can book a site online at our state parks, but only 6 months in advance. So right now, you can reserve sites for June 8th and before.

You probably aren’t surprised that so far I have two camping trips reserved. One is with a group of friends, at the end of May, in northern Michigan. I hope it’s warm enough up there by then!

And a couple days ago I booked 3 days at a state park with a view of the Mackinaw Bridge. This replicates what I had reserved for June of 2020 that got cancelled while we were all in lockdown. It makes me smile to know I’ll get there this year.

I checked a calendar and chose three days when there won’t be a moon, so, as long as there also aren’t clouds, I should be able to get some nice star shots with the bridge in the background. I have a site right on the water, so I’ be able to shoot pictures without even leaving my campsite.

That’s the plan anyway.

Now…as we move further into winter, I’ll have opportunities to make more reservations, but I need to be careful to leave time to be here at home, or better yet, time to spend in Alabama with my family, just as soon as it’s safe to do that.

Meanwhile I’ll dream about camping as the wind blows and snow floats down. It’s good to have something to look forward to during the long dark nights of winter.

What’s getting you through these cold winter days?

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

34 thoughts on “Camping dreams

  1. I haven’t started making reservations but maybe I’ll go a little further a field to Algonquin Provincial Park. If I get really ambitious I might plan a trip out West through northern Ontario.


  2. What’s getting me through these days? The hope that maybe sometime in 2021 I can take a couple of trips to visit friends. I am thinking getting a sleeper on Amtrak might be fun for a change. Train rather than plane mainly because I’ve grown to really hate airports.


  3. It is nasty, cold and damp here as well. Summer thoughts are always welcome on days like today… Cool that you are getting your reservations in. I know as a kid we stayed at MI state parks quite often. I think they were free back then. The trip up to Mackinaw sounds great – I hope you have wonderful weather, though that time of year, you will have to stay up very late for star photos 😉 (Not as bad as late June, though). Yep, have to leave a little time between those camping trips.


    • I wonder if they were free back then. That would explain why we always went there too! 🙂 I hope I get decent weather too. I usually stay 3 nights and usually one of the 3 turns out OK for photos. But you never know. You have to reserve prime sites so early you can’t have any idea what the weather will be like. Not such a huge deal if you’re in a big camper with tv and a fireplace, and an indoor bathroom. A bigger deal when you’ve got a dog and a tent.


  4. I am not a camper but 3 state parks we used to go to are still closed due to Hurricane Sally. I like to go just to hike around, so those plans are on hold for a little while. It finally got cold here in sunny FL, so my warm bed makes me smile right now.


    • That’s really sad. I don’t suppose you can still hike in there? Not like you need a clear camping site or anything. I had a meeting today and the two women from the South were freezing…what is cold down there isn’t that cold to me. I think the Florida woman said it was 40 and sunshine. Which, of course, I would think was heaven! 🙂


      • Yeah–we’re freezing down here! There was frost on the car windshields this morning! The entrance to the parks is blocked. So it’s not like you can park you car and walk through. The roads/paths are really messed up. And this is from September, so not sure when it will be cleaned, but I am hoping by spring.


  5. I’m looking for campus sites too, now that I’ve purchased a camper! Probably do a couple of local trips, then the beach. I’ll be taking 2 dogs, so that might make it a bit more challenging. Any suggestions are appreciated too. Enjoy your blog!

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    • I usually take one dog, but she’s getting older so she won’t go on either of these trips. I think having her makes it more fun. Most of the time anyway. So definitely do a local trip or so the first couple, just to see how it all shakes out. Plus you’re close enough to go back home for important essentials you forgot. 🙂 Trust me on that. Also you can find out if your dogs LIKE camping or if they’d rather be at a kennel or home with a friend. What kind of camper? I’d see if your state has online reservations. You can look there to see what the different sites look like. If you are able to back into a site you can usually have more privacy than the drive through sites, but if you’re still practicing backing up with a trailer, you might enjoy the pull through sites. (Some advantages of a tent is not having to back up a trailer!) I’d pick sites away from the bathroom or trails for more privacy. Try to find level sites. Other than that, just go. I usually go for 3 nights, so that I have a day or two that I’m not setting up or packing up. Let me know how it goes! You can probably reserve now…or maybe even go now depending on your weather!


  6. Well, I don’t camp either, but I do love hiking, and right now it’s prime hiking weather. Tomorrow I’m going to a state natural area. The weather? It’s clear blue skies, no humidity, temps in the 70s, and little wind. It’s been like that for several days. There will be a change, no doubt, but right now the Texas hill country is perfection!


  7. There are campgrounds in Washington State that open up for reservations on November 1 each year (some are January 1) and they get full for the year within a few hours, some even get full within a few minutes. Most campgrounds here aren’t that busy but if I want to stay in one of those really busy campgrounds, I’ve found that if I watch for a cancellation, I usually get in exactly when I want. I have two reservations for 2021 (May and August) and I’m sure hoping everything stays open so I can go. I’ve been trying out privately-owned campgrounds this past year, and I’m finding most are less expensive that state park campgrounds, maybe that’s just Washington State, and I’m really happy with every privately-owned campground I’ve been to. Here’s to more adventuring … and here’s to your night star sightings and photography, I love it when you do that stuff.


  8. Nice photos, nice dreams! I am such a homebody that I enjoy my home year round, but I sure will be happy when my kids can come visit again. By the time the pandemic has ended, it will have been two years since I have seen them.


  9. Wishing you great camping adventures ahead. I look forward to reading about them!


  10. May all your camping dreams come true! The photographs make me dream, too. It’s still hard for me to get used to the idea of making reservations for a campsite, though. So different from my family’s first camping adventures when my sisters and I were kids! Another way the world has changed….


    • For sure. I remember when we were kids mom would take the 4 of us in the pickup camper and we’d drive to Muskegon State Park very early in the morning on a Friday to get in line. We’d get to drive around the park and pick a site and then go back and tell the ranger up front where we were. Dad would show up that evening after work.


  11. Well, I don’t plan on camping outside, for sure, but I am looking forward to … maybe … playing in community band again! And I’m still hoping I can find a puppy. And I want to go to church. And the shopping mall. And oh, see friends and family —


  12. I have hopes of spending two months in Ohio in the spring. We’ll probably still all have to isolate for 2 weeks first, but that’s not a problem. That’s what we did when we went out in July. The weather will be warmer which will help. And if we still have to mask up, so be it.


  13. Smiling to think you’re making camping reservations already. Good for you! I just want to go downstate and see my mom in the spring…and it would be extra-special to spend some time with the kids, either in Chris’ new house in New Jersey or Kiah’s place in Portland. But…it’s got to feel safe enough to do so before that’s happening.


    • I’ve been thinking you need to get down to see your mom as soon as you can too. Is it odd that Chris is in NJ and Kiah is in Portland when, I think, at one time she was in NYC and he was in CA? Can’t they decide on a coast? LOL.

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      • It is really funny about how the kids switched coasts. We thought they were gonna be in the same area, but no dice. As for my mom, she still is absolutely clear she doesn’t want me to go down until I can go inside her assisted living with her. So we’re aiming for spring. If something happens to her before then, I feel quite clear that this is OK. We’re so close every day. One cool thing we’re going to do on December 20th is watch Sound of Music “together”. We used to do this many times over the years, and we just bemoaned this will never probably happen again. So we got this great idea. She’s going to watch on TV and I will rent the movie. We’ll text back and forth as we watch. We’re both excited as the dickens!


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