Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Almost silent Sunday morning


Katie and I are sitting on the deck. I’m indulging her, letting her nap in a puddle of sun before the day gets so hot neither of us can sit out here.

I think the sun makes her old joints feel better.

I’ve filled the bird feeders and now listen intently as the sound of wings begins to overshadow the sound of a far away lawn mower.

The birds are used to us sitting out here, and they take the calculated risk of coming in for a bit of seed, even though it’s only a few feet from the dog and me.

My two nuthatches are the first to arrive. I hear their soft whining before I find them high up in the trees. Each ventures, headfirst, down a trunk, scurrying in a race to reach the seed first.

Under the deck a chipmunk causes a ruckus running into the roof gutter drain. I guess he’s not as brave as the little birds.

The chickadees have shown up, a whole flock of them this year. As youngsters they were shy, but now they’re old hands at stealing a seed and whirring up into the tree to eat it. There are so many I can’t keep track.

A cardinal has risked landing on the flat feeder, several feet away. If we sit still he will sit there and eat until something bothers him. He has the flat feeder all to himself for the moment, just the way he likes it.

The titmouse is late this morning. Usually she’s the first to come in when they hear the seed can being opened. She flies so fast, through the limbs of the honeysuckle to grab her share.

And there’s a little downy woodpecker, hanging upside down on the tube feeder. I haven’t seen him in awhile, it’s nice to see him here this morning.

Katie gets anxious, wanting a treat for herself, but I can’t leave yet — the hairy woodpecker has arrived. And now the hummingbirds, the male and female ruby throated, are chasing each other among the pink leaves of the beach tree.

But she’s barking now. A princess isn’t required to be patient.

So we go in and let the birds have their breakfast buffet in peace.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

25 thoughts on “Almost silent Sunday morning

  1. Sounds like we are both enjoying our feeders this morning. you are far better than I with identification. I think the seed level dropped an inch on both feeders this morning! Sunday mornings are the quietest morning of the week here – fewer cars rounding the corner and no lawn crews working in the neighborhood. Sunday afternoon is a bit different, but it’s still quiet. I am thankful for the peace. Enjoy your week. Peace.


  2. This sounds so wonderful. I have a hummingbird that comes to my front garden year after year. He zips from my house to the trees across the street and back. Such a joy to watch. I wish I had as many birds as you, but I think they know about the two outdoor cats that stand guard at my house. I can hear the birds, but they are smart to stay away.


  3. Lovely post! Nice to see Katie’s smiling face at the end too. 🙂


  4. Awesome way to spend a morning! I love the pics of the birds as they come in for a snack.


  5. We had a lot of birds during early spring migration, but now only doves and scrub Jays. I’m hoping for more variety when we are in the “new” house. My Shasta seems to think barking will make me move more quickly. She’s not wrong.


  6. This sounds like a splendid way to start the day! It’s been so hot here that Monkey and I are having to walk early if we want to walk at all. I can always get on the treadmill, but poor Monkey would prefer to sniff the outdoor pee-mail, play with other dogs and new people, and drag his mama on the leash as he races from this to that!


    • It’s too hot for walks here too. Katie will perhaps go to the end of the driveway, but not much further these days. Don’t know if that’s because she’s not feeling well, or the heat or both. She usually turns back into a puppy once it gets cooler out, so we’ll see this fall if she does that or not.


  7. A Nature Preserve and a Princess’ Kingdom all in one backyard.


  8. Lovely description and photos of the birds who come to your feeders. But my favorite photo is the last one of Katie.


  9. I’m with Katie…I think sitting in a puddle of sun would make my joints feel better too!


  10. What a lovely post… you write so beautifully. And Katie is happy as ever.


  11. This looks and sounds like such a lovely and wonderful way to spend a Sunday morning. Hello, Katie. 🙂


  12. No one more precious than Katie.


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