Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Color in a drab world


A week ago yesterday the sun finally came out. We’d had weeks on end, it seemed, of nothing but cloudy skies, cold wind, and sleeting rain.

A pretty day for a run. Or a walk if you’re not a runner.

It is, after all, Michigan in February.

This week’s artsy-fartsy image.

But when the sun broke through all the grey I couldn’t help but want to get out and see if I could find any color.

There was still ice back in the wetlands.

I went to my local Metropark, Indian Springs, because it’s close to home and the bike trail meanders through wetlands, hills and woods. Perfect for testing my spring thesis.

Red twigged dogwood

What spring thesis you ask? Well…I think about February around here Spring starts flexing her muscles and if you look and listen carefully you’ll know she’s right around the corner, just waiting to burst through the last bits of winter.

Light shone through last year’s beech leaves

My husband saw a red-winged blackbird this week, though we haven’t heard them yet. If they’re here, than it’s officially spring, no matter what the skies drop on us.

Flying free in the sun.

Oh, to be sure, I know this winter has not slunk off into history yet. There will be more snow. More cold. More windy sleet. But on that Saturday, just eight days ago the sky was a brilliant blue, and it was warm enough take pictures without wearing gloves.

You can’t beat sunshine and woods to lift the winter doldrums.

I thought you’d want to know, especially those of you even further north than me, that it won’t be long now. Nope, check your gardens, especially those near your house. You might find some hope poking up, reaching for the sun, ready to put a smile on your face.

Skunk cabbage poking up, a first sign of spring around here.

And if not, go for a walk in woods near you and keep a sharp eye out for hints that we’re almost out of the deep freeze.

I know, I know. Every year, every single year, I go on and on about spring being near, that we’ve almost outrun the cold, and then we get slammed with a blizzard.

Last year’s teasel.

I know I’m being foolish (again) by believing that this year will be different.

These leaf buds are bound to pop soon!

This year we won’t have those last winter storms, when buds are opening and fruit trees are vulnerable. This year we’ll head straight into warm summer afternoons, we’ll bypass the last salt trucks and snow plows.

That blue sky just has to be a hopeful sign!

Yep. This is the year we jump straight into spring. I’m sure of it.

Aren’t you?

Head on out for a walk, you never know what you’ll see!

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

35 thoughts on “Color in a drab world

  1. It would be rude for me to send a picture of my garden, so I won’t. ( Not that I see a way to send pictures in comments anyway 😊).
    I’ve felt very guilty complaining about being cold in California. I think this is the first winter I’ve felt so cold for such a long time. Of course I put on more cloths and turn up the heat… but I’ve never noticed it as much as I have this year. Now I know why old ladies wear shawls and such, having become one!
    We did get quite a bit of rain with the cold though, and I’m grateful for that!


  2. Your thought process is oh so familiar – a typical February cabin fever mode – spring MUST be almost here because I need it for my mental health. I feel that less this year because winter where I am now is less vicious and our temperatures have been into the 50s lately – just a hair below 60 one day. Some sun some days, just enough to keep me satisfied. Maybe Penny will be ready for some walks when spring does arrive for you.

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  3. Yesterday afternoon I noticed my redbuds were coming into bloom, and they looked so pretty against the solid blue sky. My ‘leaf bud’ photos are pretty similar to yours–which I think are perfectly lovely.
    I am slowing making my way through the gardens in cutting back all the dead leaves and smiling to see the small bits of green poking through. Soon…real soon, Dawn. 🌸🌺🌻

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was talking to my little brother (in AL) or maybe my sister (also in AL) about redbuds yesterday, saying they should be bursting into bloom soon. One year I was down there in February and March and got to experience the redbuds everywhere…then I drove north and I saw them again…and once I got home ours bloomed. It was so fun to have spring keep going and going.

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  4. Skunk cabbage!? Already?!

    I share your delusional wishes that we won’t get any more winter weather!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Great photos – and yes, spring, or the end-of-winter-pretending-to-be-spring is a surprise every single year. We never learn.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I AM sure! Wonderful photos, as usual, Dawn. Cheered me up!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Hi, Dawn – I wholeheartedly agree. You can’t beat sunshine and woods to lift the winter doldrums. Spring please be early this year. I am waiting for you (not so) patiently! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Wonderful pictures on that sunny day! My favorite is the one of the beech leaves, but the one of the tree trunks is a close second.


  9. Amen! And what great photos! (especially the skunk cabbage in ice!) Favorite photos … 3, 5, 11. Here in the PNW we rarely get temps below freezing, but we’ll be getting temps down to 20 degrees this next week. Winter is not done with us yet.


    • No, I’m sure winter is not done…but we sure appreciate the pretty and warm days when we randomly get them! Beautiful today, snow coming Wednesday! Beautiful days make potty training a puppy easier.


  10. You had a beautiful day for getting out and about! I especially love your second-to-last photo, the one looking up at the tall trees. And the person “flying” along on roller blades is a close second. I’m feeling the same way here — tired of winter and ready for spring. But these early peeks at spring are such teases — we know we’re going to get slammed before spring really arrives.


  11. While we have had warmer days and rain and some sunshine (like you, few and far between are the blue skies), I still have over a foot of snow on my lawn… Just sayin’ I can’t be quite as enthusiastic as you, yet!!


  12. Such gorgeous images of hints of spring, Dawn! We are in similar climate zones, our landscape looks much like this, too. A polar vortex is coming our way mid week, and more snow is predicted tomorrow. At least we had a “warm” (47F) weekend!


  13. Good morning, Dawn!

    I agree…Spring is near. We (Richmond VA) have had crazy weather. 60 – 70s, then a dip of 30 degrees later in the week. Some of the cherry trees are already blooming. I have to clean out the blue bird boxes so they will be ready for this year’s tenants.

    Thank you for taking us along on your walk. I love the red twig dogwood. It provides year-round color and texture.

    I hope little Penny is doing well and making progress with her basic training. I hope she is sleeping through the night for you. Sending you hugs and a kiss on the head for Miss Pretty Penny. 💕🐾

    Liked by 1 person

    • We’re getting sleet now…but it will be 40s tomorrow! Miss Penny is settling in fine. Potty training is a lot of work, but she’s trying so hard to understand. She’s really smart. She’s been sleeping all night from the first night. She loves kisses.


  14. Our fake spring seems to be ending tomorrow night….
    But I thoroughly enjoyed it while it was here! Sunshine makes all the difference.
    Love how the days are getting longer too.


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