Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

I’m a lucky Penny


Hellooooo Everybody!

Penny here.

You may have been wondering when I’d get on my mom’s blog and introduce myself. You probably thought I was shy, after all that’s a sheltie trait, being shy until we get comfortable with stuff.

What’s that over there?

Well. That’s not me.

Let me get something straight right from the start. I’m not shy about anything. And I’m not afraid of anything either.

My first day at my forever home.

I am a very confident and smart sheltie-girl. My mom said my sister Daisy (who lived until age 10 and died in 1990) was the sweet girl, and my sister Bonnie (who lived almost 15 years and died in 2006) was the good girl, and my sister Katie (who you all knew and loved) was the pretty girl, but I’m the smart girl.

I think I’m going to grow up to be an excellent shredder.

I’m also a very busy little girl, I want to know what’s going on all the time. I’m supposed to be a cuddle bug but frankly I’m far too busy to be cuddling on the sofa. Maybe later after I get this house and my folks in shape I’ll have time to cuddle. Right now I need things to be just the way I like them, and frankly my folks have been slacking.

I expect more adventures and I’m going to make sure I get them!

I absolutely love retrieving my ball!

Mom says we’re staying in right now cause I don’t have all my shots yet. She says we’re going to visit the vet soon and get some more shots taken care of. I don’t know. Katie told me sometimes the folks take us places that are not adventures and try to pass them off as fun.

Ahem. Let me remind them, I’m the smart girl.

I love chewing on stuff too.

I can tell you right now that they won’t get away with that! No siree! I can smell a con a mile away. Though Katie told me that the vet is really nice, and helped her feel lots better for a long time. So maybe the vet “adventure” will be fine. I’ll reserve judgement.

Sometimes I get a little excited.

Anyway, I’m settling in here with mom and dad. I’ve been here almost two weeks. Yesterday I sat on my sister’s rug and watched the birds, and mom smiled when I put the first nose prints on the sliding door. And she got kind of teary when I found a stick on the deck and broke it up into tiny pieces. I guess I remind her of someone.

How come you get teary eyed, mom?

I’m a happy, talkative little girl who’s not shy about telling my folks off if they don’t attend to my needs fast enough. I love my mom and dad, my toys, my (numerous) beds, my Mama S (my breeder mom) and my supper.

Not necessarily in that order.

I tell my folks off regularly.

And I like going outside to pee, preferably every 30 minutes. And today I didn’t have one single accident in the house! Mom says she’s very proud of me. I’m sort of proud of me too.

I like to sleep with my duck, cause sometimes I miss my sisters.

That reminds me, I need to go tell mom I need to go out. I don’t really need to go out, I just like watching her put on her shoes and coat and stuff. And I like to be carried outside, cause I get to kiss her and get kisses back while we’re walking down the deck stairs.

Kisses and eating snow are the best parts about going outside.

It’s exhausting being me.

Yep, time to go outside.

Talk later everybody, your Lucky Penny.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

44 thoughts on “I’m a lucky Penny

  1. Awwww Penny. I already love ya and cannot wait to keep hearing about your adventures!


  2. Nice to meet you, lucky Penny! Looking forward to watching you grow up and have many more adventures!



  3. Penny–I can tell you are a force to be reckoned with. Won’t mom and dad be surprised! You sound very smart, indeed, but you know what? I think you’re kinda cute, too. Looking forward to all your adventures, Lucky Penny!


  4. Nice to meet you, smart Penny! You look like you’re gonna have a lot of great adventures! ❤️


  5. Hi Pretty Penny! Welcome to Blog-land. I’m sure you are a super smart girl 🙂 And active – from what I know about puppies in general, they all more energy than a nuclear power plant, and I’m sure that is you.


  6. Wonderful to meet you Smart Girl Penny! 😀
    I look forward to following your adventures!


  7. Hi Pretty Penny, you sure are adorable! You are so busy, and I’m sure you can’t wait to get outside! See you soon, tell your mom hi!


  8. Hi Penny! What a perfect Sheltie you are! Smart as a whip! I am amazed and very impressed. Yep, get your folks in line, looks you are really really good at that. Also remember your sisters, you are very good at that too. You are obviously an excellent shredder. It’s so nice to meet you. 🙂 Adventures are coming down the road!


  9. Aww. Lucky Penny.
    Stars full name is
    (Breeder’ name) My Lucky Star Light.
    Our little girls have something in common:-)


  10. Lucky Penny indeed You chose your family well.


  11. Hi, Lucky Penny! You are quite the little whirlwind. I am surprised that your mom was able to take any clear photos of you. An accident-free day is quite the accomplishment – yay for you, good girl!


    • I know, Miss Denise! Mom keeps pointing that thing at me and as soon as she does I move. So far I’ve got her quite frustrated, but I’m sure she and I will work out the contract details. Today I had 4 accidents in the house, enough to make up for yesterday, right? hee hee


  12. Hi Penny! I love that photo of you sleeping- but my guess is there won’t be too many of them!


  13. Hi Penny, welcome to the blogosphere family who adores you and your sisters!


  14. Good morning, Dawn. I just read that MI has lots of power outages due to the storm. I hope you all are not affected. Stay warm and be safe!


    • We were lucky, the worst of it went south of us (again). Lots of people are still out of power, but we didn’t lose it at all. Today it snowed big white flakes, and it’s quite cold, but we’re all safe here. Thanks for thinking of us!


  15. You are super smart Penny! It also sounds like you are FUN! Good job on the housetraining. You will have all that figured out in no time.


    • Thank you Miss Sara! You know how smart we shelties are! I’ve already learned how to sit and I’m working on ringing a bell to tell the peeps I need to go out. Today, though, I just went to the back door and whined. That got them moving pretty fast too!


  16. This little one’s gonna keep you on your toes!


  17. Aw, Penny, you are one lucky little girl indeed (and I know your mom and dad think they’re the lucky ones!) How amazing, that you’re getting this house-training stuff down so fast. Maybe girls really are smarter than boys, huh?! You’re going to have LOTS of adventures, and this blogging world is going to follow you happily on them. Thanks, Dawn, for letting her have her first say — it promises to be the first of many!


    • Yep Miss Debbie, I am one lucky pup. I can tell mom and daddy love me a whole lot already. They are always picking me up and kissing my nose. I usually kiss them back. My sister Katie told me about the camping trips, they sound awesome, but we’ll see if I really like them. Mom says she’s going to take me camping in the backyard first, just to see. It’s snowing today and I told her I wanted to go camping and she said…no way little Penny! I personally think it would be fun to camp in the snow, I love playing in it, but mama is a party-pooper.

      Liked by 1 person

      • You’ve learned sooo much already, Miss Penny! Yes, your mama was right in saying you’re the SMART one. Hang in there — spring will come before you know it, and then you’ll get to experience camping (bet you love it!)

        Liked by 1 person

  18. Lucky Penny and lucky blogging friends. I am absolutely smitten by that puppy.


  19. Oh Penny you are a character!!!! Dakota was our “sweet and fearful one” Levi is FEARLESS (like you), wild, he is sweet when he wants to be, very vocal. But NOTHING scares him (well, except the blow dryer at the Groomer) that’s the only thing he doesn’t like. I am certain you are gonna keep your Mom on her toes!!!!!! I sooooooo don’t miss those every 30 minutes potty breaks lol. We have 12 steps going downstairs (since we don’t have a house) and trust me, it was NOT fun!! (((hugs))) you cutie!


    • She’s making progress on the potty front. She’s also pretty vocal now that she’s settled in. She’s a happy girl, fearless, except when the geese flew over, that was pretty scary, and soooo much fun!


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