Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.


In between. And food.

My laptop died almost three weeks ago. Though I’m relying on my phone to stay in touch I feel a bit adrift without the laptop’s warm weight on my lap in the evenings. Luckily my husband was able to save the contents of the laptop’s brain, and the pictures and documents are now resting comfortably on a external hard drive. A new laptop has been ordered and might show up next week. Or not. I don’t know how to download the photos I have on my camera to the desktop, though I think I did that back in 2014 when I was also without a laptop for an extended period of time.

I have figured out how to download to the desktop photos I’ve taken with my phone and posted on Facebook.

There is comfort in that, because long gone are the days that I seem to be able to write without photos. Hence the lack of posts lately. The requirement for photos in a blog is kind of thought provoking. Have we lost the ability to read without pictures?

When I first began to blog, in 2006, there were only words. I took more time over what I posted back then. I chose my words more carefully, let them paint the picture. Now I just place the fingers on the keyboard and see what happens. Most of the time it’s the images that inspire the words.

Occasionally it’s the other way around.

Speaking of inspiration, it’s been more than a year now that I’ve been attempting to cook vegan or at least vegetarian for a few of our meals each week. Sometimes (OK, often) I post pictures of the dishes I make. One of my favorite things about cooking this way is the color in the food.

I post on Facebook about a lot of things. Katie the dog, family, seasons, weather, truck safety. But the pictures that get the most comments, and the most discussion among commenters are those of the food. Day before yesterday I had over 30 comments over a meal I made that my husband didn’t like. People were on both sides of the argument. I even copied the recipe and mailed it off to someone. I hope she tries it.

Why do you think that food is such a conversation starter? Why not gun control or mental health? I get that those got lots of conversation too this past week, but food seems to guarantee a comment, a conversation, a reaction from my FB friends.

So until I can come back and blog again, hopefully on my new laptop, with my archive of photos at my fingertips, here’s a picture of food to get you talking.



Food photo challenge

Cooking 001 (Small)Karma’s blog has challenged us to photograph our meals for a week.  Or parts of our meals on some days.  Certainly not all our meals…I mean how interesting can cereal look.  Oh wait.  Pretty interesting actually.  But anyway, Karma is giving us until Jan 13 to put together a blog about the food we eat.   You might want to go over to her blog to read the real rules as the above was only a representation of the truth.

This turns out to be a good time for food photography, given I’ll have a few days off and I have the big family dinner next weekend, so there will be lots of food prep opportunities.  I wouldn’t want you to think we eat this well every week.  Most of the time my husband is reduced to foraging for food either from the back of the fridge or some local eatery.  And I bet there will still be a fair share of that between now and January 13.

Regardless, you MIGHT get to see a few of my favorite things to cook and/or bake.  You never know.  I’m hoping some or all of you will join in.   As we move on into January let’s share what we use as healthy or comfort (or both) food!


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