Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.


Something beyond stars

Well not really beyond.

On the drive up I stopped for this patch of trillium.

A friend and I were camping in the Sleeping Bear National Park earlier this month specifically to spend as many nights as possible shooting the stars in that big beautiful dark sky country.

Arriving at site 312. It had electricity!

But let’s be honest, I took a lot of other pictures too. After all, what does a photographer do all day while waiting for it to get true dark?

All set up for our 5 night stay.

Well, we sat in camp a bit. And cooked lovely meals.

Yum. She brought the fish, I brought the chicken salad and bread.

We enjoyed the campfire in the cool evenings.

Trying to get warm.

And we got a little shuteye as we waited for the Milky Way to rise.

All buttoned up for a nap.

Of course we also went on a hike or two through the countryside, enjoying the newly greening forest…

This hike it was all about the late afternoon light.

…and the wildflowers pushing up from a long winter nap.

I can’t remember what this is, but it sure was pretty!

There’s plenty to do while you’re waiting for the stars to come out.

Hiking past a lake made during the times of glaciers. We were cold just thinking about that.

I haven’t even begun to process the images of the old barns and the orchards in bloom that we saw. And I still have seven stacks of star images to process.

Pretty sure it’s not edible.

So there’s going to be plenty to share once I get all the work done.

While you’re waiting you might want to go on a walk somewhere pretty too.

But it’s going to take awhile.