Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Food photography


I’ve been trying, really trying, to photograph food.  You’d think it would be easier than photographing a moving object….say a sheltie or something.  But in reality I’m finding it much more difficult.  Here are the best photos I’ve taken so far…but I have a long way to go!

My first idea was to use ice cream.  Why?  Because I love ice cream, and I had this interesting plate…and it should go beautifully…right?

Well.  Not so much.  Ice cream melts, I didn’t have the right lighting…and though I liked the reflection of the ice in the plate it just didn’t work.  So I moved on.

Then I made some soup.  Soup doesn’t melt…should go beautifully…right?

Well…I didn’t have the right light…the chunkier parts of the soup sank, so I added some red bell pepper for color..but still…I moved on.

In my fridge was a beautiful head of cabbage.  I thought the colors in the leaves were wonderful.  Cabbage is food…right?

But is this food photography?

I wandered into the grocery store…and fell in love with more vegetables.

Have you noticed how they arrange produce in store lately?  It’s just so beautiful, like artwork.

Have you ever seen orange beets?

Or noticed water droplets on the purple cabbage?

But is this food photography?

What about the farmer’s market…

…do you see the purple green beans?

And don’t you miss the fruit of summer?

But really…back to food photography.

Finally I made a cake just to see if I could photograph it.  Sometime I’ll show you the whole cake baking event.  It took me most of the day.

But for now…because this is getting more than long enough…here’s the cake.

I’m still struggling with the lighting..but I suppose this is more what food photography is supposed to be about…because this one makes me want to stop writing and go have a piece.  A big piece.


Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

25 thoughts on “Food photography

  1. Ah.. I bet ya had to eat the ice cream before it melted all the way, and the cake to! I’d guess that soup is always dangerous to photograph unless it is puréed. I thought the cabbage looked good but I suppose you are correct this is not exactly prepared food. and the grocery store vegetables look good but that is almost like photographing someone else’s art work. Do you agree?


  2. You know how they get beautiful ice cream shots? Mashed potatoes. Really.

    Soup in a nice bowl with a candle on the table and the spoon arranged artistically–i have a photo I took around here somewhere…


  3. Ah–here we go. So I’m inclined to list all its faults: Didn’t think to take the shot until the soup was almost gone; didn’t use good depth of field so some of the wrong parts are out of focus (like the actual soup); could’ve done a little more rearranging (I did rearrange stuff quite a bit to get something I liked). But then, I was sitting in a restaurant and I didn’t want my soup to get completely cold! But it might have made a really cool photo.


  4. I didnt think the soup photo looked bad. But the colors at the food store were beautiful! Great job.


  5. I loved your photos from the grocery store! Maybe I am in desperate need of color in my life.

    But, I really, really want a piece of that cake for breakfast.


  6. Yum! Send some cake my way please?
    The grocery store looked great. Reminded me of Paris I took photos of butchers shops windows because the displays were so well done.


  7. The vegetable photographs were awesome and it is funny you showed the yellow beets, I saw them used in a recipe yesterday (addicted to the food network). Something you may want to try, I bought one of those white tri-fold display boards for like $3 in Walmart and use that to take photos on. The white reflect nicely and gives you a clean crisp background. Also presentation, a bowl of soup with maybe a napkin with a pretty napkin ring on it and maybe a few leaves or flowers adds interest to the background.


  8. Well they are all better photos than I would be able to take – that’s for sure! Love the colors in the grocery store photos! And the cake looks yummy – it wouldn’t last long for a photoshoot around here! 🙂


  9. Good ideas Ellen and Bree! 🙂


  10. and Paul…of COURSE I had to eat the ice cream…and we’re working on the cake as well.


  11. I like your vegetable photographs! But I really like the cake, could you send me a piece, please? With, maybe, a little of the ice cream next to it? Heaven knows I wouldn’t have to bake my own!


  12. I’m with you…it’s really hard to photograph food, especially if steam is rising from the pan and the lighting is bad and you’re using an iPhone, the way I do.


    I have to say, your photos of the fresh produce are lovely. Color and texture, good lighting…very nicely done!

    Now, I’ll have a slice of that cake, please…


  13. I want a piece of the cake, too! Have not baked a cake in YEARS. What kind is it? You have made us all hungry. Isn’t that what a good food photograph should do?


  14. Believe it or not, but the food actually looks yummy! LOL

    Wonderful how the supermarket and even grocers organise their fruit 🙂


  15. I want to try those beets! Those are some neat pictures, looks like you are learning a ton!


  16. PJ: It’s an terimusu cake (I probably spelled that wrong) that I found on allrecipes. White cake, middle layer has some coffee mixed in, center filling is cream cheese and sour cream and whipped cream…frosting is whipped cream and coffee…it is yummy.


  17. I think the purple cabbages are just gorgeous–and I want a piece of cake too.


  18. I agree that lighting was confounding for this assignment! I think if Scott had given us this one in the summertime, it would have been a bit easier for everyone (he just wanted to show off his Disney food, LOL) The veggies and fruit came out beautifully, and kudos to you for baking for the assignment. (I did too!)


  19. Oh, and by the way, I wanted to tell you I just love your header photo! I have a full-sized collie and I have seen a similar face on him several times this winter!


  20. I sure enjoyed your journey to the final product. Did you use a tripod for the cake photo? I sure wish I could have at the restaurants I photographed in. However, I like the light on the cake. It’s not straight on so you see the textures of the cake and the icing. I, too, want a big piece right about now, too!!!!


  21. Scott, no tripod, but the camera was sitting on the counter…sort of the same thing. I guess.


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  23. Your vegetable photos are gorgeous and make me crave summer. The cake looks really yummy!


  24. I tried to photograph purple sticky rice with ice cream topping once and it melted so fast since the sticky rice was steaming hot, not a pretty sight for my ice cream. 🙂


  25. I think they were all great attempts, and you have some really good ones here! I enjoyed Scott’s assignment, and your contribution certainly made me smile…. and HUNGRY!


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