Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

The princess gains a new title


Katie here.   Mama says she is just too exhausted to explain everything that happened when I got my new title yesterday.  So I guess it’s up to me.  Geeze.  I have to do everything around here!  Besides, my view is the accurate version of the day.  No matter what anyone else says.  Because I’m the princess.

So anyway, Mama never got anything in the mail about what time stuff started, or how many dogs were entered, so we didn’t know when to get to the big event.  It was a HUGE show, about an hour away, where they had conformation dogs, and people in fancy clothes running around in circles with dogs who had their fur poofed up and hair sprayed.  Huh.  How silly is that!?  I mean, Mama didn’t even poof me up and everyone said I was beautiful.  Except for those people over on the other side of the building with their fancy shelties who were too busy spraying their dogs to notice me wandering around.

We go the the venue at 8 a.m. because that’s when the website said stuff started.  Turns out they were doing stuff already!  But our class wasn’t schedule to run until 1 p.m.!  Mama was a bit peeved, but there was another person from our school already there, so we set up camp next to her and Dad and Mama and I hung out for 5 hours together.  We went on lots of walks, and sometimes I stayed in my crate, but mostly I was content to lay in my Dad’s lap.  That surprised Mama a lot because I’m not a lap dog at all.

Sitting with my Dad

Sitting with my Dad

Finally it was our turn.  By then I wasn’t sure what we were doing there at all.  I figured I was there to judge all the other dogs as they came and went.  Sure were a lot of beautiful dogs and their crazy owners there!  I was getting really sleepy and was all warm and snuggly when suddenly Mama plucked me off of my Dad’s lap and said we were on!  On what Mama?

So we’re hanging out at the gate waiting for our classmate to finish her run, and the registration table is right there and there’s this really big lady sitting there, right next to me, and suddenly she laughed really loud and hysterically and that scares me a lot!  And I jump up and try to get away from her and my Mama is telling me to sit, and the floor is slippery and I can’t sit and that lady is making a bunch of noise and my Mama is talking to me and the whole thing is just too much and then Mama tells me to heel and we’re inside the ring and I don’t want to be there, and the judge lady must be really tired because she asks Mama if we’re ready and I’m still looking over my shoulder and Mama doesn’t even get to ask me if we’re ready to work, and the judge lady says forward before we’re ready and Mama sighs and starts to move.

So.  I figure when Mama moves, I move so I come along too…and that’s when I see it…a lovely jump about half way down the ring!  Well.  You all know how much I love to jump so I start moving faster, fixated on that jump.  I just know Mama wants me to fly over it, to show off all my fur and how beautiful I am.  But then my Mama is sort of pushing into me with her leg and saying Katie…KATIE! and back BACK!, and  then she herds me!  Can you believe it?  Mama is herding ME the herding princess!  She sort of pushes mes into this big circle left and right then I realize….we’re WORKING!  OH!   OK then Mama, why didn’t you say so?  I thought we were just having fun, I didn’t realize we were working!

You all know I take my work very seriously, so from that point on I watched my Mama very carefully and did almost everything she wanted.  OK.  I sat crooked on one part but whatever.  Everybody said I looked beautiful and I don’t think anyone else besides my Mama knows that I was going to take that jump early.  We got either a 94 or a 97, Mama forgot to go read the scores after, she was too happy that the whole thing was over.  We got first place too!  Well…there were only two of us, and the other doggie walked out of the ring in the middle of his run…but still!

I stayed awake all the way home.  Mama says my eyes were closed and my head was bobbing, but I was just resting my eyes.  No sleep allowed for the princess.  Cause I’ve got to do everything around here.

Mama says there will be video once she figures out how to upload it.  Geeze.  Mamas are so slow to learn stuff.  I could probably do it myself, but I don’t want to upstage her.

A princess is always polite.

Resting my eyes at home.

Resting my eyes at home.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

12 thoughts on “The princess gains a new title

  1. Oh Katie! What a day. There is no place on earth better to people watch than a dog show. How many people did you spot who looked EXACTLY like their dog?

    Congratulations on your new title, although who needs a new title when you already have the ultimate title, “Princess”. Can’t wait to see the video.


  2. Congratulations! That sounded so exciting. I hope your mom-person figures out how to post that video — it’s gonna be pawsome!


  3. Well of coarse you were the most beautiful one and now you have another title to go with it. Well done princess… are perfect.


  4. What an exciting day, Katie! Congratulations to you and your mama on your new title!


  5. The Princess rocked!!! Congratulations to you, Princess Katie!

    Can’t wait to see the video!


  6. Congrats Katie. Is you new title something likePrincess Katie of Ipswitch over-by Lansing?


  7. Congratulations, Katie! Besides being a princess, you are a STAR!


  8. Yeehah! Way to go!


  9. Congratulations! Good job to both of us. Sounds like you pulled it all together beautifully. Showing can be a little overwhelming and timing when to get there takes awhile to figure out but better early than late. The calmest person sitting in the ring should be the person handing out numbers and checking people in, next the ring steward…and the judge should wait, of-course, until you say READY…..but now you have figured out how to handle it when things don’t go as they should.
    YAY Dawn and KATIE!!


  10. Congratulations, Katie-Princess! Well done, both you and your mama!


  11. WTG!!! (sorry about the lady scaring you )


  12. Awesome and congratulations!


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