Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Goal met



I’m not particularly good at follow through on ideas.  Even ideas I really think, at the time, would be fun, or good, or responsible or even required.  It’s hard for me to commit to doing anything every day.  But somehow I knew that writing a blog each day would work out just fine.

Imported Photos 01618

Especially in November when I had so much going on, so many activities to mine for blog material.  I only had one day when I had nothing to say.  I probably filled that one with pictures of Katie.  I am lucky to have photogenic filler.


NoBloPoMo was fun.  I’d do it again.  The only down side was that sometimes more important topics were too soon covered up with insignificant fluff, just because the sun came up on another day.

Imported Photos 00792

Today’s post is brought to you by random photos that never had a chance to shine in the craziness of November.  Hope you enjoyed being overrun by me and my family.  I already know you smile when Katie shows up.

So here she is.


Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

23 thoughts on “Goal met

  1. You did good! I enjoyed everyday!


  2. I’ve enjoyed every moment of your month!

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  3. Congratulations for succeeding! You go, girl! (You went, girl?) grin.


    • I don’t think I could do it for a whole year like you did…I was thinking this month that must have been difficult!


      • There were times when I wanted to pull out my hair, Dawn! It got to be quite disturbing. But would ride out the distress and then suddenly it would feel wonderful. You developed a rhythm around it until it felt like brushing teeth or washing dishes.


  4. I can’t believe November went by so quickly! Congrats 🙂
    The water with the weeds is so pretty! Glad you shared.


  5. the months all seem to wizz by so quick….but we always enjoy all your posts and reilly especially loves any post with Katie in it.


  6. Congrats on meeting your goal, Dawn. And you’re right — Katie DOES make us smile!!


  7. We like reading all your posts. Our mommy reads blogs to get her mind off stressful work. We enjoyed reading a post by u everyday. Gave mommy something to look forward to. Thank you fur doing it.


  8. Well done! Congratulations on passing the finish line.


  9. Overrun by you and your family? Never!
    I was glad you did the challenge because it meant a warm hug from Dawn every day!
    Whatever that thing with all the valves is, it sure is cool!


  10. Good job, Dawn! I know what you mean about more important topics being quickly covered up by fluff. It’s difficult to sort and think when you have to post every day.


  11. Behind on my reading and blogging again. I see a lot of your posts from FB but don’t always look for the ones that aren’t. I love the photos in this one! And I had no idea that there was a blogging equivalent of NaNoWriMo, or I might have participated… as usual, after 2 days in NaNoWriMo, real life overwhelmed me and I did not progress on my writing. I’ll think about that for next year.


  12. Would be fun Ellen!


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