Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

What’s outside your window?


I was sitting in the living room yesterday morning, watching big flakes of snow drift down, watching the birds at the feeder, feeling the heat from the fireplace warming my toes.  Realizing how lucky I was that I had this beautiful place to call home.

Let it snow...let it snow.

Let it snow…let it snow.

And it got me to wondering.  When you look out the window…what do you see?

I’m curious…can you share with me the world outside your window?


Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

33 thoughts on “What’s outside your window?

  1. Great idea for a post, Dawn. Is it okay if I borrow it??? What’s outside my window?? Blinding Christmas lights from the neighbors. Phil and Philena Pheasant, Bubba Buck occasionally and his harem of beautiful does, lots of birds, Bun Bun, cars whizzing by— I have it all!!!!


  2. Our view certainly isn’t as pretty as that…..


  3. Oh I have a wooded valley then I see the top of a big church. The steeple always seems to have a glint. Around six in the evening it is always beautiful with the sky as it backdrop. A family of deer live in the valley and I often see them. In front I just have the house across the street. But I sit under a giant sixty plus red oak tree that has the most perfect shape and seems to look pretty no matter what season. Now in the fall with all the leaves my yard is not so beautiful.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot


  4. You are very happy what’s outside your window


  5. The world outside my window looks remarkably like yours. Snow, snow, snow! We cannot keep the driveway cleared. Tall pines out the back windows divide the yard. Tall pines to the east cluster along the road, shielding us from noise. Open views to the west, overlooking neighbor’s rolling pasture. And north, more pines on neighbor’s property, giving the illusion that no one’s there.


  6. Your yard is stunning! The view out my front window is forever changing…depending on what jeff has recently purchased in order to sell it for profit. Right now, there’s a pop up camper! I just never know what he’s going to bring home next.

    I too feel so lucky to live in a place with pretty views. Especially after working all day in a basement classroom. We have windows, but there’s nothing outside them except a big grass hill.


  7. Our window…. Well, we have 2 decorations in the 2 front bedroom windows. One is a light up Santa and one is a light up Christmas Tree. Well, Mommy’s niece decided to unplug Santa cause she needed to plug something in. And the timer is all messed up now. So, needless to say — our house isn’t gonna win any kind of Christmas Decorating contest with only 1 bedroom window light working at the right time!


    • All we put up was one big lit wreath outside this year, no lights in the trees…and we had such a warm fall too, don’t know why we didn’t get on it sooner. Oh well. Next year! At least you have SOME holiday lights! Merry Christmas to you guys!


  8. My house is a window mecca and I love my Father-In-law for building it with light in mind over 60 years ago. My kitchen and office window look into the back yard where I can see campers romping, birds and squirrels. We are on a double lot with a 6 foot wooden fence surrounding it. Our front windows look out into the world. I stood at the front window for 8 plus years watching Joe and Cole head off to school…we waved furiously at each other ever morning. I remember one very rough morning when Cole was about 7 and he announced he would not be waving to me. I maturely shot back–me either. But of-course I stood at the window and waved and he waved back. Sweetly, Dearly departed Joe had the same tradition with his mom, out the same window when he was a kid.
    Great questions. And your view is beautiful.


  9. Mine isn’t beautiful. I see into 3 neighbors yards, between the fence boards. My yard is small and full of agility equipment. Your yard is beautiful!!


    • But your yard is FUN! 🙂 Sometimes I wish ours was fenced. Actually I always wish ours was fenced, so Katie could run more freely and play on agility stuff more often…which is more often than the one time a summer I drag her stuff out. If that.


  10. It is really beautiful, when i look out my window I see a garden, but if i beed tall enough to see out of the high windows i’d see a carpark with the sea beyond. So that pretty lucky!


  11. Outside my window are meadows and woods and a lagoon. A Great Blue Heron visits the lagoon every morning. This morning there was a neighbor’s dog — a beagle — outside my window. He was howling and barking and having a good time. (I thought he had escaped but his owner said he lets the dogs out one at a time to roam as they will, to get it out of their system. I’m not sure that’s a wise thing to do, but he’s not the kind of guy you question, especially when he’s in the middle of fixing up a deer to hang on someone’s wall. He’s a taxidermist.) The sky was blue with a few puffy clouds floating along, and it’s a little pinkish out there now that the sun as set.


  12. I can picture it, from your description and from your blog posts. We’ve had a beagle running loose around here too, howling at rabbits. Makes our dog nuts, not fair at all. Love your lagoon.


  13. My post tomorrow is about this—thanks for the great idea!!! I tagged you in it!!!!


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  15. Hello Dawn! I clicked over from Beth Ann’s blog It’s Just Life. I think this is a great post idea. Wish this could be a regular feature. Nice to meet you. I will be hitting the “Follow” button! I have woods outside my North and East windows and large Oaks and a wine time sittin’ place out my South windows, West window has our workshop and our west pasture/field. We live on Tiny Ten acres.. 😀 You have a lovely peaceful view out that window!


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  17. Outside my window right now are trees: spruce, poplar, maple, pine. It’s snowing lightly. The deck has about eight inches of snow on it–which should be shoveled today. Hope you are having a lovely weekend, Dawn.


  18. Outside my office window–the pretty-much-unchanging agility-infested back yard. Sometimes the shrubs aren’t trimmed, sometimes there are leaves on the lawn, sometimes the flowers in the pots change. Still, it’s m yard, all mine, and I like that.


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