Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.



Katie here.  I told Mama that I needed to borrow her blog so that I could say thank you to all of you out there worried about me, and all of you that sent Mama messages with advice and support during the bad days.  Let me tell you this has been so stressful for me!  I suppose it’s no fun for Mama either, taking me in and outside all the time, and then carting me around looking for an answer to why I felt so terrible last Thursday night.  Most of you saw this on facebook, but this was how I was feeling Thursday night when my Mama rushed me to the emergency vet clinic.

I didn't feel good.

I didn’t feel good.

And I bet you are wondering why I got sick during the evening of a snowstorm when the roads were terrible and the wind was howling and Mama was scared to drive.  Well.  Let me tell you.  I am a princess and a princess does not care about all that when she has a tummy ache.  She just lets her minions know…well her Mama know, and off we went to get me some help!  My Mama’s good about stuff like that.  I guess I’ll keep her.

So anyway…they did all sorts of nasty stuff to me!  They took my blood!  And they poked me to get urine!  GEEZE…just ask me, I’ll pee for you, you know what I mean, but noooooo…and then, then…why it’s too horrible to even tell you!  They shaved my tummy!  Unthinkable.  I noticed my Mama wasn’t even there for that one…I had to sleep at the hospital by myself without her and then in the morning did they let me go home?  No they did not!  They shaved my tummy!!!  And then they put cold goop on it and got the rest of my furs all sticky and matted and they rubbed it around a long time.  My Mama says they told her I was very good.  I’ll let you in on a secret.  I was too terrified to move!

They took a bunch of pictures trying to figure out what was going on with me and they decided it was probably pancreatitis which upset my Mama a lot.  But I didn’t care what they called it, cause it gets me this wonderful soft dog food!  Out of a can!  I could hardly believe it when my Mama gave me some the first day home.  It was so good, and she only gave me a little cause I was just home and all, so I asked her for more.  In fact I asked her for more about every other minute all night long.  She was very appreciative of all the attention.  I’m sure.

Saturday my Mama got a call from the vet and guess what?  My score for the pancreatitis test was only 40!  That means I don’t have it…or so says my regular vet.  So I don’t need all that fancy food…but Mama says she’s going to keep feeding me the rest of it…and then she’s going to get a low fat version forever…but she says it won’t be in a can cause cans are a pain in the…well..anyway.  I’m going to keep pestering her for the canned stuff though because let me tell you that stuff is gooooood!

I figured Mama would be all happy and stuff but she seemed more worried because now she didn’t know what was up at all.  She made another appointment, this time with my own vet and you know what she did today?  She put me in the car!  Now let me tell you.  I went in the car last weekend and ended up at the kennel.  Then I came home for one stinking day and I got put in the car again and ended up at the hospital.  So I was not too happy about being in the car this morning, and I told her so.  Loudly and often.  If you shelties know what I mean, and I think you do.  We got to the vet and I was shaking so much they could hardly read the scale!  (By the way I am a svelte 20.9 pounds, just perfect I think!)  Then we went in a room to wait.  I know all about waiting for scary stuff so I insisted on sitting on my Mama.  Not beside her.  On her.  And every time she put me on the floor I asked to be picked up.  When the vet lady came in I tried to crawl into Mama’s coat.  And she was still wearing it.

My lady vet made my Mama feel a lot better.  She said not to worry about the gall bladder, there were no stones, and that sometimes dogs like me just get an irritable stomach and it likely wasn’t a mild case of pancreatitis, though it’s possible it was.  And she said it wouldn’t hurt to keep me on the low fat diet (hint hint Mama) and you know what else?  You know that stupid urinary infection I’ve had for a month?  That the emergency vet said was still there?  Well the culture came back today and there was nothing there!  So after this week Mama can stop giving me those pills.  Of course that means I have to go back to the vet to give another urine sample on Monday to make absolutely sure…and while we’re there I guess they’re going to pull more blood and check all that again.  But between you and me, I think I’m ALL BETTER!!!

I feel good.  I’m a happy camper.  Want to see me from when I was at the vet today?  Here you go!  This was after I got the good news and the lady vet left the room.  I wanted to go home!

I'm a happy girl!

I’m a happy girl!

So I think that’s the end of my adventure.  I’m really sorry all you guys were worried about me.  But it made me feel very special and loved.  Just think!  Most of us have never even met and still we care so much about each other!  I know it was all those positive thoughts and paws crossed that got us through this with the least amount of wear, if you call a pink tummy and an empty wallet lack of wear.  Mama says she’s going to work on the mats under my fur tonight.  I told her we should just rest.

I bet I win.

Love to all of you,


Love you guys!

Love you guys!

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

15 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. Oh Katie, I am so sorry you had to go through all that – but it does remind you how much your mama loves you – and so happy that you’re feeling better now. Happy for your mama too, because I know she was really scared for you and now she can relax and get some well-deserved rest. That’s all good!


  2. poor Katie but I am so happy that the tests turned out well!!! I think Shelties are so sensitive that they get themselves all worked up, I know that Dakota does! Here’s to continued good health!


  3. Oh Katie! You are a brave brave girl. I’m so proud of you for enduring such torture. Doctors sure can be barbaric.

    I hope the canned food sticks around for a long time. Yum, yum.

    I’m so relieved it is nothing serious and that you’re feeling better. I bet you’ll be glad to be done with the antibiotics too. They always make me feel awful.

    I think you’ll be ready for a Katie adventure this weekend, unless your mom needs a day on the couch. She’s a good mama.


  4. You had us worried. And now we r intrigued – what is canned dog food? Canned dog food sounds pawsome!


  5. Katie I am so happy to hear that you’re back to being a happy princess. We were worried about you, and wish you’d just tell your mama the things that bother you. It’s tough work for a mama to guess these things. Enjoy your yummy new food; you’ve earned it! And the rest!


  6. “In fact I asked her for more about every other minute all night long. She was very appreciative of all the attention.” Oh, yeah!
    Glad that the news is all good.


  7. Oh boy you got us nervous all that not knowing stuff. Hope all is well or were you faking to get food out of the can
    Lily & Edward


  8. We have been so worried and are happy to read you are doing better. We love to scare our peeps sometimes…it makes them remember just how special we are!


  9. What a horrible scary time. I’m so glad Katie is feeling better.


  10. Oh Katie, we are so happy that you’re a happy princess again. You’re such a good girl and we’re sorry that you’d to go through those difficult time. Canned food sounds really really yummy and I hope you enjoy it. Have some good rest with your mama as she deserves it!


  11. So glad you are feeling so much better, Katie. It is hard on the humans when their curries don’t feel good. Keep getting better ever day!!!! Canned food is wonderful, I bet. I hope you get to continue eating it!


  12. Ah, poor Katie — such indignities a princess must endure to feel better. We’re glad you do feel better, too, and are sorry you and your mama had to put up with this scare. We mamas do fret when our fur-kids don’t feel well — we try to read your signs, but it’s not always easy. Rest assured, your mama and the lady vet did everything they could for you. Hope you get to keep eating the good stuff — and yes, 20.9 lbs. is very svelte!!


  13. Oh my, I had no idea all this was going on. (I have been living in a very backward cave.) You must have been so frightened.

    The Cowboy had a similar emergency last summer. It seems that he’d been munching on sand down on the beach while Sadie was playing with the other dogs and I was sitting right there in the sun yattety-yatting with the neighbors. He stuffed his whole little intestinal tract with sand, which led to great discomfort and to serious dehydration. I wonder if Katie overdosed on something interesting she found at camp? Eventually, with a little belly massage and a little special (and extravagantly expensive) food and a little painkiller and antibiotic . . . this too, um, passed.

    I hope all your troubles are past too.


    • Oh dear Gerry! Sand? He couldn’t find something more…well…tasty? Silly boy. We are still sorting everything out here…but she seems mostly all better. Except when she wants attention, then mysterious maladies surface.


  14. Love you darling! I’m glad you are perrfectly allright 😀


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