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A walk in the woods honoring our friend Norwood


Katie here.  I want to tell you about a very special dog named Norwood.  Every morning he and his mom went out for a run or a walk, and they posted the weather report from their hometown and a picture of Norwood being…well…Norwood.  No matter what kind of mood my mama was in, Norwood always made her feel good.  He had lots of special skills and one of them was making people smile.

Norwood makes a snow angel.

Norwood makes a snow angel.

My mama and lots of other people called him Dude for short because he was such a goofy guy.  And fun.  And very very happy.

Tragically he had to go to the Rainbow Bridge last week, way before his time.  It wasn’t anything anyone expected, least of all his mom, and now people all over the world are all weepy eyed.  Mom cried all day at work on Thursday; she just told people she had a cold, cause how can you explain crying over a dog you’ve never met?  But that’s Dude for you, brightening everybody’s life every morning and leaving a big gaping hole now that he’s gone.

Norwood and his mom ran trails in the woods.  In the winter his mom wore snowshoes and the Dude wore his boots.  He loved loved loved running in the woods.  So after he had to go his mom asked us all to take a walk in the woods to honor Norwood.

He loved to run with his mom Debi.

He loved to run with his mom Debi.

And yesterday that’s just what my mama and I did.  It was a beautiful warm sunny winter day with blue skies and white snow.  Norwood would have loved it.  We walked along a packed trail between the towering trees  listening to the silence.  And we thought of Dude and how he’d be running back and forth ahead of us, just grinning like everything.   I didn’t once pull any of my princess tricks, we walked in respectful silence most of the time, and just enjoyed being together.  I even did my special running recall in honor of the Dude.  And because my mama had treats.

I can fly!

Here I come mama!

Mama says we’re glad we went out to the woods to think about Norwood.  He will always be a very special dog and we aren’t ever going to forget him.   We won’t forget his goofy grin, and his multi colored boots or his florescent collar.  We won’t forget how he loved to go on adventures and how much he loved his mom.  And we won’t ever forget how lucky we were to know him just a little, here on the internet.  We know we didn’t know him as well as some people that got to meet him in person, and certainly not as well as Debi, his mom, but still weren’t we lucky to enjoy him while we could.  My mama’s heart is breaking for Norwood’s mom and all his special friends.  I know when it’s my time to go to the bridge he’ll be one of the first dogs I’ll look for, cause he’s just so much fun.

Until then I will think of the Dude every time my mama and I take a walk in the woods.  Right now I gotta go comfort my mama.  She’s getting all weepy eyed again.  The Dude can do that to a mama.  Anyway, don’t worry about your mom Norwood, everybody’s sending her lots of hugs.  We’ll look out for her, just like you did.  You run free Dude.

Man, we’re going to miss you.

Portrait of the Dude.

Portrait of the Dude.

PS:  The pictures of Norwood were taken by his mom, Debi Horvath.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

20 thoughts on “A walk in the woods honoring our friend Norwood

  1. Oh I am so sorry to hear this- what a beautiful photo of Norwood running towards the camera. I like the one of you too. Hugs to you and the Dude’s mom too. ❤


  2. It’s so hard to lose a friend – no matter what form they take. Hugs to Norwood’s family as he spends his time beyond that bridge.


    • You are right. Maybe I shouldn’t feel so odd at being grief stricken over the loss of dogs I’ve never met.

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      • I cried happy little tears yesterday because a pit bull who had been in the shelter for over 6 months and was starting to go stir crazy got adopted. I had followed her story for a while, and then I saw her photo with her forever mom. I cried when Cesar Milan’s “Daddy” died. I think just means we have big hearts 🙂

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  3. our hearts are aching. We didn’t know Norwood but she sure looked like one cool “dude” We are so sorry. Love YOUR photo too xoxo


  4. So sad. I have no words, only moisture in my eyes.


  5. Golly, this just breaks my heart! Is there anything so sad as losing a dog before its time? I lost a Spitz when it was just two years old, so I empathize so much with what Debi’s going through. I hope she can take comfort in the memories of her beloved Norwood, as well as knowing we all grieve with her.


  6. I was thinking about it earlier today – how the world is really an amazing place and how someone or some creature you have never met in person can make such a big impact on your life. I love the picture of Katie running toward the camera. Sounds like Norwood was pretty amazing and so is his mom. You too, Dawn.


  7. We didn’t know Norwood had left us – we use to follow his page but haven’t seen any posts in a long time – maybe they just weren’t showing up in our reader


  8. How sad. But what a wonderful tribute to Norwood. We will honor him during our next walk in the woods.

    Peace and love to his mama (and your mama too Katie).


  9. How sad. But what a wonderful tribute to Norwood. We will honor him during our next walk in the woods.

    Peace and love to his mama (and your mama too Katie).


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