Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Adventures galore


Katie here.

Boy I had a big day yesterday! I thought maybe it was my birthday or something! Cause my mama took me all sorts of places and each of them was fun with lots of stuff to sniff. And can you believe that she chauffeured me around all day long? But I was sure it wasn’t my birthday, cause I remember my folks ignored me completely that day.

So I wondered… what was up?

Anyway, I woke mama up early and she said that was good because we wanted to be at the Winter Dog Show before 10 to watch our friends Karen and Deuce compete in conformation that morning. In case you haven’t met Deuce, he’s an absolutely beautiful cocker spaniel. He came to my park last winter and we had fun, but he’s been so busy doing classes and his therapy dog work that he hasn’t been able to come back out for another walk. Here’s Deuce and me last winter. (Click on any photo to see more detail.)

Me and Deuce.  He's a good guy.

Me and Deuce. He’s a good guy.

And here is Deuce and his mom yesterday at the show! She was getting him all beautiful. He did really good, and won an award which made his mom very very happy. Deuce is happy all the time, so it was hard to tell if he was excited about his award.

Getting his handsome on.

Getting his handsome on.

Deuce got his picture taken with a celebrity doggie. I could have gotten mine taken with the celebrity too..but I told my mama no way was I going to allow some huge doggie to hold me! No siree! My mama said that was OK, it wasn’t all about me anyway. I did let people pet me when they asked though. I’m not so shy as I used to be and lots of people said I was really soft. Several of the adults told my mama stories about shelties they had as kids. I guess I remind people of happy times.

Deuce was looking for a treat.

Deuce was looking for a treat.

We were at the dog show for a couple hours, and as it got more crowded I got sort of hot and started to lag behind my mama. I was ready to get out by the time we left.

We didn't see any lineups of shelties.

We didn’t see any lineups of shelties.

Then mama took me to her favorite park, Kensington, and we walked a bit on the bike path. That was more like it mama! It was cool and I trotted out front of my mama sniffing, sniffing, sniffing! Eventually mama got cold She’s kinda prissy, my mama, so we got back in the car and drove over to her home town!

This is fun mama!  And cooler too!

This is fun mama! And cooler too!

Mama said she wondered if the city park was open. She used to take swimming lessons there on the lake. The beach is on the opposite end of the lake she lived on as a kid. She hasn’t been back to that park since at least 1978, maybe before that! And guess what? It was open! So we went down to the beach and walked around a bunch and watched kids sledding down the hill, and other kids playing hockey out on the lake right where mama used to swim. We even went out on the ice! Mama said that was a very weird feeling.

On the ice of my mama's childhood lake!

On the ice of my mama’s childhood lake!

We drove by her old house too, and the garage door was open and people were home. She almost stopped, but then she decided that would be weird so we kept driving.

And then we went to my other park, Indian Springs, and watched more kids sledding. And I chased a mouse (or something) under the snow. And we ran up and down the hills. It was just so much fun. I wasn’t even tired, but mama was cold and her feet were wet.

I smell something under here mama!

I smell something under here mama!

So we finally went home and I figured out what was going on. Daddy was making a whole bunch of noise fixing something in the house. And guess what? He wasn’t finished! He’d go up these weird stairs and then disappear into the ceiling and then there was all this clunking and pounding above my head and I did not like it! No I did not! So I barked and barked and barked and mama told daddy she was taking me out again. (HEY! That works!!!)

We ended up at a store where we walked around and around and around and …well, you get the picture. I got to sniff a lot of stuff including CAT FOOD! Did you know that cat food smells really really good?

Eventually mama picked out a very small package of treats and we went up to the cash register. I don’t get to go to the store very often but I remember very specifically that if I walk up behind the cashier, right into her little space, she will give me a treat! So I got one! HA! Mama forgot to bring me treats the whole day we were going all over, but I got one at the store! Cause I am seriously cute you know.

This one smells good mama!

This one smells good mama!

It was a great day. We drove lots, and I even fell asleep in the car, which I never do. Mama says I am a very good traveler. I think we should do this again.

What do you think? Should we go on another adventure soon?

Looks interesting over there...

Looks interesting over there…

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

21 thoughts on “Adventures galore

  1. Wow – you got to go all over the place! What a fun day…the kind that requires a nap later. Are you caught up on your beauty rest yet?


  2. What a day Katie! You really got out and about!

    I saw people ice fishing today…not sure it is really safe enough for that yet. They are brave. I remember the first time I walked on the lake george in the winter. Felt so weird to be walking where we usually swim.

    Your friend is really, really gorgeous. I guess Princesses are required to keep very good looking company.


    • I thought it was early for being out on the lake too…it’s been so warm…but the ice was very solid. And yes…Katie likes to hang out with beautiful dogs. But then she thinks all dogs are beautiful.


  3. Katie, I’m so thrilled you are such a good traveler. Tell your mom you want to be a snow-bird sheltie, and you want to parks in Georgia and Alabama and you want to go for a boat ride.


  4. You should definitely have another adventure soon, Katie, because it’s good to get your mama out of the house for awhile.


  5. Duece is very handsome! Oh and thats pawsome u got to go so many places in one day!


  6. Deuce is a seriously easy going dog. I can imagine Cole would have ripped his ears off in two seconds if he’d tried to hold him!
    Soooo, your hubby didn’t appreciate having superintendent Katie barking orders at him, eh?


  7. you should go adventuring every day – no reason not too 🙂 Good job on remembering where the treats are at the Pet tore – now you just need to train Momma to take you to the drive through window at the back (they give treats) and the pharmacy (they give treats) and even on our ferry (they give us treats too) – yeah we have them all sussed out


  8. Dallas here. Absolutely, Katie, you must make your mama take you on lots more adventures! We have one of those stores here that welcomes dogs, and I love going there. They have free popcorn and most people think I’m cute so they share it with me. I’ve got the begging-thing perfected, you know! What was going on at home anyway that let you have such fun (I might have to nudge my mama to imitate that cos I’m in serious need of FUN!)


  9. Oh my – that’s how spaniels are supposed to look? No wonder Katie was dismayed by the Cowboy. Sigh.


    • I don’t think she was dismayed…just overwhelmed by the whole adventure. I personally think Cowboy looks EXACTLY like a cowboy! 🙂 Of course Deuce looks like a grumpy old man most of the time.


  10. You did have a great day, didn’t you – and went all over the place. Must have been really fun. 🙂


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