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…but change is certain.

Healthy menu report


My husband and I have been exploring the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle this summer. It’s not an easy transition, and I’ve written about it before. This week we really made an attempt to eat more plant based food, so I thought I’d tell you how our experiments turned out.

I worked mostly from two sources, the China Study Quick & Easy Cookbook and the Thug Kitchen Cookbook*.

First up was wholewheat penne with fresh herbed tomato corn salsa.

Fresh corn and tomatoes.

Fresh corn and tomatoes.

Looks pretty doesn’t it! The salsa was made with fresh corn cut from the cob and tomatoes out of the garden. A perfect meal to make this time of year up here in Michigan.

The salsa was good on it’s own; tossed with the hot pasta it made a nice meal – but it wasn’t filling enough. I was hungry a couple of hours after we ate. I think this dish would be good cold and as a side, along with something else to make up a meal.

Then we tried quinoa for the first time. The recipe, also from the China Study Cookbook, included white beans and kalamata olives and lemon juice.

The recipe made a huge amount. Next time I’d halve it, and probably double the amount of navy beans. But it turns out this stuff is good cold the next day so I managed to make a dent in it. We both liked the quinoa and I’ll be looking for more recipes that use it.

Pretty yummy!

Pretty yummy!

For this meal I also made carrot fritters, from a recipe I’ve had for a few years, and fresh local corn. It was a great meal.

Midweek we noticed that our garden had produced one eggplant. We had one plant with multiple blossoms, but only one developed into a fruit. It was getting pretty big and I decided I needed to do something with it.

So I googled ‘eggplant recipes’ and found one for eggplant lasagna from Real Simple magazine. It looked a bit intimidating, using fresh tomatoes and broiling the sliced eggplant.

Eggplant in place of noodles.

Eggplant in place of noodles.

But I followed along and it turned out great. Next time I might double the recipe (though that would take a long time, to broil slices of two really big eggplants!) so I could make it in a 9×13 pan v.s. the 8×8 pan that only really made 4 small servings. Either way I’ll definitely make this one again even though I’ll have to buy the eggplant at the grocery store.

Tonight we had black lentil tacos with jicama slaw. That had to wait until I could find jicama. I had never heard of it before, though lots of people seem to enjoy it regularly. I finally found it at a local grocery store, one I don’t normally visit – I guess it pays to change up your habits.

Jicima slaw and herb salsa.

Jicima slaw and herb salsa.

Anyway…these tacos were somewhat complicated. The slaw, made up of jicama, carrots and cucumbers plus rice vinegar and lime juice, needed to be made ahead and refrigerated for a bit before dinner. And I made the herb salsa which had cilantro, green onions, basil, orange juice and rice vinegar, ahead too, just to be safe.

I couldn’t find black lentils…so I used green that I found at my local Kroger store. They seemed to be the same size as the ones in the photo that accompanies the recipe in the Thug Kitchen Cookbook, so I hoped they’d cook similarly, and they turned out fine. I think regular lentils would have worked too.

Looked kind of scary.  But it was good!

Looked kind of scary. But it was good!

The “meat” for the tacos is made up of the lentils, mushrooms, a little soy sauce, apple juice and sesame oil. Add a little cabbage, the jicima slaw, and the herb salsa, roll it all up and enjoy!

They were a bit messy eating, but really really good! There was a tang from the slaw and salsa that went well with the mushroom/lentil combination. I might add just a pinch of salt next time.

So….we had a good week. I’d make most of these dishes again. They weren’t really all that difficult, though I’m noticing I’m really slow at this type of cooking. It’s just a lot more chopping of fresh vegetables than I’m used to. Plus I stop to review the recipe more frequently than I would on things I’ve made for years.

And it takes a ton more planning. I need to know at the beginning of the week what we’re eating in order to make sure I have the ingredients here. I can’t just wander the grocery store and see what looks good if we eat this way. I did find it interesting that the last time I shopped I didn’t go near the meat counter, nor up and down most of the aisles. I was in produce and the aisle that has dried beans. I was in and out in what felt like moments.

At the moment, on days we’re eating plant-based, the meal seems to be the focus of my day as I plan and worry, chop and stir, check and recheck. Worry some more. I’m sure I’ll get better at this, and we’ll find our favorites that I’ll make more than once. Each time will be easier. Right?

Broil the egplant, puree the tomatoes.  Lick the spoon on the ricotta cheese.

Broil the egplant, puree the tomatoes. Lick the spoon on the ricotta cheese.

We’ll see how this all turns out. I don’t think we’ve totally converted to vegan. After all, that eggplant lasagna had loads of cheese. I love cheese. Still, those tacos tonight were pretty darn good…and there wasn’t a bit of cheese anywhere.

I think if we eat plant based a couple of times a week we’ll be improving our health. And moving forward maybe the number of vegetarian or vegan meals will increase. Either way, red meat has taken a vacation around our house.

Mostly anyway.

Garden goodness.

Garden goodness.

*Note: The language in the Thug Cookbook will probably be offensive to many. Just a warning.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

16 thoughts on “Healthy menu report

  1. I eat very little meat anymore, and if I do it’s usually chicken or pork, with a hamburger or hot dog as a treat when my whim says so. Cheese, however, is harder to give up. I prefer one dish meals and use the slow cooker a lot in cooler weather.


  2. So old dogs can learn new tricks? Good for you guys!


  3. So what does jicama taste like? I’ve heard of it before and wondered about it.


    • Well, they say it tastes something between an apple and a potato. It’s got a texture like a water chestnut. I thought it tasted more like potato, just slightly sweet. It seemed to absorb the flavors of the dressing.


  4. I love the Thug Kitchen cookbook, foul language and all. Probably because of the foul language. lol! Your food looks and sounds wonderful. As for it getting easier, I don’t think it does. Prepping vegetarian and vegan food is time consuming, and there aren’t too many ways around it. I find it’s usually worth the effort. If it’s something I know I like, I double the recipe so we can eat leftovers since it doesn’t take much longer to chop up double the veggies while I’m already doing it. The only problem I have with that method is that my husband sometimes scarfs down the extra that I made so leftovers can sometimes be difficult to come by around here.

    Another help: The book “An Everlasting Meal” by Tamar Adler. First, the book is a beautiful read. Ms. Adler’s love of food comes through in her writing. Second, she writes about stretching out meals, turning leftovers into entirely new meals. Third, she recommends taking one day a week and doing a lot of the prep work so that the rest of the week is a little easier. It is not a vegan or vegetarian book, but her ideas are easily applied to any type of whole food eating.


  5. We are eating vegetarian 2-4 days a week now. I bought some quinoa but haven’t used it in a recipe yet. I’ve kept the 7 pounds off that I lost shortly after the April half marathon and I’m sure it’s because of the vegetarian meals, plus I have cut out a lot of the dairy and gluten.


  6. you should check out vegan and vegetarian recipes on pintrest – there are so many and some really excellent ones – but yes – vegan/vego meals do leave you more hungry because so many of them are made of water based fruits and veggies which one they breakdown really don’t leave much in the way of solid material in the stomach – you can try adding nuts to the recipes – that helps round them out.


  7. The Pinterest suggestion is a good one! All you do is sign up for a free account, search for some things, and “pin” them. Pinterest will keep track of your “pins” on whatever “boards” you create, and it will create a home screen full of pretty suggestions for you based on the things you like and pin.
    You ought to look into a spiralizer if you’re going to eat more vegetarian dishes. We have spiralized veggies quite a bit in lieu of pasta, which feels like I’m eating a ridiculous amount of carbs when I have it now!

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