Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

It’s a new year, what will be different?


More snow on it’s way.

I feel stuck. Which seems wrong, somehow, here at the beginning of a new year, when everything is supposed to be a fresh start to something new.

I still have photos left from my recent trip north, where, even though it snowed every single day, I still got out a little bit.

Ice, snow and water.

Two years ago I was up there and the weather was so much better. I was out and about hiking through woods and along the beach. This year I was lucky to get out one of the 6 days I was there.

Making more ice.

I am reluctant to fill this blog post with the remaining pictures from my trip up there because it feels like I should be showing you something new and fresh.

Changing weather out there.

Not more snow and ice and wind and bad weather. But I don’t have anything new and fresh. I don’t have anything to talk about but weather and the few moments of sun we have between cold fronts and snow squalls.

Lake volcanoes were everywhere.

Katie, on the other hand, has plenty to say and if I don’t start blogging again she has threatened to take over and do it for me.

Waiting for spring. Me too.

And, she says, it might not be exactly what I’d have said if I were her.

Stay safe and warm as we face the latest series of storms.

Snow crusted.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

32 thoughts on “It’s a new year, what will be different?

  1. Happy New Year, Dawn. I’ve just been catching up on your previous posts and love all the photos you took of or by the lake. It made me wish I could have been there with you (but I’m nuts that way — loving winter, snow, and ice).

    I feel stuck sometimes, especially when it comes to photos. I keep promising myself that I’ll stop taking so many which should make it easier to share the few I do take, but I get out somewhere and keep clicking in spite of my resolutions. I took a Contemplative Creatives workshop during the autumn months and one of the practices was called “Essence of Place.” You take six photographs: landscape, intimate landscape, still-life, macro, wabi-sabi, and text (a sign or something with text). I think I’m going to start practicing this once a week. I need some minimalism in my life. It might help keep things fresh and new without having so many older photos to sort through.


    • I’ll be very interested in seeing this. I’m kind of confused about the difference between an intimate landscape and a macro…actually I’m kind of confused about many of the titles…so I can’t wait to see what you do with it!


  2. I think we all feel stuck sometimes, a need for some kind of change and I can’t remember when I felt any difference between the year ending and the year beginning. It’s more another year for me than a new year, and basically means I’ll need to remember to change the last digit of the year. I’ve been feeling the need for a change in a part of my house, spent weeks maybe months trying to come up with an idea. Last night I finally did. But I think that will be another blog post. And I love your cold up north pictures.


  3. Love the third and fourth photos. The white wave spray against the turquoise water is beautiful and the rain bursting from the clouds in the next one is so dramatic. I’m not bored with your posts. 🙂


  4. The photos you’ve chosen don’t look like they’re from someone who is stuck. But I can understand how you might feel that way when all the colours in the images are similar. But I see wild beauty and constantly changing skies and water. I feel stuck inside here in Ottawa, because the weather is cold and more cold and colder. Its hard to get out and when you do get out its all monochrome but then you catch sight of a cardinal or the occasional clinging red berry and it makes the singularity beautiful. Anyway, don’t give up, Dawn. Your photos are lovely.


    • Thank you Susanne….I’ve been to Ottawa once…only a couple of years ago, but it was early Fall and nice out. Can’t imagine it these days! We spent one evening until late at night at the government building, all lit up, and videoed it at midnight with the clock chiming. It’s a very nice city!

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  5. Isn’t this weather beastly, Dawn? I put up Christmas decorations outside in a light jacket — no mittens, no boots — and now that they’re ready to take down, it’s below zero. I think I’ll just unplug them and let them stay put until it warms up! Love the photo of the swan — Spring can’t come fast enough … and you know, there’s really no place that’s been immune from this stuff. Sigh.


    • I thought about unpluging the Christmas lights too…but decided I needed the color this time of the year so I’m leaving them plugged in for a bit longer. All I have is one small tree with lights, so I don’t feel like that’s too much.

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  6. Such beautiful images Dawn, but it does look so cold. Blizzard here today


  7. Be encouraged by knowing that you are in no way alone in feeling that way. It just means that you are challenging yourself in the expectation of something new and different. Winters are tough and ready for sunshine. Maybe tomorrow. 😉


  8. It has been quite quiet on the Katie girl home front. I wondered when she was going to say, “mama–give me that computer. I have plenty to say!”
    Living down here in (freezing cold) sunny FL, I love the photos of the snow. That lake volcano photo is gorgeous–look at all that spray you captured! I am interested in that “essence of place” too. I hope you post about it if you try it.


  9. They’re all new & different to me!


  10. Happy New Year, Dawn! I love your photos…it’s nice to know that your side of the lake looks like mine!! Stay warm!


  11. I know about that stuck feeling. Sometimes I think it’s as an important place as our flowing places. The energy then has an opportunity to turn inward, to reflect, to ponder new directions. If we didn’t know “stuck” we wouldn’t know the free-flowing happiness as much. It’s interesting that you used a lot of wave-moving photos as you spoke about stuckness. Makes me think the energy will be turning around again shortly. (If it hasn’t already.)


  12. Oh, yes, sometimes “stuck” feels almost normal, then I gotta shake myself and go DO something. I’m amazed at those water/ice/snow photos .. I love them! And I’m so happy YOU were in that environment and not me, lol. I hate being cold. But your photos are just beautiful, and a very nice change from the dreary grey sloggy rain we have here in the PacNW. I love how you write, too, Dawn. Thank you!


  13. Having gone through this last year my only advice is to try different things but don’t beat up on yourself. I tried pushing through and that just made me dread doing the things I was trying to do. I hated writing until this January. I thought I’d end up giving up blogging. Trying new stuff kept me sane until I worked through and worked through my block.

    It took me a while to find a way through my block but I realized for me most of it was small stuff that had grown into a big stuff and life was better when I let it go to focus on the stuff I really value.


    • I agree, it’s better to focus on the stuff we enjoy. I do enjoy blogging but I’ve done it for so many years I can’t imagine what new things I have to share. We’ll see how it goes. As you can see I haven’t exactly stopped! LOL


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