Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Katie’s fashion statement


The latest style in boots.

Katie here.

My mama travels too much and she hardly ever takes me! Doesn’t she know it’s all about me? I try to remind her every single waking moment (and some that aren’t waking!) of every single day.

My mama is not listening to me.

Why, she was gone (without me!) almost the whole month of December! She was gone for Christmas! And she slept through New Years Eve. I tell you, mama is no fun.

So now that she’s home she says it’s too cold to go out and have an adventure. She says maybe we’ll go tomorrow.

I don’t even know what a tomorrow is.

But one thing my mama did do for me this week was take me to a store and buy me boots! I was so excited to be out doing something that I wiggle-butted all over the store and could hardly stand still when she asked me to stand on the measure my foot thingy.

I’ll model my new boots for you.

Good thing I’ve had like over ten years of school because I finally realized she was saying “KATIE! Stand stay!!” So I did, and we picked out the perfect sized boots for me.

But then she put them on me! OH DOG! That was an ordeal! The first time she had some upside down and she didn’t make the velcro tight enough and I took two high kicking steps and threw them right off of my feet.

Then I stood and looked at her and dared her to try again.

Mama went and sat down to think about things. And she went online and asked a bunch of you guys for advice. Good thing too because sometimes mama doesn’t think things through very well on her own.

Anyway, the next time she tried to put those boots on she had my dad help. One of them held me and the other put the boots on and cinched them up real tight.

I did not like the boots! I walked around trying to kick them off. Mama and daddy laughed at me. I was humiliated. I put my head down and tried to look miserable but then daddy asked if I wanted to go outside.


Well of course I wanted to go outside! I love outside! I love the cold! I love the snow! I love everything about outside!

I’ll wait for you up here mama.

So we went out and I forgot all about the silly boots and I pranced down to the mailbox with my dad. I was so happy! Then we went to my pee room (daddy shovels out a special place for me to do my business because the snow is too deep right now.) and I did my stuff pretty fast and then I pranced inside and mama helped me get the boots off and everybody was happy and I got a treat!


Now I have this whole boot thing figured out. Sometimes I forget that I like them, and I do a back foot high kick right at first but most of the time I let mama or daddy put them on with no objection and I wait patiently by the door, all four boots locked and loaded, while they put on their coats and hats and gloves and boots. It takes them a lot longer to get ready than it takes me. Mama and daddy are super slow.

So now I think we should be able to go for an adventure, right? But mama says it’s still too cold to be outside very long. I have to agree. This morning she filled the birdfeeder and I waited for her on the deck. She took forever and I finally went back to the door and barked to be let in.

Did I tell you that mama’s super slow? Sigh.

She says maybe tomorrow we’ll go to the park. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

Stay warm everybody. And if your toes are cold have your mama take you to a store to buy you some boots! I’m sure you’ll look as stylish as I do!

Talk later….your fashionista girl Katie.

Standing on the deck is not all that exciting mama!

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

36 thoughts on “Katie’s fashion statement

  1. Fashionista Katie is right! You are definitely stylin’. Shame your mama is so slow, but I think she’s doing pretty good….all things considered (wink, wink). Hang in there, Katie. Only a few more months of cold weather. But I do like the boots.


  2. You are the IT girl in those boots Katie. I showed Shasta and she got really envious.


  3. Even taking them outside, I’ve never had a dog that likes boots and have not been able to keep them on paws very long. Walks are short in the frigid weather, though they’ll play until their feet fall off if I let them!


    • I’ve never tried boots before, with any of my dogs. But it’s so darn cold this year already, and she’s so often picking up her foot and asking to be carried that we thought we’d try. She’s also the most trained of all our dogs and pretty much lets us do anything with her, so we figured for 17.00 we’d try. I was surprised that she took to it as well as she did. She’d stay out, too, till her feet fell off if I let her. She loves it outside and she loves cooler weather.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Cute story and Katie looks very fashionable in her snow boots !


  5. Alright, Katie, now I know you’re a princess! I read your post to Dallas and showed him your fancy new boots, and would you believe he just turned up his nose in a huff?? He says only sissies wear boots, and he’s no sissy. I’ve got four lovely blue boots for him that I’ve tried over and over to coax him to wear outdoors, but nope, not gonna happen. He stands in one spot, looking at me like, “What? You expect me to MOVE, too?” Your mama is lucky she has your daddy to help and you’re so well-trained. Sigh.


    • Katie says we’ll come down to show Dallas how it works and show him he can still be a manly dog in blue boots!

      Liked by 1 person

      • That would be appreciated! Personally, I think they’re a very practical addition to a dog’s wardrobe, especially when it’s this cold. Of course, not wearing boots means he races outside to do his business, then races right back in!


        • Well at least he doesn’t dawdle like a princess I know. We have to go out with her because there are no fences here. Sometimes (lots of times) she won’t do her business because she’s just happy to be outside. So we both just stand and look around. She also sniffs stuff. I resist that urge.

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  6. My pup has boots too. Absolutely essential gear in this weather! Katie makes everything she wears look fashionable. She’s like a dog super-model.


  7. love those booties Katie! Stay indoors though- it os way too cold! Here it is 7 degrees and real feel -11. I am NOT going out!


  8. I love your new boots, Katie, and you do look quite fashionable (and beautiful) in them. 🙂


  9. Oh Katie! Your new boots are marvellous…and what a good girl to let Mama & Papa help you with them… Now you are ready for more adventures 🙂


    • It’s been so cold she’s got cabin fever! The cold broke and today it’s 32 out, balmy! She went out to help me shovel the snow and didn’t even have to wear her boots. She had the best time barking at the shovel (She’s such a help) and running in the snow. Now she’s passed out cold. A tired sheltie is a happy sheltie.

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  10. Katie you look adorable in your boots and they are a great idea with the frigid temps we were having (which are coming back this weekend) I don’t think Dakota would ever let me put them on him lol!


  11. Such stylish boots! Hopefully January will bring Katie more outside as she so desires…


  12. Nice boots. We hibernated too wen it got too cold. It’s warmer now so we went for a walk tonight. I should look at boots for my boys, the salt does bother their feet.


    • Yes, if you ask your dog friends’ parents you’ll get good advice on boot brands. I, in the end, just went to my local pet food place and bought what they had and they worked out fine for us. Got to put them on tighter than you think though or they just fall off.


  13. Adorable pics and boots. My sisters Sheltie Angel is 16 years old and she can not get traction on wood floors so they bought her some gripper boot sock type things and she loves them.


    • I’ve heard about that problem from several people. Now that more and more people have wood floors everywhere many dogs are struggling. I’m glad your sheltie-niece likes her gripper socks!


  14. I have a love hate relationship with my booties. By the time I get all three dogs booted, I’m sweaty and don’t feel like going out anymore!


  15. “Locked and loaded” … love that. 🙂


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