Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Looking for a different shade


So many choices.

We’ve decided to have the inside of our house painted. All of it. For the past decade (or two) we have been living with primer white because we can’t agree on a color.

I actually like white. We have a lot of very nice woodwork and with white walls the trim is the feature. On the other hand….white? Just white? Everywhere?

But color can be so scary.

I still want the trim to be the feature and everything I read says if you want to feature woodwork you should choose a color either a lot lighter or a lot darker than the wood. I know for sure I don’t want the paint to be really dark, so now I’m looking for the right shade of, well, white.

Did you know there are hundreds of whites?

So far I’ve narrowed it down to two options and frankly as I was painting each on a paper plate there doesn’t seem to be much difference between them. After I painted one coat of each I stood and stared down at the two plates. For a long time–until I realized I was literally watching paint dry.

There’s a difference between them. I think.

Then I came up out of the basement to discuss it with you. What do you think? Should I push myself out of my comfort zone and try something a little more daring than a shade of white? We already have green carpet and a beautiful multi colored stacked stone fireplace.

Grey beige or tan beige?

I don’t know if I can get too crazy.

And I haven’t even started to figure out the bedrooms, where, I think, we can do something besides off white.


You should just pick the one that matches me mama!

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

28 thoughts on “Looking for a different shade

  1. The one on the left looks more of a blue grey to me, with the one on the right more of a brown grey. I have allowed myself one colored accent wall in what was the dining area, which gets repainted every couple of years because I get tired of the color. We went from white to tans on all our walls, each room having one wall darker than the others, at least ten years ago, if not more.I’ve concluded that for me color needs to come in via accessories that are easily changed because I’m no fickle with color.


  2. I’m color impaired so no help at all. I see tan where others see gray. I do know we have Eggshell White in one of our rentals and it’s a nice color to me! Tenant likes it because it’s neutral.


  3. Dawn, my parents’ house in Gulfport is ALL white. Inside and out. They planned it that way. I personally would prefer a bit more color, but I totally “get” the idea of being surrounded by a pristine color and accessorizing as you’d like. That said, I think I like the one on the left with a touch of gray in it, but colors are so deceptive, especially on a computer screen!


  4. When you go with a neutral or white you can add more pops of color with your furnishings and accent pieces so I get it. I am sure you will figure it out but yes—it is a bit daunting when there are so many shades of the same color.


  5. Knowing you, I agree with Carol. If it truly is a blueish gray I think you’ll be happier with it. I’d offer to come over an help you paint, but, darn! I’m busy that day. Sorry!


    • Darn! The gray one is so very light it’s almost the same color as the paper plate. I don’t know…I think I’ll get one more sample and then decide. PS: We’re having it done because it’s just too big a job for us. We’re senior citizens now, you know, and there are some perks to being old.


  6. You might want to paint portions of the actual wall, next to the wood and carpeting and look at the colors in different lighting. I tend to like warmer colors next to wood which is usually warm. The one on the right also looks close to your chair color.


    • Our painter asked us not to put the samples on the wall, and used some term I can’t remember as to why. Last time I had to pick a color we had pieces of drywall left over from the project so I used big pieces as samples and that helped. I have larger sections of cardboard available, but I thought I’d try to use something that was white underneath v.s. brown. I agree about the one on the right being a better match with the furniture.


  7. Our walls are linen white downstairs, except for the wall up the staircase that we painted a light cocoa color – I love it. Bedrooms are all wallpaper… the man who hung it calls it “furniture for the walls” it adds a lot to a room. I like your bluish white


  8. OMG. I’m hopeless at paint colour. We took forever to pick a new colour for our living/dining room and thought we’d chosen something sufficiently different from the previous colour. When it was all done, no one even noticed it was a new colour so I completely understand your dilemma.


  9. I am a white paint kind of gal. The inside of my house is a nice white that has a drop of magenta, brown and yellow in it. So it changes as the light changes during the day. I prefer a warm white as opposed to a cool (blue white). But I have hardwood floors, doors and window trim so the white walls sets if off rather nicely. Outside is brick with (you guessed it!) white trim. White looks clean to me and you can go crazy with colors, if that’s your thing. Or just match the paint to Katie. 🙂


  10. You cracked me up about watching paint dry.

    I’m a big fan of accent walls. With most of the room white you get the clean, airy feel. But then one wall of color adds some pop and personality. I tend to prefer creamy whites, but that’s just personal taste.


    • We’re lucky, in a way, that we don’t have a lot of walls that are just wall. We have windows all over and really not so much paintable wall space when you get right down to it, other than hallways and basement stairs. So maybe this isn’t that big a deal after all.


  11. I laughed out loud at your “watching paint dry” comment too. And I too like the bluer white on the left tho as some others already said, picking a color off of a computer monitor is not a good idea. In the end, I think Katie has the right idea. 🙂 I have ordered a custom-built RV trailer from Escape Trailer in Chilliwack, BC, and I have to order counter tops and flooring and upholstery and valance covers … and there are options for different colors of stove top and sinks and window coverings … all, of course, in a small space. Oh my. Can I borrow Katie? 🙂


    • First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on ordering the Escape! Those are lovely lovely trailers! Second, Katie would SO LOVE to come by and help you make the best decisions on colors. She loves camping. And her colors are pretty, so it all works out!


  12. i cracked up when I read that you were literally watching paint dry.

    Might I suggest something not in a shade of white or beige? What about blue? You seem to like being near the water.

    Katie is always so helpful with her suggestions, bless her heart.

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  13. lol! Watching paint dry. I’ve caught myself doing the same thing.

    I like the one on the left with the cooler tones to it (looks more blue-ish whereas the one on the right warmer or more brown-ish, to me), but I live in an area where the heat is unbearable (to me) from about April until November so I need cooler tones on my walls and decor.


  14. Look up Sherwin Williams Alabaster it’s a pretty color.


  15. PS: I do not particularly like colored walls but I love grey. Its a new neutral and comes in so many shades.


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