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Katie does Walktober


Katie here. Am I first? Huh? Huh? Am I? Huh? I bet I am! If so I deserve a treat and if not it’s mama’s fault and I should get a treat anyway. I am, after all, a princess.

I think this pumpkin looks a lot like a Walktober gourd, don’t you?

So I told mama that I wanted to do my own Walktober and she said I couldn’t go out and do it all alone. She said she had to go with me. I don’t think that’s fair, she goes for walks by herself all the time. I think she’s just trying to horn in on my walk, but since I don’t have my driver’s license, and I wanted to do a Walktober somewhere besides my own backyard, I had to let her take me.

Here I am in front of a great smelling restaurant.

At first I thought she pulled an epic failure. She didn’t take me to a park! She took me to a town! When she got me out of the car I was shaking cause I knew it wasn’t any of my parks and I thought maybe we were going to the vet or the groomer or maybe even camp!

Mama’s been known to be sneaky that way.

But no, she took me to this little town that always dresses up with pretty fall arrangements. Including a huge pumpkin.

Isn’t this just the coolest pumpkin? It compliments my colors too!

Mama likes to take my picture with it, and this year I even stood on a little bale of hay for her. I don’t usually like standing on top of little things, so she was real impressed with me. I got double treats for that. Score!

Mama thought these were pretty. I thought they were boring.

Then we walked down the street to see what else was pretty. That’s where the Walktober comes in. It’s a real nice downtown, with lots of cute stores.

A lot of the stores had their doors open and I tried to go into every single one of them. I don’t know what the heck was wrong with mama, she kept saying “No baby, you can’t go in there.” She didn’t even try to get me inside and some of them smelled real good! Mama is a loser.

When we turned around I figured that was it for my Walktober and I was quite disappointed to say the least. I gave mama the stink eye in several of the photos she tried to get.

Really mother? THIS is a ‘walk?’

And I did my best never to look at her while she waved her hand around and called my name. That usually makes her give up and take me home. I was sort of glad when the photo shoot was over and I took a nap in my car on the way home.

But imagine how surprised I was when she opened the door and we were at one of my favorite parks! I secretly think she felt bad about me not having a good time in town. All those people walking by and noisy trucks and cars on the roads made me nervous. So I guess she figured she owed me.

Hey! It’s one of my parks!

She was right.

I even got to run around off leash because nobody else was out there! Boy oh boy it felt so good to run, especially since we got cold weather that day!

This feels so GOOD!

It was my kind of day at the park, cold and windy. Perfect!

A cool breeze, perfect for a Walktober!

I didn’t even mind posing for her on the sledding hill that was all green and beautiful. I got lots of treats and the wind in my fur. We walked for a long time.

This is the toboggan run. It looks beautiful in winter too.

It was all good. Well, mostly all good. There was this one time when I was sitting on the sledding hill and the sun came out and mama said the tips of my furs lit up like a halo and she was trying to get the shot and the stupid memory card was full. That wasn’t such a great moment.

Oh and I guess since this is a Walktober I should at least show you that we have a little bit of fall color. Not a whole lot, but we found some to share with you.

See? We found a little color for you!

All in all I had a pretty good day with mama, going on my very own Walktober. I want to thank Miss Robin for hosting the walk, and mama for taking me and providing bribes treats.

And my advice to all of you that are planning your own Walktobers? Make sure your memory card has a whole lot of memory left. Cause you’re going to need it to capture the pretty places you’ll be sharing with us!

I think we should come back next week mama!

We can’t wait to see what you all come up with. Mama says she’s going to do one by herself, but I don’t see how it could top this one unless she’s going to run down a hill too, but that would be copying.

Try to think outside the box mama.

Talk later, your park guide Katie-girl.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

27 thoughts on “Katie does Walktober

  1. I think your mama wanted to take you on a special walk that compliments your color, and she did great! But the photo with the wind blowing your fur is my favorite. You are an excellent guide, Katie.


  2. Thank you for taking us to walk around that beautiful little town with lots of flowers and pumpkins but you’re right about your park, it is more beautiful and the most import fact is, it’s Katie’s Park! 🙂

    p.s. You’re so lucky to have your park and so many other parks for walkies, we find it hard to get just even one here. That’s why I don’t usually have my park walk. 😦


  3. You found some beautiful spots! I especially like the wind in your hair! You had a good walkabout Katie! 🙂


  4. Thank you so much for joining Walktober, Katie! And yes, you are first!! Good job. 🙂

    You look so beautiful posing next to all the pumpkins and October decorations, but I especially like the photos of you in the park when you got to run around and feel the wind in your fur. I like cold and windy days, too.


  5. All those pumpkins and decorations in town just enhanced your beauty, Katie. Although I do think you were at your prettiest in the park, with the wind blowing your beautiful hair. Tell mama she always needs to carry an extra card for her camera.


  6. Aw, Katie, I love your Walktober! What a perfect day, too — cool and breezy. Love the photo of you on that bale of hay — looks like you’d already been to the groomer’s. And what fun, getting two walks in one outing! From the look of things, I’m wondering if we shouldn’t have scheduled a walk in November — our Fall color is practically nonexistent right now!


    • Up in northern lower Michigan they say the color is wonderful. Also it was (maybe still is) in the Upper Peninsula. But down where I am the maples are almost done and nothing much else is happening.


  7. Hi Katie. I’m over from Robin’s Walktober, so I’m glad to see you get your own Walktober post. I must say that you are quite the diva. Thanks for sharing your images of fall.


  8. Wonderful, so many pretty colours to smile at. Thanks for sharing your walk. 😊 😊
    Oh by the way, I don’t have a little Katie to give treats to, but when my girls were little I was a great fan of “bribery and corruption”… Only we preferred its other name. “Training with rewards”.
    😊 😊 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  9. What a beautiful doggy and lovely photos? Really enjoyed sharing this walk. 🙂


  10. You are a beautiful and charming girl, Katie. Thanks for taking us on such a beautiful Walktober. I love the photos of you with the wind in your hair – viva autumn!

    Liked by 1 person

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  12. What a wonderful Walktober Katie. Zeke here… and my mama didn’t bring me to a town this time. Maybe next time you could join us? I’m always allowed off lead because we choose our times well when there is no one around. I know you think those pumpkins and gourds are ho-hum but you sanding or sitting beside them makes them beea-u-ti-ful!


  13. Pats, strokes and tickles behind the ears! Great walk!


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