Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Smiles this week were harder to find.


Everything looks pretty against a blue sky.

Trent suggests we share a smile each week. Well, here the week is almost over and I haven’t even thought about what I might have smiled about.

I’m sure there’s something.

The weather sure wasn’t good, going from bitter temperatures to freezing rain and then back to blustery snow and gale force winds. Yep, it’s been wonderful here in Michigan.

But yesterday we had sun. And temperatures in the 20s. Katie and I actually got to go for a walk together in one of her parks.

Sunshine made the river glow.

That made me smile. And when we got home Katie sank into a peaceful, happy sleep. That made me smile too.


Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

22 thoughts on “Smiles this week were harder to find.

  1. Tuesday was a smiley day. All the ice was finally gone and it was a pleasure to walk on damp firm ground. I always love it when you reveal the park name where your pics and walks take place. An inspiration for me to experience the same.


  2. Walking the dogs is something I smile about every day, even when I walked them and it was pouring rain at 15 F! Glad she had her happy sleep after the walk 🙂


  3. The cat napping puts a smile on my face and glad the sun made you smile.


  4. Love the photo of the river … and a sleeping Sheltie always makes me smile!


  5. Shelties bring the biggest smiles


  6. Katie makes me smile! Glad you got out! I was out and shoveled! Stay warm…if snowflakes we smiles I would have about a Billion:)

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  7. I so agree with you about that blue sky!


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  9. Hi Dawn. Interestingly, you came to me last week via Robin – and I came here through Trent. 🙂 Good pics and thoughts to make one smile during winter.


  10. We have had the same type of weather here where I live – and more of the same is predicted for the upcoming week! However a break from it is definitely something to smile about.


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