Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Trying to find the night sky. Again.


I’m ‘up north’ and the sky is clear and the air is warm and the bugs aren’t bad. Perfect to head out and try to learn more about shooting stars. And there might even be a few shooting stars to boot!

The little lake was calm with families waiting for the sunset on the protected beach away from the big lake.

I went out to North Bar Lake, a place a photographer told me about years ago. I’ve been there a couple of times since, and I figured it might be the perfect place to watch the stars.

I got there way too early, but walked out on the beach anyway, trying to scope out a spot for sunset and star viewing.

Someone’s castle, left from earlier in the day.

There wasn’t much beach to speak off, the Great Lakes are high this year, but I’m not complaining, it feels good to see the lakes full.

Not a lot of sandy beach, but enough to enjoy.

Once I figured out there wasn’t any one particular spot I’d want to be I headed back to the car to read for awhile.

The stairs glow with late afternoon sun.

And then an hour or so later I dragged my towel, camera bag and tripod back out and walked way down the beach away from all the families and groups of kids with their bonfires and set up shop.

The last of the daylight shimmers.

It wasn’t much of anything, last night’s sunset. But it gave me plenty of time to play around, trying to figure stuff out.

Typical sunset pinks up the sky.

Like how to slow down the movement of water.

Add a bit of time to that shutter speed and smooth out the rough edges.

And how to make the most out of that time just after the sun goes down. The pink sky.

Still waiting for those stars.

The blue air.

The blue hour, Lake Michigan style.

But the darn moon, only half a moon at that, was just way too bright.

Moonlight on the big lake.

I tried, because I was getting tired of waiting, to capture the big dipper. Just to see what this camera can do.

Really, the big dipper is in there. Promise.

And then I focused for a minute or two on the group of college kids up the beach and their bonfire.

Don’t know what happened here, but it’s kind of cool, so I’m keeping it.

By 11:15 I was so tired, sitting on the sand, looking for anything to take a picture of, the stars not really showing yet. I finally packed up and headed back to the car, checking along the way for things to shoot.

Can you see the tree and the stars and the fence?

I liked the old tree and the big dipper behind it. Not exactly why I was out there, but still pretty cool.

I sat on the little beach and captured the moon and the kids’ bonfire. And then I headed back to camp.

Can you see the bonfire out there, to the left and lower than the moon?

An hour later, pulling into the campground, the moon was setting, a bright orange crescent putting out much less light. And at my site, almost 12:30 in the morning, there were a ton of stars overhead.

No pictures of any of that…but you can imagine my frustration. And so the quest continues for another night.

A failure, but a fun failure.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

15 thoughts on “Trying to find the night sky. Again.

  1. I do! I see the big dipper in those photos, especially if I enlarge the photos by clicking on them. I love that fence photo. And it’s amazing the difference in the water texture when you do that shutter thing. I guess I better pull out the instruction book for my camera, or take a class. Oh goody, more stuff to learn. 🙂


  2. What’s the quote, something like fail forward? Well, I like your fail fun idea better. Carry on.


    • I agree. I think one of my problems is that I can’t tell from the screen on the back of the camera what I got…especially at night. If I could, then I’d probably adjust settings and try again. I think there’s a way to make the back panel lighter, should go read the manual about that.

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  3. Love the blue hour


  4. Love, love ,love this.


  5. I did see the big dipper! Your moon reflecting on the lake is just beautiful. All of your night captures are wonderful Dawn


  6. I love the night sky photo with the campfire in the distance. It manages to be somehow serene and unsettling at the same time. Portentous.


  7. I wouldn’t call these a failure, Dawn. They might not be what you hoped for, but they’re gorgeous nevertheless! I love the moonlight on the lake and the pink sunset. And what lovely conditions you had for your get-away!


  8. What a wonderful collection of photos – you had a great night! I’m impressed that I can see the big dipper – I have yet to capture a decent star photo. Good job! 😄


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