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Birthday girl is all smiles


Katie here,

Guess what, guess what, GUESS WHAT?!

Today is my birthday! My very own special day when my folks have to pay attention to me! When I get whatever I want. Like to go to the park, and then take a nap and then have cake and ice cream. With presents!

We went for a walk earlier this week. But this wasn’t my birthday walk.

Well, maybe not the cake and ice cream, and maybe not presents either, but definitely the park and the nap! And because it’s my birthday mama says I can use her “Weekly smile” post too. Cause there’s nothing so easy to smile at as a happy sheltie-girl.

Mama, you’re being silly now.

And let me tell you, this birthday girl is happy!

Cause you know what mama got me for my birthday? She got me SNOW!

My birthday walk today was special cause it was snowing!

I just love snow. It’s so cool on my face, and enhances my natural beauty. Mama said she didn’t know what to get me, I’m now a teenager in addition to being a princess, so she ordered up my favorite thing next to supper. Snow.

We had this part of the park all to ourselves.

We went out to one of my parks and walked a long way through the woods. Mama was very busy taking pictures of me in my snow.

This is my supermodel pose.

I didn’t mind because she brought treats. In fact I started looking for good spots for pictures too. I figured the more pictures she took the more treats I got!

This tree trunk is pretty cool, mama, and I look good next to it.

But then mama said since it was my birthday she’d put the camera away and we’d just enjoy the walk. I was OK with that too, there was lots to sniff and I pulled her around to a bunch of places.

I’d look over in one direction and she’d say “Do you want to go check that out sweetie?” and then we would! It was a great morning! We just kept exploring.

We were near some picnic tables when mama asked me if I wanted to be a special birthday girl and leave something for someone else more needy than me. I said sure, so she left some birdseed for the squirrels who were running around the park.

I hope you enjoy this squirrels! Happy birthday to me!

I figured it was the least I could do, cause I know I’m pretty privileged.

We walked for a long time. And then something amazing happened. The sun came out!

The sun smiled down on me, perfect for my birthday walk.

Well! The camera came back out, right away. Mama said I glowed like a true princess! But the sun only stayed out for a moment or two and then we were back to a typical cloudy December day.

It was a perfect walk on a perfect sheltie-girl birthday!

I didn’t mind at all.

Mama said it was pretty perfect for her too, she watched me sniff and explore and enjoy the snow and she forgot her own wet feet and cold fingers. She couldn’t stop smiling herself.

Isn’t the snow beautiful on my fur?

So that was our smile for the week – my snowy birthday walk.

We hope you all had a wonderful week too. As we head into the busy holiday season we remind you all to slow down and enjoy the time you have with family and friends.

The woods are so beautiful in winter.

And if you can, take a walk in the woods, especially if it’s snowing. You’ll smile too.

Happy Holidays!

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

38 thoughts on “Birthday girl is all smiles

  1. Happy Birthday!!! We got snow too but before the snow there was a lot of rain. Everything is quite frozen. There was a thick crust on top of the snow. Looks very pretty though as it stuck to all the trees and bushes.


  2. Happy Birthday to you, Katie! We are both Sagittarians! Now, I’m really smiling–sharing my birthday month with a princess. I so agree with you–the snow does enhance your natural beauty. Your supermodel photo shoot is beautiful.


  3. Happy birthday, Katie! Glad you received snow for your birthday! Fiyero and Idina love snow… Sounds like a great walk.


  4. Such a special day for such a special girl! You mama must have super powers to get you snow and a dash of sun!


  5. Perfect way to spend your special day…happy birthday Katie


  6. Happy Birthday to youuuuuu


  7. Happy Birthday Katie!!!


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  9. Katie is a smile-machine. And her fur is made for super-model poses because it always looks like its blowing in a magical breeze.


  10. It can be very beautiful when it’s snowing.


  11. Happy birthday, Katie! It’s true, you are a beautiful princess in any kind of weather, but snow becomes you.


  12. Katie, you look like you’re dusted in sugar!! Happy Birthday, Princess, and welcome to your teen years. Dallas says that’s pretty special (though he’s only had two weeks or so to judge by!). Love your photos in the snow — and how lucky you are to have a mama who ordered up your favorite precipitation for the occasion!


  13. Happy Birthday, sweet Katie! You had the most perfect, special day! Your mama’s gift of snow was awesome! The leisurely walk in your park was the the cherry on top! Your mama is pretty special!


  14. Happy Birthday Pretty Girl!


  15. Well I smiled just t see your beauty and birthday time in snow 🙂


  16. Happy Happy Belated Birthday sweet girl! So happy you had a most pawesome day!


  17. Awwww…. The Birthday GIRL! I’m glad you had such a special day Katie. You deserve it.


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