Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Snowy interruption


Katie here.

I’ve decided you all need a diversion from the anxiety and stress that seems to be overwhelming us. I’ve thought about this quite a bit and what I think you need is……ME!

I’d like to go outside please.

So I’m going to postpone my afternoon nap and tell you all about what’s going on here in my kingdom. I know you’ve been wondering.

First of all let me tell you that mama and daddy and I are all fine, though I’ve had a bit of a worrisome time this week. You see, several weeks ago mama scheduled me to have my teeth cleaned. She and daddy had noticed I didn’t always smell so good, and once in awhile I pawed at my nose. But the vet was busy and I couldn’t get a senior appointment until this past Wednesday.

Throw the snowball already, mama!

With all this virus stuff mama considered canceling, but she decided she didn’t want to wait because she was going to head down to Alabama soon and I needed white teeth for that! And the vet said even though I’m 13 now I was a very healthy 13, so we went ahead with it.

Well! Let me tell you, I don’t like going to the vet and I especially don’t like it if mama or daddy don’t stay me! Mama isn’t too keen on it either; she says she cried after she dropped me off.

This is WAY more fun than going to the dentist!

And when she came back to pick me up I wasn’t even happy to see her. I was all doped up and stuff and feeling really sad. She took me home and worried about me all that night.

Turns out they had to take out six teeth! This was unprecedented! Mama had no idea there was such a problem in my mouth! Even the vet who looked at me in January didn’t see that much! They took out 4 back molars and two incisors. I had my teeth cleaned every year, and last year was the first time any tooth came out and that was just a little one up front that fell out on it’s own.

Stand back! I’ve got it!

Mama hasn’t looked in my mouth yet, she’s giving me lots of personal space because she feels so bad for me. They’re soaking my food until it’s very soft, and I’m on antibiotics and pain pills for the rest of this week.

I’m milking it for all it’s worth too, mama didn’t even put me in my crate this week when I woke her up real early every morning and wouldn’t let her go back to bed. She feels sorry for me, don’t you know. And she sort of feels like a bad mama that she didn’t realize how bad my teeth were.

Running in circles in the snow is pretty fun!

Actually, today I feel pretty good, my face isn’t swollen any more and I played out in our fresh snow. Mama threw some snowballs and I chased them. Well, I chased four of them, and then I told mama that was enough and walked back to the deck.

She smiled, but was kind of sad.

I think I’ve had enough, mama.

Mama says to tell you that she and daddy are being careful and so far they are both just fine. And we’re not going to Alabama, it’s just not safe for mama and me to drive that far. Mama is sad about that too. Me, well I’ll be just fine once I get paid in treats for putting this post together.

And once I can get back to my afternoon nap.

Keeping one eye on the mama.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

40 thoughts on “Snowy interruption

  1. Ouch on the teeth, but glad it’s all ok now. Torrey needs a dental when we can get to our regular vet, and I know will need some small front teeth pulled. Stay safe and well.


    • We’re glad it’s over too…and know that because of her age we won’t be able to get her teeth cleaned this way again. We are concerned because she has never let us brush her teeth and we don’t know what to do to ensure her teeth don’t get this bad again in the coming year.


  2. Katie–you poor girl! My cats won’t let me near their mouth….it’s painful enough trying to trim their nails. I am so glad you are feeling better. Mostly I am glad your mama is staying home with you. Take care of them, Katie. And you stay safe, too, little Princess.


    • Katie won’t let us near her mouth either. It takes two of us, one to hold her and one to try to brush. It’s never very successful. The groomer started offering teeth brushing for an additional $5 so I had them do it, but that’s only every 5 to 8 weeks, and who knows how or if they’re really doing it. Plus the last two visits they told me she wouldn’t let them do it at all. I suspect, now, that her teeth were hurting her. So…anyway…I have to figure out what to do going forward so that they don’t get so bad again.


  3. Glad you’re feeling better, Katie. Lucky your vet’s office didn’t close. I had a check-up for Teddy and my vet’s office cancelled it. They are closed for at least three weeks except for emergencies.


  4. Katie, Glad you’re feeling better. 🙂 Tell your mamma not to be sad. Alabama will leave the light on for y’all.


  5. Hi, Katie,

    I am glad that you are feeling better. I am so sorry that your dental cleaning was so traumatic. Now that the bad teeth have been removed, they won’t give you any more problems. Your mama said you are on some good drugs – if they make you sleepy, don’t fight it. Get your beauty sleep. Mama will watch the house and let you know if she needs anything. When you sleep your body heals. Rest up, sweet princess. I enjoyed seeing pictures of you playing in the snow! 😊

    Hi, Dawn,

    I am so sorry that you are so worried about Katie. Compounded with life as we know it being upended, no wonder you were in tears. I understand. It is awful when our pets are hurting or have something wrong and cannot tell us. Things are worse when our pups are little senior citizens. My little Westie, Gracie is 10+ years old. She is usually very healthy other than year round allergies. When something is wrong, things can get dangerous really fast for a little 15 pound bundle of love. I hope today is a better day for both of you – sending you some gentle *hugs*. Take good care of yourself. xo


    • She’s sleeping plenty. I don’t know if it’s the drugs, or if she finally doesn’t hurt and is exhausted. She perks up if we go out to walk in the yard or to the park, but as soon as we’re home she’s sound asleep again. Thank you for the hugs…we’re both feeling better today.


  6. Oh Katie – this getting older stuff has lots of hard parts. I’m glad you’re feeling better, and now you won’t have to deal with those worrisome teeth anymore. Hugs for you.


  7. Hi, Katie – I am so sorry to hear about the experience with your teeth. It sounds very, very painful. I am glad that you are beginning to feel better and that your Mama and Papa are fine too. I completely agree about milking this experience for all that it is worth….and more!


    • Oh she’s getting everything she wants, that’s for sure. Early breakfast, early dinner, extra treats, walks around the yard, trips to the park. It’s all about Katie and she knows it.


  8. Glad to hear you are feeling better Katie. And wow look at all that snow!


  9. Such a cute post! I’m so glad you are keeping one eye on Momma! Feel better soon my sweet new friend!

    Keep everyone safe!


  10. Oh my goodness. Katie you are such a trooper to share your story here. I’m glad the teeth situation has been taken care of, but you poor dear. Feel better, sweet pea.


  11. For some reason, even though I have signed up to follow your blog, I am not getting email notifications when you have a new post. This happens from time to time with blogs that I follow, and I don’t like it one bit. I will be checking regularly to see if there are new posts. Anyway, wonderful to see darling Katie! Sorry that she had to have so many teeth removed. Our Liam’s teeth were like that, too. Hope her mouth heals quickly!


    • That has happened to me on at least one blog. I have to stop by there once in awhile to see what has been posted. I agree, it’s annoying! I haven’t heard anyone else say that. Wait a minute. I think, years ago there was one other person that indicated they weren’t getting the updates. Hmmmmm….. Well, I am glad to have you here, whenever you can get here! Katie is feeling better, I’m sure she’ll be back to post again someday soon. She likes to keep her fans informed.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Actually, today in my email I got notification of your most recent post. I “rejoined” your blog, so maybe that made the difference. Very glad to hear darling Katie is feeling better.


  12. Aww, you’re a cutie, Katie! Good thing you got your teeth cleaned and the bad, painful ones came out. You must be feeling better! My little Aero had his teeth cleaned again, another molar pulled, and he like a new dog. He takes a small dose of Galliprant to ease mild arthritis pain. Makes a difference!


    • She doesn’t seem like a new dog. I hadn’t really seen much that indicated she had a problem other than a very rare paw at her nose. Now she just seems exhausted, as if maybe she’s not slept well for a long time and now she can. I don’t know. I hope she’s OK.

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Oh my goodness, Katie! Such pain and indignity you’ve had to endure. I’m glad the procedure went well and that you’re mending now. Take it easy and enjoy the pampering!

    Dawn, don’t feel bad about your senior pup’s teeth. Dallas never needed his cleaned (I started brushing them when he was a wee pup), but it’s easy to let stuff like that get ahead of you. Wise decision NOT to go to Alabama right now — we’re staying put, too, though my mon really wants to go to Gulfport. And Domer was supposed to drive home this week, but he’s postponed that. All this “social distancing” is a necessary cross to bear, I guess. Stay healthy!


    • We never heard of brushing dogs’ teeth before and never did on the previous two shelties. Bonnie lived to be almost 14, and did have a few teeth pulled over those years…but not many. I don’t remember Daisy having any issues, but she died of a blood disease at age 10. Now teeth brushing is all the rage and if we had a new dog we’d start young. Katie has never liked anyone to mess with her mouth, though the vet was able to open her mouth and scrape some stuff off her teeth at her wellness visit, and Katie didn’t even twitch. She’d have bit me if I tried to do that.

      I really want to go to Alabama and you really want to go to Gulport. I hope we both get to go when this all settles down, but who knows when that will be!

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  14. Reilly would be proud you share another thing in commen …when he had a tooth abscess he had 6 removed too.


  15. Wish you’d bring me some snow. I miss that stuff something fierce.


  16. Poor Katie, six teeth…so glad you are feeling better:)


  17. Like Debbie says, brush Katie’s teeth every day, after her gums heal. Her whole body will be healthier, just like ours are. I thought I was looking at putting my dog down, but found a naturopathic Veterinarian. Alex lived more than 5 years after that, healthy as a … hmmm … dog! 🙂 I started by just putting the tooth paste on my finger and putting that in her mouth so she’d get used to the taste and get used to having something like my finger in her mouth too. We worked up to actual brushing within a month. Even Alex’s coat improved … her whole health improved. Brush that doggie’s teeth! 🙂 Alex is gone now, but I’m so glad I did that.
    Katie, just humor your mother, she needs to put her finger in your mouth with some weird stuff on it. What is she thinking?!


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