Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

A little attention please!


Katie here.

First of all, how long has it been since you’ve heard from me? I asked mama very politely to please go back and look and has she done it? No! But I can tell you it’s been very very long time in dog years.

Mama! I never get to do anything fun!

And it’s not as if I have nothing to share with you, why it’s been…well…come to think of it, it’s been quite boring around here! Mama and daddy are around more than usual and you’d think that would spice things up a bit but in reality having them around so much just interferes with my naps.

I haven’t been anywhere special since I went to the vet and got my teeth cleaned way back in the middle of March! That was no fun, they pulled six teeth! Mama felt really bad. I made sure to mope around for a day to make her feel extra sad.

The most exciting thing I do is sit around in my yard on my princess pillow.

But I bounced back because I am a sheltie and shelties definitely bounce.

Anyway, since then not to much has gone on. Mama took me to my park (finally!) last week. It was really windy and cold. I thought it was perfect. Most of the pictures in today’s blog are from that walk.

I’m getting a little shaggy with no spa day in sight!

Mama said I looked extra beautiful in the breeze because I haven’t been able to go get my furs cut. Don’t tell anyone, but that’s just fine with me. I am not enamored with the whole bath thing. I would like to get my nails done though.

This sure feels good!

Mama tried to get photos of me when the wind was coming from all directions and my fur was going in all directions too. She said it wasn’t easy.

How often you gonna try for the perfect wind-swept image mama?

Mostly she says it’s not easy because I have that one shot, one treat rule, right? So I’d keep getting up and coming over to her for my treat just when she was going to get the perfect shot. So she says.

They planted daffodils at the entrance to my park!

Being deaf has it’s advantages you know. Not hearing mama say “STAY!” is one of them. Oh yea, she uses the hand signals too, but I figure her broken finger makes that signal void. You know what I mean?

This is a really pretty park, I don’t know why mama needs to lollygag around taking pictures though.

So other than that walk it’s hasn’t been very exciting. It’s getting warmer and mama is busy weeding and stuff. I’d just as soon hang out in the house. If she wants to go sit on my deck, well that’s good, I’ll go do that. Mama says that’s more fun anyway.

It’s kinda nice right here on my deck!

And she went camping last night, out in the yard. I didn’t want to go do that either. Made mama very sad. So to cheer her up I agreed to go to my park this morning and see my Aunt Karen and her boy Deuce and go for a little walk together.

Boy was I in for a surprise! Meet Ace! Deuce has a little brother! This is the only picture you will see of the two of us together.

Ace is a 10 week old cocker spaniel.

Let’s just say maybe we’re not going to be best friends. At least not right now. I imagine he’ll grow up to be OK, after all, his brother Deuce is one of my best friends! Maybe I’ll go for another walk with him when he’s about seven. Yea. Seven is a good age.

Mama took a bunch of pictures of him. I was sort of jealous…I’m sure you’ll see all sorts of cuteness in an upcoming blog.

Ace, during a brief moment of stillness.

But remember…I’m the princess and I get final say on what she posts…so if he’s too cute I might have to get out my veto pen. Of course she’d have to use it, I don’t have thumbs.

Mama said we might go back tonight when it’s cooler and do my dandelion photo shoot. I don’t know about that. We’ll see how she’s planning on paying me.

Anyway, that little guy about wore me out and I need some serious napping. I think I’ll send mama out to weed some more.

Talk later, your park advisor and senior puppy mentor, Katie-girl

Me today at my park, before I knew there was a little guy coming on my walk!

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

19 thoughts on “A little attention please!

  1. Katie, you’ve got some serious cute competition with that Ace!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ace might be cute as a button, but Katie is most definitely a princess. Maybe even a queen.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Katie! It has been awhile, hasn’t it? Might I say you look lovely with your windblown look. All the fashion models do it….. Ace? He’s cute, but as Laurie says, you are the Queen!


  4. Hi Katie, I’m sure Mum and Dad let you nap. Keltic and Teddy are certainly happy to have me home. We’re doing two walks a day, when it isn’t raining. It’s getting warmer here too, I don’t have to wear gloves to go for the walks. Ace is really quite cute, I’m sure when he grows up you’ll like him.


    • She likes most dogs, she even tolerated him jumping on her near the end. Once. She said once was all he got though. It’s unseemly to be jumped on when you’re a Princess.


  5. Oh oh oh! Cuteness all around!
    Katie I think you and Beyoncé have that wind in the hair look …perfected!

    But you in the dandelions…. is spectacular!


  6. Hi, Katie!

    I was happy to see your post today! Try not to be jealous of Ace. Yes, he is cute, but he doesn’t hold a candle to your beauty, princess! My favorite picture of you is number 7, on a path in your park. You look so happy to be out and about with your mama. 😊

    Dawn: I loved the pictures of the birds in your yard on the previous post. The birds, squirrels, and chipmunks seem to be extra hungry this Spring. Either that or I have more visitors this year. 😊


  7. those puppies are a real trouble – you are smart to stay away from him 🙂


  8. Something about shelties and collies and their royal cultures, Katie and Dawn! Katie, you are quite the princess, and a beautiful one with the wind blowing your fur! When I was a kid we had a show collie named Laurie who became a champion after winning several Best in Show titles. You could tell by her posture and bearing she knew she was queen! At least the Marilyn Monroe of the collie world 🐾😆


  9. Oh, Katie, that windswept look truly becomes you! I imagine the groomers are going to have their hands full when everything reopens, though, because there are a LOT of dogs needing pedicures, baths, and blow-dries! Sure, ALL puppies are cute, but you stick to your guns, Princess, and don’t let anybody upstage you!


    • She has no intention of letting the little guy upstage her. She is used to being the only princess in the room…er…park. She might let him take a bit of the limelight but only if he agrees she’s the princess at all times. A little puppy groveling is in order according to her.

      Liked by 1 person

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