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…but change is certain.

A very Covid Mother’s Day


Not having a mother still on this earth I hadn’t been paying attention to the upcoming celebration preparations. But today’s newscast reminds me that Sunday is Mother’s Day and that most people won’t be able to celebrate it in traditional ways.

Of course not.

This year most adults in this country will be separated from their moms by more than distance or time, the usual excuses not getting home to visit. Even some younger children, those who didn’t happen to be living with their mothers when all this started, likely won’t be celebrating with her this Sunday. They’ll be separated by the virus. By fear. By common sense.

But I bet there are plenty of creative ways to connect with her. Technology sure helps. At worst people can make coupons to send, dinner at a future date, for example, promises for time spent together when it’s safe again.

Flowers dropped off on the front porch would work too.

None of that will help my family have physical contact with our mom, as she went on ahead sixteen years ago. She’d be 91 now, and I have often wondered, during this pandemic, what she’d think about it all. I know we would have been scared for both of my folks, if they were still alive. I can feel the fear friends with elderly parents have, and I feel some guilty relief that I don’t have that worry.

And as I make weeks worth of meal plans and shop with my lengthy list these days, trying to limit my trips to the store, I remember my mother doing the same thing, for different reasons. It must have been hard feeding a family of six day after day. The endless scrimping and planning. Not wasting anything because there was never enough.

I know I have it much easier, though I sometimes feel the same way these days.

I don’t think we appreciated her for all the things she did for us, all the things she was for us, all those years ago. I wish she had lived longer because I think we were just beginning to realize what we owed her when she died.

Anyway…if you’re a techie and can figure out a way to get Zoom or some other app to connect to heaven…let me know.

I’d like to check in, express my appreciation, even if I can’t be with her, right now, to share a meal.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

23 thoughts on “A very Covid Mother’s Day

  1. I’m sure she knows you are thinking of her, and she of you.

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  2. Your photos are delightful. My mother is long gone, too. And my MIL is inside an assisted living facility, safe but… this isn’t going to be much of day to celebrate this year.

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  3. Something tells me she knows you’re thinking about her with longing in your heart, Dawn. I’m one of the lucky ones, having my elderly mom right here. Domer, of course, can’t get home, but I know he will as soon as he’s allowed. And yes, fretting over Mom’s health and well-being during this scary time is constant. But despite everything, the sun is shining (well, off and on, at least!), and Spring is here. Happy Mom’s Day to you — hug the Princess for me!

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    • The princess says that if there’s no National Princess Day then she’s not participating in Mother’s Day. As befits a true princess. Anyway, I’m glad you have your mom near you. I would be worried all the time too. Still, it’s nice to have her near.

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  4. Great post title, Dawn, something none of us imagined. Both my daughters live in other cities, but they sent cards and flowers! Enjoy your mother’s day however it comes!

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  5. It must be so hard to be missing your mom today. I guess a lot of us with living moms are missing ours, too. (Although haven’t been with Mom or kids for years on Mother’s Day, so what’s really that different?) Love your old pics. So sweet.

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    • I know…we hadn’t made it home for Mother’s Day (or Father’s Day for that matter) for a number of years prior to 2004 either. Sort of makes us all wish we had tried harder though. I hope your mom is doing well and is safe where she is and that you get to go down to see her very very soon!

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  6. Lovely tribute to your mother! My children and I Zoomed today, and I now have a stash of chocolate that will take me a long ways. Maybe into summer. Yippee!

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  7. I don’t track Mother’s Day either. I think about both my parents, but don’t track those days anymore.

    We know your Mom would be proud of you.

    God Speed

    Dog Dad

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  8. Heartfelt thoughts and touching photographs —

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  9. This was a great tribute to your mother that I appreciated reading. My mom passed away about three years ago at 92.


  10. Love the photos in this post, Dawn. Lovely tribute too.


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