Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Just one more smile


It’s raining today, a steady rain, soaking into our dry, dusty soil. That’s a good thing and made me smile this morning because I’ve been pulling weeds for days (that’s how I know our soil is dusty) and husband has been hauling mulch around the yard for days too. Rain makes me smile because I don’t have to feel guilty not going out and doing more.

So I’m mostly sitting inside watching traffic go by and working on a set of four or five little paintings that will be headed to Norway.

But before I start those I did this one.

Isn’t it adorable?

I was weeding yesterday and pulled up an acorn that had sprouted a little oak tree. I thought it was so beautiful, so intricate yet so simple, that I brought it inside and put it in a glass of water so I could study it again. This morning I drew it and then colored it in — I smile every time I look at it.

And then I looked up from smiling at the little oak tree and saw this:

I think it’s the female orchard oriole, though I haven’t seen her before. She was very focused on what’s left of the oranges. Notice her proprietary foot on the fruit.

I took several pictures of her, at at one point the camera was collecting itself after a series of shots and when the shutter opened up again she was gone and in her place was this one:

This is the female baltimore oriole. She too was very focused on the fruit even though I put jelly in the feeder earlier in the day. Notice she’s standing on what’s left of an orange quarter.

And I made a note to self: Females eating in the pouring rain obviously know what’s better for them. They both focused on the bits of fresh fruit and ignored the sugar. Can’t say the same of the males who have spent all day eating jelly. Just saying.

OK. That’s four smiles for today. So far.

These make me smile too.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

32 thoughts on “Just one more smile

  1. The drawing is fantastic! You have amazing skills!
    Thanks for sharing all your smiles!


  2. I absolutely love your acorn to oak drawing! That would make a wonderful card too.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. All the way to Norway! Wonderful.


  4. It is a great drawing 🙂


  5. The first photo of the bird with her foot on the fruit: Mine. Do not touch. Something about that just made me smile then laugh. Such a great photo. Dawn, that little painting is so cute. You are motivating me to drag out my watercolors. If they have not already shriveled up and died waiting for me to do something with them…


  6. Good smiles and of course the females know the fruit is better than the jelly – hahah – jk
    Great bird photos and the acorn with a sprout is exciting


  7. Hi Dawn,

    I love your sweet drawing of the sprouting tree! Thank you for sharing your visiting birds with us. Is that a special feeder for fruit? I don’t think I have seen a feeder like that. I used to have a similar hummingbird feeder with multiple feeding ports. Give princess Katie a pat for me. 😊

    If you are still not able to find toilet paper, keep an eye on Just the other day I was able to order online for delivery (not available for pickup in stores). It should be delivered today…it is already 8 PM, so it might not get here until tomorrow. The price was the same or less that I pay in the store and shipping is free with a $35 purchase. If this order goes smoothly, I may start ordering staples from Walmart for delivery.


    • Yes, it’s an oriole feeder, with prongs where I can put oranges in addition to the grape jelly in the little pots along the side, and could also put sugar water inside it, though they don’t seem interested in the sugar water as long as I keep the jelly coming.

      We’re good on TP at the moment. We buy one package whenever there is a lot on the shelf (we have enough so if there’s only a little bit on the shelf we leave it for someone else), and so far we have quite a bit extra. But thanks for the tip!


  8. I love best your excitement and love for your precious picture. Not to get all spiritual first thing in the morning but you’ve just described the holy in action. 😍

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  9. I’m afraid I fall into the category of male oriole: I ate a thick wedge of homemade key lime pie for breakfast this morning. No sense whatsoever, but blissfully happy.
    Love your acorn seedling.


  10. Your insights into the dining habits of orioles are fun. I don’t know if I would have noticed the pattern, but wouldn’t you know it, the females eat healthy, the males go for junk food. And they probably don’t even gain an ounce eating it. Infuriating, males.


  11. Hi Dawn, The yarn is Lion Brand Shawl in a ball. One skein does a shawl. The pattern I used was a free one from Annie’s Design here is that link

    Have fun!


  12. Great photos. I don’t have a feeder – it’s a great idea and I’ll have to figure out a good place to put one. We have number of purple martins that have dominated the birding in the front along with water fowl – ducks, geese, gulls, and a trio swan who visited Easter Sunday.

    It rained here yesterday and the morning started off very foggy, but the fog is beginning to burn off – perhaps we’ll have sun. I do know the forecast calls for better weather. Take care and stay well – thanks for the smile.


    • Hey Clay, we enjoy our feeders so much. But if we had purple martins and water stuff, well, we’d like that too! It’s rained off and on all day yesterday and today. Several inches of water, but we need it, and there’s been patches of sun too, so it’s all good here. Stay well!

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  13. Yup, made me smile, too! Thanks, Dawn. And I love your comment on the food preferences of the two sexes — in their defense, maybe those male birds just felt a need for comfort food, rather than something healthy!


  14. I love your drawing! How wonderful to have those visitors to your feeder. Made me smile


  15. love seeing how some birds love oranges!


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