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…but change is certain.

In the woods on a rainy afternoon


Katie here.

Yea, I know. I was just here a few days ago. But really, wouldn’t you rather hear from me than watch television news? Of course you would.

What’s over that way, mama?

So I was guarding the house er, napping this afternoon and mama said I looked old. My head was up but my eyes kept closing and then my head would droop and then I’d wake up and try to keep watch again. Just resting my eyes, you know.

Why do I always have to wait for you, mama?

Anyway, mama asked me if I wanted to go to a park. She said she was going a bit squirreley herself, being in the house so much. Huh. I didn’t know mama could be a squirrel — maybe I better watch her more carefully.

Are you really a squirrel, mama?

The next thing I know I’m in the car and we’re driving to a park! Mama told me we had camping reservations for next week at this park but the reservations got cancelled cause of the virus.

Mama is sad about that and said we could at least walk in the woods near the campground. She said it would be beautiful even though it was sort of raining on us.

Mama thought these raindrops were pretty. I think they were just wet.

Mama was right.

The trees are beginning to leaf out and they are that pretty early spring green. No one else was there. There weren’t even any mosquitoes!

She spent way too much time on this silly acorn.

Mama spent a lot of time taking pictures of little things she thought were pretty. I don’t get it. There’s nothing out there more pretty than me!

Seriously mother? It’s a leaf. Who cares about a leaf?

Sometimes when she took too much time on things not me I’d huff at her. She told me I was being annoying. Do I look like I’m annoying her?

Well, yea. Sometimes I can be a little bit annoying.

Well. Maybe just a little.

And another thing. She told me I looked old. Do I look like I’m old to you?

I don’t like to be left behind. Plus she has treats.

I didn’t think so. Of course this was the only time I ran like this, and I didn’t do it when she asked me to, I did it just because it was fun. Mama was lucky to get the shot. I got a treat for that one!

Anyway, we had a lot of fun walking in the woods. We didn’t walk real far, because it was over 60 degrees (15.55C) and kind of humid. That makes it sort of uncomfortable for me. Frankly I’d like it if it snowed every day, but I guess that’s not what most people want.

Mama found some yellow flowers for me to sit next to. I think she’s taking this yellow flower project too seriously.

After we got done with the walk in the woods mama said we should check out the boat launch because the sky was getting kind of interesting.

I didn’t mind making another stop at all, even if we were approaching my supper time and normally I’d want to be home so as not to miss it. I’d had quite a few treats on our walk so I was good for a little more adventure.

Even with all these clouds it wasn’t raining on me.

It was beautiful out there at the lake! Some people were fishing but we maintained our social distancing just fine.

I posed for mama whenever she asked and when it started to rain and she wanted to go back to the car I didn’t want to go! Mama says I am stubborn, I say I just know what I want.

Two guys and a boat made a nice picture.

And a princess, always, should get what she wants. So we walked for awhile longer in the nice cool rain. It was wonderful.

Pretty colors and a bit of rain.

I’m a happy princess now. I haven’t had an adventure like that in a long time. Mama says it’s to make up for not being able to go camping next week.

I told her she better get the tent put up in the yard, one walk wasn’t going to make it up to me.

If you agree, please let her know. The more people telling her I deserve a couple nights in the tent the better!

Thank you,
Your girl Katie.

Glad you could come along with me on my walk!

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

39 thoughts on “In the woods on a rainy afternoon

  1. Yes, yes! Darling Katie deserves a couple of nights in the tent. As for looking old…we should all be that gorgeous as we age. Aside from pictures of Katie, which are always my favorite, I really liked your small pictures—the acorn and the leaf.


  2. Katie whatever you want you should get. As a wise older dog you know what is best. Tell Mama that, ok? I will admit that I agree with Mama about the raindrops of on the leaves. They are pretty.


  3. I agree with you, Katie. You should get some time camping in the backyard in the tent. It looks like such a wonderful outing. Your mama is right about those raindrops. They are very pretty. As are you, of course. 🙂


  4. Dear Squirrel Woman, you’re freaking hilarious! I hope Katie is back to guarding the house while you toil at putting up her tent.


  5. Is Katie giving a little side-eye in the photo with the dandelions? That made me laugh. Oh, the acorn….the sweetest photo. Katie–mama called you old? That definitely deserves camping in the backyard! I hope it works out.


  6. That looks like the perfect adventure. You and Torrey would sure have fun together running around.


    • She always has fun running around. She likes running around with other dogs too, as long as they don’t sniff her behind too much. If they do, she will tell them off and then most of the time things are fine.


  7. Katie, I love the picture of you running right at the camera! Such a happy girl. Old? No, my dear, you’re as old as you act (and that’s still in the puppy category!). I think you’ll feel more spiffy when this pandemic ends and you’re able to get to the groomer’s again (we ALL need a haircut now!) Dawn, I love the rain on the leaf … and the acorn … and the lake shots. By the way, is that tent erected yet??!


    • Well I thought about putting the tent up, but it’s going to rain tonight…so I’m thinking Monday or Tuesday night might be better. And I found a groomer in a town a couple towns over who will do her on Thursday. Her regular groomer is following the rules and won’t open till the governor says so…probably sometime in June. Most of the time I’m a rule follower too…but she was overdue for a grooming mid-March when she got her teeth cleaned and we were planning on doing it then, so she’s REALLY overdue now.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Dallas’s breeder taught me how to groom — in a pinch, of course. I found it a wonderful bonding experience! He practically fell asleep while I was working on him, and I got to see for myself what a good “patient” he was, ha!


        • She’s putting up with my brushing her every day. But she turns and puts her head into my chest to keep me from reaching her back end. Silly girl. I found a groomer, she’s getting a bath Thursday.

          Liked by 1 person

  8. Katie, I’d say you still have plenty of energy! But that acorn? I love that acorn!


    • I loved the acorn too! All that intricate stuff on the cap caught my eye as we were walking down the trail. I’ve never seen one quite like it. Might make a nice card…


  9. Hi Katie! You do not look old. Look how beautiful your hair blows in the wind… just like Beyoncé when she is on stage.
    Tell Momma I love all the nature photos. Oh and also tell her to not get out of bed to look at Jupiter, Venus and the crescent moon. It’s not going to make a smiley face. It was a Facebook Hoax!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Katie, I’m pretty sure mama isgoing to want to camp in the back yard, and you know she’ll take you if you watch her closely.


  11. Awe, Katie your are ADORABLE! LOVE your blog and all the great photos your mama took. So fun to see how happy you are, and how you got to be outside on some beautiful trails! I hope you are able to get out again soon. 😀❤️


  12. Tenting in the back yard momma, get on it! But oh that acorn is gorgeous. 🙂


    • Sort of rainy today, thinking maybe tomorrow night or the night after. Or both. Yes, I thought that acorn was pretty spectacular too! Hence taking way too long (per Katie) to get the image.


  13. I feel your pain with this stay at home thing. I have been staying in place for 66 days and have only left the house 4 times. Great pics of Miss Katie.


    • I didn’t start counting, so I don’t know how many days it’s been…probably similar to your number. I know I’ve been to the grocery store 3 times and to parks 2 times. The parks were definitely more fun.

      Liked by 1 person

      • We have not been into the grocery store we have only done curbside pickup. We also did curbside pickup at Home Depot 2 xs and Lowes 1 x. We have been into Sprouts 1x but our parks have been closed. The restaurants are suppose to be serving at 25% capacity and they are NOT the parking lots are full. Until they actually enforce the rules with very large fines these places will not listen.


  14. Hi Katie yes you need to sleep in the tent with your Mama !! 🙂 You don’t look old to me…you are just aging gracefully!


    • Well we’ve slept out there 2 nights, and she thought it was pretty cool. Of course she gets to sleep all day to make up for lost sleep during the night in the tent with all the outside noises and smells.


  15. Your mama is right about those raindrops. They are very pretty. As are you, of course.


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