Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Spring’s light always makes me smile


It’s that time of year when even the air seems green. Winter has finally given up and spring has enveloped us in it’s welcome warmth.

I know this isn’t in focus but I loved it so much I couldn’t delete it.

I’ve been watching things pop up in the gardens — I swear if I stood there I’d be able to see them growing!

Do you see anything weird in these hosta leaves?

How about now? Do you see what I thought was a frog? 🙂

And the light! The light in early mornings and late evenings is golden.

Evening light makes the last of the daffodils glow.

I can’t help but grab the camera and run outside when I notice that special light. It’s only there for brief moments and then it’s just a memory.

Morning light on apple blossoms.

Lots of mornings I have Katie-girl to thank for getting me out there early enough to see the first golden light.

I’d have missed this morning flight if it hadn’t been for Katie.

Yep, the light in May is definitely a reason to smile around here. What made you smile this week?

Morning light as seen from the tent. Double reasons to smile!

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

22 thoughts on “Spring’s light always makes me smile

  1. The first photo is beautiful, Dawn, and little Froggie Hosta is adorable! 😀 Some days it really does pay to get out of bed early. These definitely made me smile.


    • I’m glad! Yes, I love the first photo…would be a very nice painting..hmmmm. And little froggie was all grown up into a hosta leaf the next day, so it proves my theory that if you see something you have to shoot it then cause it’s never there again in just the same way.


  2. Glad spring has finally sprung! Great photos. And, yeah, it does look like a frog.


    • I am sooooooo happy spring is finally here. Windows are open, birds and frogs are singing. No mosquitoes yet, though I think they will be here any moment. I think it could stay just like this the rest of the summer, nights in the 50s, days near 70, and I’d be fine.

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      • No mosquitoes, but we have these things called “little black flies” – gnats? midges? I don’t know, but they hurt like heck when they bite, and they do through most of May into June… I agree – 50s (even high 40s) at night, 70s during the day is ideal. My favorite weather.


  3. Golden light is good. I’m not so sure about green air!


  4. I smiled this week because despite all the rain our [new last summer] roof held tight. And that made me happy. 🏡


  5. Wonderful images Dawn. The light is fantastic. And yes, I had to look three times cause I was positive it was a frog in your hostas… 🙂


    • Me too. I didn’t see it when I was out there, but when I was looking at pictures I sure did! Funny what you notice and don’t notice till you put it on a bigger screen.


  6. Wonderful, wonderful pictures! At first, I thought the tip of hosta was a frog, too.


  7. I love your first photo — it looks like a painting by some master! And the froggie is cute, too. Good for Katie, getting you up and out to capture May’s beauty! I’ve been thinking about you and all the woes Michigan has had, what with the dam break and all. I hope you’re far enough away that you’re safe and unaffected!


    • We are quite a distance from the dam issues…we are south of Flint which is south of the Midland area. I was born in Midland though, and that’s where we went to see the suspended walkway park and Dow Gardens. There’s a beautiful historic home there set into a pond and I wonder where the water level is. They say downtown Midland will have 9 feet of water in it by this week sometime. 😦


      • Oh my gosh! The video on TV looks frightening. I can’t imagine what that much water would do to a home or business. Almost like living through a hurricane. Glad you’re okay, and thanks for letting me know!


    • Right now it feels like we’re in some sort of adventure movie….the pandemic…then the flood….now there’s a forest fire raging north of the flood area…I’m waiting for locusts to finish it off. Also looking for a super hero to save us all.

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  8. Got to be a bullfrog!


  9. I miss Northern Springs. Ours in Alabama are too brief and filled with thunderstorms.


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  11. That plant does look like a frog.


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