Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Change is hard


From earlier in the week. I drove by this, went home, got the camera and came back for this shot.

Unfortunately my laptop memory is full.

Fortunately I got a new laptop with even more memory for all those pictures I take.

Unfortunately I had a very old version of Lightroom that I can’t move to the new laptop.

Fortunately I purchased a new version of Lightroom.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a clue how to download it.

Fortunately my husband did.

Unfortunately it is quite a bit different than the old version.

Fortunately it supplies tutorials that pop up when the program is opened.

Unfortunately there seem to be a dozen tutorials, each four to six minutes long.

Fortunately I am retired and have the time.

Unfortunately I do not have the patience.

Fortunately, if you bang enough keys you can work your way through it.

Unfortunately I haven’t figured out where the newly edited photos were exported.

Fortunately I accidentally found them in an obscure file.

Unfortunately this hours long exercise has resulted in only two photographs being edited.

Fortunately I like how they came out.

Unfortunately I’m tired now and need a nap.

Fortunately (Did I mention this before?) I’m retired and have the time.

Change is hard.

The barn next to the hayfield. All the bales in the trailers are rectangles, all the bales in the field are round. Hmmmm??

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

30 thoughts on “Change is hard

  1. You had me at ‘unfortunately I do not have the patience.’ Never had, never will. Good luck.

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  2. The two that you posted are great. And you’ll get the hang of it and become more efficient.
    Dawn, you are an inspiration to us all!


  3. Beautiful photos and a new adventure! Perfect for these times of isolation. I don’t take nearly as many photos as I used to but I love having Apple’s iCloud for storing them.


  4. Love it. I feel the same way about technology. It always seems that when I feel have the hang of something it changes or is replaced by something better. I believe your best line is… fortunately, I am retired and have the time. I love that you have the time to blog – blogging and learning is going to keep you moving for a long time. We can control the present. Keep at it.


  5. Oh good golly. . . Technology is our friend or foe!

    Perhaps the farmer sells the round bales… or vice versa?


  6. I sent my comment to fast… Beautiful pictures! Have a great day figuring it all out!


  7. Oh dear, technology and change are hard! Nice to have a hubby to help and from the looks of these two photos, you’re well on your way to impressing us with both your laptop and that program. And you’re lucky not to have a boss demanding you do something other than nap when you get frustrated, ha!


  8. Unfortunately I do not have the patience.

    And that’s where I usually find myself when it comes to new anything involving computers. I hear ‘ya and feel your frustration. HOWEVER I’m sure you’ll figure it out [eventually] and be a better person because of it. Happy weekend!


  9. I like the dilemma between having the time but not the patience.


  10. You more fortunate than me, unfortunately. Too funny, Dawn. The only thing I have is patience. I have cats, no husband. I am still employed, on disability, etc….


  11. Thank you for the hearty laugh while reading this post Dawn. OMG, patience is in short supply these days.. this line…Fortunately, “if you bang enough keys you can work your way through it…” is so me. Enjoy and the pics look great


  12. You are doing great, Dawn — you made me laugh! And don’t forget the magic of “undo” when you’ve done something too quickly and wish you hadn’t.


  13. Hi, Dawn – I totally feel your pain. My WP memory is almost full so I am now trying to scale down some of my photos on past posts. Definitely not as easy as it sounds. And while trying to deal with this, my new android phone tells me that it is at its data limit (although my phone plan is not). I agree with you about needing a nap! 😀


  14. Yes, it is! Best of luck.


  15. Fortunately you’re retired and had the time to notice the shape of the hay bales. Unfortunately for the farmer he hasn’t yet noticed his error. 😆

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  16. The pictures look great, the new Lightroom will be wrangled. If you have any questions, let me know.


  17. Did you know they outlawed round bails in Tennessee? …
    They wanted cows to have a square meal.


  18. Fortunately laughed all the way through your unfortunate experiences. I roll the hay bales, they look like they’re in motion.


  19. It’s always something, isn’t it, Dawn? At least you have a positive outlook and time to deal with stuff!


  20. Hi Dawn!

    The first picture was worth going back for!

    I feel your pain! Yes, you are retired but that does not mean you want to spend a ton of precious time learning the new laptop and software quirks. A necessary evil! Good luck! Did you purchase a Windows or Apple laptop?

    The bale shape explained…this inquiring mind had to know! 😂


  21. LOL! Thank heavens there is someone else in the world like me. 🙂


  22. So clever with the back
    And forth with the fortunately and unfortunately


  23. Gosh, it feels like all of life lately is fortunately/ unfortunately! This was written in such a cute way.


  24. I love that you find the positive after the negative 😃 And yes being retired and having time to figure things out is awesome. Change is hard and annoying but in the end it’s good 😎


  25. I am certain I will have to change computers some day…not today:) You carry on!


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