Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Comfort music


Christmas is right around the corner, and people are talking about how they’re not ready, have so much more to do, cooking, shopping, wrapping. I smile in sympathy but I don’t really get it. Especially this year.

This barn and other outbuildings are on land that is for sale, zoned commercial. So it won’t be here for much longer. I’m glad I got an image to preserve it.

Even without covid my family is small and doesn’t travel that much. We don’t do so much for Christmas anymore, though Thanksgiving is a big deal. I mailed the couple of boxes I needed to more than a week ago. I bought the ingredients for our simple Christmas supper last week.

The barns on this particular barn hunt came in many colors.

The thing I’m looking forward to most is a Christmas nap. I wonder if that shows my age? Still, it can get a little sad when the world seems hyped up and you aren’t. So yesterday I decided to go out looking for a few barns. Sort of a comfort photo hunt of sorts.

Not something you see every day, a blue barn.

And along the way I listened to XM radio, station 73, Traditional Holiday, humming along to music that my folks would have listened to back in the 50s, and some that we listed to in the 60s and 70s too.

I liked the red tractor in front of this red barn. I turned around to get it.

I remember my mom commenting that she wished they played Christmas music for awhile after the big day because she didn’t have time before it to listen. I feel lucky that I have all the time in the world to enjoy these oldies.

I want to go back when the light is better and see if I can figure out what was painted on this barn.

People like Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Mel Torme, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, Eartha Kitt, Perry Como, Bing Crosby, Peggy Lee, Rosemary Clooney and Jo Stafford, groups like The Four Seasons and The Supremes, instrumentals from the likes of The London Pops, Percy Faith and Oscar Peterson.

It was a gray and rainy day. This farm seemed to sit so naturally in the landscape.

I heard so many pieces that we’ve played at our own holiday concerts, and I could imagine, and remember what it felt like to play again. The music did what music is intended to do, lifted my spirts and I arrived home after a couple of hours of Christmas music and barns smiling.

My favorite capture. A photogenic green barn!

I hope you are all smiling too, no matter what your holidays will look like. Here’s to spending time together, in person if it’s safe, virtually if it’s not. And here’s to looking forward to 2021. May it bring us all more smiles than frowns.


Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

48 thoughts on “Comfort music

  1. I ooh’d at the blue barn, and aah’d at the green barn. I always like your barn photos, Dawn, but these seem a bit more special. Those old singers/songs….Nat King Cole and Perry Como were two of my mom’s favorites. Mannheim Steamroller is my choice these past few years, although, for some reason, I am really enjoying any Christmas music this year. And I’m smiling.


  2. So very glad your barn tour with Christmas music cheered you up. There are some beauties there, but my absolute favorite is the blue barn. Although your Christmas will be quiet, I hope it will be merry.


  3. How awesome that you found such wonderful barns – comfort photo hunt is a cool term!
    And the way the barns were placed amongst your text was smooth
    And cheers to simple Christmases and I am with your mom’s sentiment – want to enjoy some of the music after the big day if possible


  4. Love your barn photos. Heck, I love all your photos. Barnyards are so peaceful this time of year. Our Holidays have been very quiet for several years, ever since we realized we all get the things we really want ourselves, so we voted to quit exchanging gifts and focused on being together. This year, however, Kathryn and I opted to get stocking gifts for the four of us.


  5. The big ol’ camouflaged red tractor was my favorite. Your photos always bring smiles.
    With four kids and a foreign exchange student, a business and all that she had to manage, it’s no wonder she was too busy to relax and listen to Christmas music! She was incredible. And so are you!
    Merry Christmas, my friend!


  6. I know those singers. I grew up with them. There, you ain’t so old after all. I’m glad you you went out to cheer yourself up, in turn, your post made me smile. The barns make me nostalgic to visit the country side. I’ll be celebrating Christmas alone this year due to restrictions. That’s okay. There’s a houseparty app or zoom planned. Merry Christmas!


  7. Your barns and their setting are so calming. Glad you will be able to take it slow and get that nap in! Merry Christmas to you


  8. That green barn is a stunner, although the red barn with the tractor’s pretty special, too. I’m grounded right now because of car troubles, but I’m hoping that my appointment this morning with yon Toyota dealership with get me back on the road. If so, Christmas Day will be road trip time — there aren’t so many barns around here, but there’s still plenty to see.


  9. I sooo get the idea of a comfort photo shoot. And the barns are poetic!


    • It was fun, and all of these were pretty close to my house. I saw that first one on my way to taking Katie to her groomer on Thursday last week. That led me to exploring a bit and finding more.


  10. Love all of the barn shots. A few special ones – I hope you do go back and find out what is painted on the one! I do enjoy Christmas music, but I really can’t get into it until about a week out. I’ve been listening to some off and on for a couple of weeks, but will be more “on” as we get closer to The Day and slightly after. I do enjoy a lot of the old classics, as you say, comfort music, but I often start with some I discovered on my own, like the Roches Christmas album and, of course, the first complete album I listen to is the Charlie Brown Christmas by Vince Guaraldi – it’s sad, wistful and brings me back to early childhood.


    • I have a bunch of Christmas music on CDs but no way to play them….used to have a cd player in the car but I guess they don’t make cars with those any more. I feel old.

      Liked by 1 person

      • You’ll have to find an old portable CD player (I am not going to say the racist name of such a machine), set it between the car seats and use that instead of the car’s audio system;) I ripped all of music to iTunes and still buy CDs and do it with each new one. I can use my iPod (mien is 10 years old because that was the last one they offered that could handle 160 GB) in my car. But I use Sirius XM 95% of the time as well.

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  11. All the barns are my favorite. All comforting, along with the gray day ( that makes one want to curl up and be cozy), and the old Christmas music. Even my newer favorite Christmas music is rather old now, which includes the ‘December’ CD by George Winston, and ‘Winter Dreams’ by Nakai/Eaton, Native American flute and guitar with the most beautiful version of Silent Night ( with a Navajo choir) that I’ve ever heard.
    Hope you and Katie and all have a wonderful Christmas.
    Stay safe. Hugs. Blue Sky and Micky


  12. Love those barns. We haven’t done Christmas since we moved into the RV. We are generally in the middle of the desert alone, which is just fine. We talk to family on the phone, but that’s about it.


    • I think I would like very much to be in the middle of the desert alone for several nights. It must be beautiful. Have a nice, simple holiday even if you are out there just the two of you.


  13. well, if you’re old, then I’m old too (which I am lol), because I knew everyone you mentioned! I agree with you about those old Christmas songs, I love them. Even being Jewish! My Dad always took us for rides to look at Christmas lights and he always loved Christmas music too. I just adore it! Thanks for this great post!


  14. Love the barns glad you were out and about again. The highlight of my week was the Dachshund wedding yesterday. Taking the pictures gave me great pleasure the weather was nice and warm it made me feel like I was alive. When it’s cold I just want to hibernate.


  15. Dawn, these are spectacular — especially the white one … and the blue one … and the red one with the tractor … and …

    I’m missing Band today, too. And I’m hoping that, if we can get vaccinated and get this virus under control, maybe we’ll be able to play in summer band. It’s kind of an ache that won’t go away until we all can get together again, isn’t it?

    Happy Christmas to you and yours — and thanks for making me smile!


    • We don’t have a summer band per se, except some years we play at the farmers’ market. So our best shot is next fall, nine months or so from now…I certainly hope by then that it will be safe for us to play together. That will be 18 months I think of us not being together.


  16. I always love your barn shots and this time you inspired me.

    I also listen to radio holiday music in the car as soon as it starts playing–this year it started on the local station the beginning of Thanksgiving week! Goes from oldies as you mention to current artists.

    And my xmas music CD collection spans the gamut, too. Happy holiday sounds to yoU!


    • I loved your post about the land. I have never, in previous years, listened to anything close to this much Christmas music, but I think because I’m not playing it, I’m enjoying it more. Plus I found this cool station with the oldies and that’s making me feel closer to my childhood and my folks.


  17. Yes, I am smiling — at the barns (a blue one, wow!) and at the singers you name. I love the music, too.


    • Glad you enjoyed the barns, they were pretty cool this time, each very different. I loved that there were so many different colors. These were all located pretty close to me, up in Grand Blanc and Fenton, much closer than I usually drive on a barn hunt.


  18. Yes, it seems folks are saying they’re not ready for Christmas, but it’s pretty much wrapped up here. Except don’t know exactly what we’ll be eating for Christmas Eve or Christmas, so will need to plan that and go to the grocery store tomorrow. Enjoyed looking at the barn photos. And you actually had me remembering being downstate last November and listening to Christmas music while driving through the Thumb. Happy holy-days, Dawn!


    • We’re having the same thing we had for Thanksgiving because it was easy. Turkey breast in the crock pot, stuffing in the oven, sweet potatoes. Bruce wants chocolate cake which I don’t have so that would necessitate going to the store. We’ll see if I do that tomorrow. 🙂

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  19. Dawn, These are beautiful barn photos. Enjoy the music and the holidays!


  20. I need to get out some day when the light is good and take some barn photos! You found some good ones! 🙂


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  22. Dawn, I love your barn photos. They certainly made me smile today. I also like the new look of your blog. Sorry I hadn’t noticed before. When did you do that? We didn’t get crazy with Christmas this year and enjoyed meandering through December peacefully.


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