Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Sending cards in new directions


Since this pandemic became overwhelming, way back in March, I’ve been painting little cards and mailing them off to people.

These were birthday cards.

It started as a little project to keep me occupied, and a way to send smiles to people who were stressed or homebound or lonely or all of those things. I planned on producing and mailing one little painting a day until we were through with all this virus stuff, which would certainly be, I thought, just a few months. At most.

Sympathy, birthday and happy retirement!

I was naïve.

Christmas kept me busy.

Now many many months have passed and I’ve mailed cards to almost everyone in my address book and then some. I stopped painting every day and I didn’t have a plan for what to do next.

The foot went to someone who broke his ankle, and the rose was sent in sympathy to someone who lost a sibling.

And then I happened across a Facebook friend’s post about getting recognition for her 1000th donation of a handmade card to a nonprofit group who in turns sends them to people in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and group homes. People who are stressed, homebound and lonely.

A Christmas card based on somebody’s holiday doormat. You know who you are.

The name of the group is Bring Smiles to Seniors and they have two offices, one right here in Michigan, just a few miles from where I live!

More last minute Christmas cards.

I emailed them and after a few messages back and forth I knew I had found a worthy group, people that would find good homes for my little paintings.

One of my favorites, a birthday card.

I’ve done my first group of 5 and sent those off. Now I’m working on my next group. I don’t feel pressure to paint every day, but when I feel like making a little picture I know I have a place to send it.

My first batch of 5 cards sent to make seniors smile.

I know the group is called Bring Smiles to Seniors, but it’s also making me smile. I guess that makes sense, I’m a senior too.

Christmas just kept going.

Some of you may see paintings here that look very much like paintings you’ve received from me. That’s because I’ve started doing some that I’ve done before, don’t look too closely, these might be better than the originals I sent you months ago!

Christmas was fun.

It’s true what they say. Practice does make perfect. Or, in my case, nearly perfect.

Some of these got mailed way after Christmas, but I hope people love them anyway.

There’s no real perfect in art, right? The artist always knows where something didn’t go as planned. Sometimes that makes a picture better, sometimes not so much. But either way, I hope those lonely seniors who get my next bits of art smile.

I think they will.

Moving on from the holidays now.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

40 thoughts on “Sending cards in new directions

  1. I love your cards SO much! They are so cool. Wondered if you saw that I posted a picture of the one you sent here to show my readers. So loved the hat!! Adorable. 💗


  2. I love your cards, and I’m sure the seniors that receive them will too. I’m thinking of looking for a place to donate some of my woven items.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My favorite is the one you sent me! You could really start a cottage industry. Then it would be work and not as much fun.


  4. Dawn–these are wonderful! What a day-brightener these will be for whoever receives them.


  5. Dawn, you’re wonderful!


  6. Nicely done. Your paintings evoke the things you love in nature and i bet in turn they will cause reminiscences in those who receive them. Such a lovely way to share you love of nature with others who may not be able to get outside.


  7. What a lovely, wonderful project! I love the card you sent me, and it is on the metal board by my desk.


  8. Wow! They are all so beautiful and I love them all. You’re so talented and kind. I bet the recipients are thrilled when they see your cards.


  9. These are just wonderful, and it’s also wonderful that you found a way to get the cards to people whose days truly need the smiles you are giving them. How perfectly lovely that you are doing this, Dawn! xxxooo!!!


  10. Dawn I just LOVE your cards, and love how you will now share them with others. You are so very talented


  11. These are wonderful! You have so many talents!


  12. Dawn, these are gorgeous … and what a great idea and worthwhile cause! I always wished I could draw — stick people are my specialty! — and painting would be wonderful, too. I guess it’s true we don’t all get here with the same talents. Thank you for using yours so generously!!


  13. Aww, that’s so awesome you found a place to donate your beautiful painted cards!! They are inspiring, makes me want to paint too. I crochet a ton and my best friend is a nurse working in oncology. They are in need of hats and scarves and even fingerless mittens! So I’ll give her items I’ve crocheted that I know they can use and give to patients. They have a basket where people can donate stuff. I’m sure you’re bringing some much needed smiles to a lot of folks out there!! ❤️❤️❤️


  14. Oh Dawn you have made me smile …again!
    Those who are recipients are very lucky and happy people!


  15. Beautiful cards! And a worthy endeavor! I volunteer for hospice, and cards and notes are one of the only ways we can stay in touch with our patients right now. I am sure your cards are very much appreciated!


    • I hope so! I just sent my first batch in, have another bath to go to the post office with today. I imagine if I were stuck inside all the time and not able to have friends and family visit that I’d like getting mail a lot. Heck, I like getting mail a lot anyway!


  16. You’ve stumbled on a wonderful way to share your cards. I am pleased for you and the recipients of your cards. Sometimes life just falls into place in ways that amaze.


  17. Wow your art is Terrific!
    The cardinal and other birds were favs but loved them all
    And the smiles for Seniors brought me a smile too –
    I will
    Some day reach out to seniors because I know my father n law has really benefited from the folks that visit his place –
    And how very cool that they value you your original cards – I can just imagine the original artwork in someone’s room and adding all that beauty


    • I hope the seniors smile when they get them. I imagine they are used to getting cards, since this program is in place. But I think getting any kind of mail is pretty amazing (except when I get political mail, that’s not so amazing) so I bet they love getting these too.


  18. What a great adventure! I am certain the old folk will love them! You rock !!


  19. You are so talented my friend. Keep it up art is good for the soul. Love all of these.


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