Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Sharing sheltie smiles


Hey everyone! Katie here, checking in to see how all your new years are starting out. I have to say that mine has been stupendous! Cause we got snow both Saturday and Sunday! Fresh, pretty, light, beautiful, photogenic snow!

So many things to sit in front of!

Well, not as photogenic as me, but still pretty. And of course mama said we had to get right out in it so as to enhance the photogenic-ness of our yard. On Saturday I wasn’t sure I wanted to go.

It’s pretty nice out here, mama.

But once I got out there and realized that mama and I were going for a walk in my yard and she wasn’t just leaving me in my pen, well, then I decided I’d have a good time!

I kept posing for her, even when she was trying to get a photo of some stupid leaf. I’d just go around in front of her and sit. Repeatedly. Even after I figured out she hadn’t brought any treats for me.

I wonder if anyone over THERE has any treats?

Eventually she got the idea and took some pictures of me before she went back to her artsy fartsy stuff. I swear, I don’t know why anyone would want to look at anything besides me.

Mama kept looking over my shoulder at this stupid leaf. She thought it was cool.

Then on Sunday, oh my, oh my, oh my…this is what we woke up to!

Isn’t this amazing??!

It was even more beautiful than Saturday’s snowfall! Mama and I just couldn’t wait to get out there with the camera.

Let’s go exploring!

I was less interested in posing for her Sunday. After all, I’d sat for a bunch of pictures on Saturday and gotten zero treats. I figured she wasn’t any more organized Sunday morning and I was right.

What? I’m not sitting in front of this bush, I did that yesterday and it netted me nothing.

But I did grant her a picture or seven dozen. Sigh. You just can’t get mama to stop taking pictures, even when there are much more interesting things to do. Like breaking up sticks. I found this perfect stick and went right to work on it.

This stick is oversized and needs to be reduced in length. Pronto.

Mama said, ‘stop baby, you don’t want to hurt your teeth.’ But I kept on working on that stick because it needed to be broken up into little tiny bits.

Yep, it’s a pesky stick, that’s what it is.

It’s my purpose in this world to break up sticks. And protect mama from squirrels, but a girl has priorities and Sunday morning it was all about stick breakage.

Come on you stubborn stick!

So mama kept shooting pictures and I worked on that stick until it was nothing but stick dust.

Take THAT you stick!

And then I thought maybe mama was laughing at me, and I was not happy.

What? You think this is funny woman? You don’t know what I sacrifice to make you safe from stick assult!

I expected to get a treat for my bravery in defeating the dangerous stick.

I would like extra treats please.

Mama felt bad about almost laughing (and also about not bringing treats), so she asked me if I wanted to chase a snowball or three. Really mama!?!?!

I’m ready mama!

Throw it, mama, just throw it!

I’ve got it mama!

It’s mine, mine, mine!

Everybody back off, this one is mine!

You can’t get away from me, snowball! I will chomp you with my teeth!

I’m a natural, I tell you!

Here comes the world famous stick breaker and snowball chompper!

Making a run for it.

Well, geeze, mama, if you’re going to throw it way over there….I’m not going to go get it. You can find it yourself.

Really, mother?

And so the game was over. Mama failed miserably at making sure I could catch that last snowball. Sometimes she forgets I’m a princess and a princess should never miss. Therefore the princess servant should make sure to only toss things that are catchable.

Sometimes mama forgets.

After all these years I should not have to explain this to her. Again.

Anyway, don’t tell her, but I had a fabulous time and when we went inside I happily spent time pulling tiny snowballs out of my furs and depositing them all over the house so that my folks could enjoy the full meaning of winter wonderland even while they were inside.

Good thing I’m beautiful.

They haven’t thanked me for that yet, I’m sure it’s just an oversight on their part.

Mama says she guesses she’ll write about the pretty snow in her own post. She says I have hijacked this one and it’s all about me. As usual.

Me and my yard.

Well of course it is, mama.

I always say you should give the people what they want. Right? That way a sheltie-princess can share the smiles…another life purpose, but don’t tell mama. It would ruin my image.


Outdoor lights make people smile too, so I have decreed that they will stay lit until spring.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

30 thoughts on “Sharing sheltie smiles

  1. Katie–I never knew royalty had such a great sense of humor. You are so funny! What’s not to love about little snowballs all over the house?! Your backyard is so pretty–with you in it, of course! Enjoy the snow, and keep breaking up those sticks. Bad sticks!


  2. Oh Katie, you are positively gorgeous, and you DO look like a snow princess! Mama got such lovely pictures of you and the snow, and I had to giggle over your description of bringing the outside in for your pawrents to enjoy winter! Dallas used to do that, too, and it was most disconcerting to step in a pool of icy water with socks on!


  3. Hi Katie, tell your mama your backyard is beautiful with all that snow, of course you are more beautiful!! Where I live we don’t have any snow. We have to drive to local mountains to see and play in snow. So it’s nice to see it right in your backyard. 😄 Sounds like fun catching snowballs, and breaking up sticks. I’m giggling as you made me smile today! 😀❤️


  4. The snow looks very pretty, but of course having a sheltie on it turns the scenery into a thing of beauty… And I understand how fun snow can be. I don’t understand sticks, but do know they have to be chewed down to nothing. As to treats, well, I haven’t carried treats with me outside in ages, but my pups think I have them all of the time so check occasionally, just to be 100% sure… Great smiles, Katie.


    • Oh yes, Mr. Trent, I check in with mama all the time about treats when we’re out on our adventures. I don’t really expect to get any, she forgets all the time, she’s so old you know I guess I should know better than to think she’ll get organized. Probably too late for that. Anyway…sometimes she DOES surprise me and I get paid to pose! Those are the best walks!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Katie, how nice of the snow makers to make snow for you Saturday, and then Sunday too! I’m glad you were there to make sure your mama wasn’t attacked by those nasty sticks, and that she threw some snowballs that you were able to catch. But – give her a little break – mamas are hard to train, and then they sometimes forget what you taught them last time. She tries.


  6. Katie, you are so patient to put up with the constant paparazzi attention. What a lucky girl to have a mam who adores her so.


  7. Absolutely the best!


  8. Dogs in the snow is such a fun combination!


  9. Surely Shelties are among the most beautiful dogs. Ever. Love, love, love seeing Katie jump in the snow. Our Liam was quite the snow jumper.


  10. Katie you are as gorgeous as ever! Happy New Year!


  11. Wow, this was a fantastic post, Katie, and those pictures of you are absolutely smashing!! You are a girl of many talents—destroying those sticks! and just watch you fly after those snowballs!! You are truly a Super Princess!!! My Bayley, who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, had long beautiful copper furs and he collected those little snowballs to bring inside. 😀 Makes me laugh to this day. You are such a special girl. Hugs of love! Marlee says ‘hey’ too. 🙂


  12. Katie… you are a snow queen and in your very own backyard!


  13. Katie sure brightens up a day! Thank you!


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  15. Thank you, Princess Katie, for sharing your fabulous time in the snow! It was quite rather wonderful to see you enjoying your time outdoors!


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