Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Change is hard


So WordPress decided it knows better than me how I should write a post. They’ve been pushing their “BLOCK” mode on us for a long time, but there’s always been the option of continuing with “Classic.”

Until today. Apparently.

So I’m trying to figure it out. Let’s see if I can post a picture here.

So here’s a picture, but how do you make it NOT SO BIG? I’m already in trouble with storage space. What if I don’t want it this big???

Of course it’s a picture of you know who. She wouldn’t stand for anything else to be included in this experiment. I wonder if I can put a link in somehow. We’ll see how that looks….one moment please…well, that works…so I’m making progress.

Maybe I’m irritated because I’ve never liked being told what to do. Part of retirement is mostly freedom from being told how to spend my days. Mostly. There’s still Katie giving orders, but she’s cute so she gets away with it.

Anyway….I’ll post this rambling thing, I wonder if I can schedule it to post tomorrow.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Change is hard.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

23 thoughts on “Change is hard

  1. I wasn’t so wild about switching over to it either, but I have to admit that I enjoy it now that I have gotten used to it.


  2. I hate when they change things. I do not understand why they can not leave well enough alone. The storage issue happened to me maybe 3 years ago. You can go back and delete old post or old pics that does help. You could get another blog that you move the old post to for storage so you do not lose them just make it private. You could do like me and pay for more storage. The personal plan is $4.00 per month that is what I finally did. I figured I am worth $48.00 a year for 6 GB. I can not remember what the free one was.


  3. Change is indeed hard. My internet died yesterday and I’m resorting to a wifi hotpot thingie my husband was given at work. It’s a bit like dial-up in terms of speed so I don’t see myself using the internet much until we get the satellite situation straightened out (could be a week or more, could be days, who knows?). That said, I will have a MUCH greater appreciation for the satellite internet because what I thought was slow was fast compared to what I’m using now.

    I figured WordPress would switch us over while I’m on this enforced hiatus. They always make changes when I’m away. Looks like you’ve got things figured out to some degree. 🙂 And hello, Katie!


  4. I don’t like the blockhead editor. Compared to the classic editor it takes twice the time to do anything because there are so many extra steps between where you are and where you want to be.

    Sometimes I can get my photos to size. Other times I cannot. Are you using the Image block? That one, in conjunction with some gear thingie doodad on the right side of the editing page, allows you to size a photo by choosing 100% or 75% or 50%.

    But it won’t work if you’ve centered the image first. And doesn’t work if you put your image directly into your post as you are writing it. The image has to go into media, then be asked to join your writing page– by special invitation as it were. 🙄


    • oooooh…. I’m never going to figure this out, because WHO KNEW you had to do those interim steps first? Sigh. I think someone said they found a tutorial and maybe I need to go find that first. You’d think if they were trying to improve something they’d make it more intuitive. Not harder.

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      • It’s definitely more difficult to do most things with the Block Editor because it’s not in any way intuitive. It’s all about seemingly arbitrary steps that slow you down. What I’ve learned has been trial and error which makes blogging tedious. Stupid WP


  5. It didn’t take long to get into it, but there are still one or two slightly frustrating things about it. As to storage space, the image that you upload will always take the same amount of room regardless of how it is displayed, so no worries there – I typically make my photos no more than 1060 wide and 820 tall (I just picked those numbers at random 😉 ) and reduce quality a little for posting. There are controls for size on page, but it is a few clicks. Things I do all of the time (general post images and links, etc.) are super simple now, things I don’t do as often take a while, and some took forever to figure out, but once I did are simple. So hang in there!

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  6. I still use Classic, but then I only post one photo so it’s not too difficult. One thing I do is resize my photos and save them in my own photo folders. Then to attach the photo I hit ‘new’ and attach it. DO NOT go back and try to resize photos you already have saved in your WP folder. A few bloggers and I tried that and wound up deleting everything–it was eating up space like no one’s business!


    • Yes, I generally resize them in Lightroom during editing. (But Lightroom is full too at the moment) I hadn’t thought about deleting those images that are sitting in the WP image file. Hmmmm….I don’t need them there, they’re in my photo files. Good thought.


  7. Well crap. I’ve been resisting that too. I guess next time I write a post I’ll be confronted with it.


  8. Best of luck! So far, I’ve been able to use Classic, but I feel the hot breath of Block Doom on my neck. Keep us posted. As always, Katie looks beautiful.


  9. Yeah change is hard. Unless it’s change we’ve chosen, but it seems sometimes we aren’t offered the change, we get the change whether we like it or not. In this instance, I think your image is to go into a block – as was stated above – but until I actually read that tutorial I found I won’t know this for certain. And to understand the tutorial as I read it might be another thing. My old brain is not as receptive to retaining information as it used to be. How nice that you brought us Katie to brighten our day and soften the shock of the change.


  10. I like your crane photo in the rain, very nice. I felt the same way about ‘the block.’ I went back to ‘classic’ at first. I am getting used to it. I am not sure I see a big improvement with the change. It’s like if it’s not broke don’t fix it. I don’t know why it was foisted upon us either.


  11. I have a feeling Katie would think the picture size is just right! 🙂


  12. The photo is really not too large! I hear your frustration. I use blogger so I am of no help:)


  13. You will still have access to it somehow – they just make the hoops we have to jump through smaller and smaller. If you edit the post, you should have a choice of edit or the classic editor. Having said that. you’ve done fine with the new one!


  14. Hmm, somewhere I’ve heard the phrase “Change is hard” before. 😉
    Doesn’t sound like fun.
    Wayyyy back in the earlier days of me using blogger, I could rotate photos on my computer without making a copy (don’t remember how, maybe preview, maybe Bridge) and they’d be fine when I uploaded them to my blog. Then, not toomany years back, I was looking at some older posts, and quite a few of my files are messed up. And no way to change them online. They’re hidden in a google archive somewhere, and although I can *see* them, I can’t edit them or replace them using the same name. So the photos still stay messed up.

    I’ve had to migrate my blog I think twice so far, once from some other tool (?) to my own site using blogger, then to blogger when they stopped supporting that. That was far from pain free. A blast of angst from the past–


  15. Oh dear. Are you telling me I’m going to have to switch after all?? Say it isn’t so! I’ve been using the Classic Editor all this time, and they’re going to have to drag me kicking and screaming into changing. Life is just complicated enough, without WP getting into the mix. Maybe I should’ve stayed AWOL longer, ha!


  16. Your post looks great and Katie looks perfect, Dawn. I’ve been using the block editor for over a year and I really love all the features. It really enhances the images, where you can create galleries, image compare (check out my post today), color blocks and that is the tip of the iceberg. I think you will do just fine!


  17. As I experience this particular kind of change, it is maddeningly annoying, all the more so because it seems so unnecessary and arbitrary. What was wrong with the way things were? There! I’ve vented. What can we do but vent and move on?


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