Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Smiling in the rain


Seems like the weather all across the country has gone crazy. Temperatures over 100F (37.7C) in Oregon where it’s usually cool and wet. Flash flood producing rains here in lower Michigan and elsewhere.

At first I thought the only barn photos I’d get would be from the Plaza reststops on the turnpike.

Everything here is soggy from days and days of constant rain, and it’s been raining all day today too. You’d think I’d be kind of depressed by all the dark skies and thick humid air. But I’m not. In fact I’m finding it sort of cozy to be curled up inside on the sofa listening to rain on the windows.

Right up against a winding, hilly road, I’m surprised it hasn’t been hit and taken out by a truck.

There’s no pressure to go out and weed, though that’s going to be a huge job once it stops raining. No walks in the park, no bike rides that I never seem to get to. Just lots of time to attend meetings and get clerical stuff done for the two nonprofits where I volunteer.

These first images are from Pennsylvania, with picturesque farms tucked away in the mountains.

Even Katie seems content to nap. Though she’s starting to hint that she’d like to post here soon. She says she has stuff to say. Of course she does. She’s a sheltie.

I loved the cows in the front yard.

But this post was supposed to be about what made me smile lately, so let me tell you about a impromtu trip I made to Baltimore this past weekend.

Perfectly iconic farm.

The Truck Safety Coalition was putting on a small local lunch with a couple of important objectives. One, it was an opportunity for the volunteers local to that area to get together after the long Covid shutdown. And two, we just hired a new Executive Director, and he would be attending, so it was something of a welcome lunch.

In Ohio, the wheat was ripening.

My husband and I decided to go. Katie had been eating well for almost a month and seemed like her old self. I booked her for 4 nights at camp. We planned on driving the nine hour trip, my husband’s first excursion since early 2020.

I had great weather, no significant rain the whole weekend.

Then, 2 days before our departure Katie decided she no longer liked the food she’d happily been eating. We began to hand feed her, one kibble bit at a time. Sometimes she wanted it dry. Sometimes she wanted it wet. Sometimes she’d only eat it if it was soggy.

No way she could go to camp.

Wide open flat vistas.

So husband stayed home with her and I went alone. I spread the trip over two days each way, and most of it was on either the Ohio or Pennsylvania turnpike. As you might imagine I saw lots of beautiful barns. But it was such a hassle to get on and off the turnpike, particularly in Ohio, that on the way over I didn’t stop or take a single photo.

My last day of driving was such a pretty day.

But, after a wonderful weekend among friends, on the way home I stopped twice, once in Pennsylvania and once in Ohio. Each time I drove a big country block and stopped for whatever barns I could find, then jumped right back on the turnpike again.

Red barns and golden wheat sure were pretty.

So the images in this post are from those two wanderings. I can’t show you the images I took at the lunch because I don’t have permission from any of those people to go public. Plus, it was just a bunch of pictures of people most of you don’t know eating and talking and laughing.

Add in some orange ditch lilies and you can’t help but stop for a photo!

Suffice it to say it was wonderful to be back with my Truck Safety Family, though sadly we had two new families represented. There are always new families and that’s the part that doesn’t make me smile.

But barns? Barns will always put a big ole grin on my face.

This one was a gift shop that wasn’t open when I drove by. The better not to spend more money!

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

16 thoughts on “Smiling in the rain

  1. Again, lovely pictures. I saw some barns you would have liked on my drive to Algonquin Park but I didn’t stop to get any pictures.


  2. You got to experience a portion of the beaWOOty PA has to offer!

    It will welcome you back when Life allows!

    AND it was GREAT to meet you!

    Willow and Phyll


  3. Barns, barns, barns! Truly, that area is barn central.


  4. Your barns are such a pleasure to see! Hope Katie’s got her appetite back❤


  5. I am 100% sure Katie over heard the plans and didn’t want to stay at the doggy camp and so got finicky so she’d have company… Sorry your husband couldn’t go, but glad you were able to make the trip. The barn photos are great.


  6. Sometimes it feels like these old girls like to keep us on our toes and guessing. Suddenly the past couple of days Shasta has gone back to being vocal and bright eyed and eared, after days of adding stress to my life. Your pictures are lovely – I would expect no less anymore.



  7. Great shots! And isn’t Pennsylvania beautiful??
    Hope Katie is feeling better!


  8. Farmers are adventuresome when it comes to roof lines. Have you noticed how they don’t shy away from attaching a hip roof to a quansit hut to a shed roof. Crazy!!! We never think of it this way, but it’d like modern art.


  9. Such a peaceful quality to these photos. I do like orange ditch lilies and seeing them in the foreground of the red barn seems perfect to me. I look forward to hearing what Katie has to say, it’s been a while, and she is always so astute.


  10. Beautiful as always, and thank you for sharing!! It’s so fun to go along with you on your journey through your photos! I hope Katie is doing well, she’s so darn cute! ❤️


  11. Katie probably heard you make the reservations for her at camp! Hope she is all better now. You took some amazing photos…I love the barns:)


  12. I love those cows in the front yard too. And I love you and Katie … and barns, you are the Queen of barns, my friend.


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