Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

It’s been a tough few weeks


Katie here. I know some of you have been worried about me, and I blame mama for that. After all, who is she to call me an old dog!? Do I look like an old dog to you?

This was taken today while mama and I sat in the nice cool grass.

No I do not. The fact that I’m 14.5 years old is irrelevent, it’s just a number, you know?

But it has been a rough few weeks, ever since I got that pesky gallbladder out at the beginning of April. The vets put me on some strong antibiotics for six whole weeks, and they sure played havoc with everything! Especially my tummy.

So, since I wasn’t feeling too good I decided I didn’t want to eat the stinky food they were feeding me. And then I didn’t want my old food either. And sometimes I didn’t even want the food mama cooked especially for me.

The primroses in my garden are blooming right now!

Everybody got worried.

But as soon as I got off those awful medicines I started to feel a little better. I ate some, but every day I’d decide what I liked or didn’t like. And it was always different.

Lounging around, as is due any princess.

I like to keep mama and daddy on their toes. They’d think they had figured out what would work and in a few days I’d decide I didn’t want to eat that anymore. Mama and daddy say their house looks like a pet food store now, they have a little bit (and sometimes a lot) of everything I might possibly want to eat.

Yesterday I decided I might not like the new wet food that I’ve been gulping down the past three days. Then daddy got up and offered the same food to me and I licked the bowl clean. Mama is starting to sigh a lot.

These are my wildflowers. They still have some growing to do.

This afternoon I was napping on the floor and mama got down there with me. I asked her to tickle my tummy which she did, but she seemed sort of sad. She said it was because in the old days when she got on the floor to cuddle with me I’d always get up and move somewhere else. I am not a cuddle dog. But today I felt like cuddling and she wonders if maybe it’s because I didn’t feel well.

I even gave her a kiss, which never happens. I think her eyes got a little leaky then. Mine did too.

I guess cuddling isn’t so bad after all.

So anyway.

I want to reassure all my fans that I still have lots of pretty good days. I get to go on walks and mama carries me home. I got to go to my park last week, and if it ever stops raining I’m sure I’ll get to go again. Mama says we’ll go camping in the backyard if I want to, and mama and daddy are both trying to find me the best yummy food that I’ll love. Sometimes I even bark at mama for fun, just like in the olden days.

Happy in my front yard.

All in all, I’m doing OK. I will certainly keep you all posted if anything changes. Mama says everybody should hug their own pets or kids a whole bunch. She says the more you do that the less the chance your eyes will leak when you get surprise kisses.

I think that’s pretty good advice.

Yep, I’m a happy girl.

Talk later, your gal Katie.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

46 thoughts on “It’s been a tough few weeks

  1. No Katie, you do not look old. Actually, you’re quite beautiful! Funny, my eyes are feeling a bit leaky too…I’ll go give my Sheltie boy a hug now.


  2. My eyes are leaking. Big hugs to you, Katie girl, and to your mum and dad too. Enjoy all the special times.


    • Thanky you, Miss Helen. I intend to lap up all the attention. I love that both mama and daddy are hovering around me all the time. Except when they’re pushing that stinky food.


  3. Willow and I will confirm how much your mama loves you – we saw it and felt it on SUNday –

    Keep playing The Katie The Khollie card – but not too long and too much –

    Humans aren’t as tough as we dogs are (says Willow)

    Willow and NAK’s Mama


    • Thank you Miss Phyllis and Miss Willow. Mama told me she’s never going to leave me again as she and daddy think I didn’t eat at all on Saturday cause I was missing mama. Hmmm…I wonder what else I can get away with by just not eating?


  4. As I read this post, my be eyes leaked, too. Give Katie a hug and a kiss for me.


  5. Katie–I am so happy to see you posting again. Your mama had us all worried about you. I’m not gonna lie–my eyes got to leaking pretty bad. You look wonderful, Princess. Not old–wonderful!


  6. Leaking eyes is a good thing. As is love. Thank you Katie and Dawn. Wishing you both good health and more leaky eyes


  7. Age is just a number. But some numbers require, as your mama states, more hugs.


  8. It is hard to get older…maybe some pumpkin right out of the can would be good for your tummy. Chance liked pumpkin sometimes…and ice boy he loved ice. I made “special” ice for him water boiled with a bit of salt and sugar and then I froze it…kept him hydrated and gave him a bit of what he needed. Kiss your Mama lots Princess Katie…sending you soft belly rubs:)


  9. we hope you will share good news efurry day.. and we send big hugs to you for many many many good days…


  10. Willow🐾 and I are very happy to see that you are doing so much better, Katie. Willow🐾 said to tell you that cuddling is the best way to get better. While reading your post our eyes also got leaky and we laughed also. Give your mom and dad lots of cuddles and kisses they love you very much. 🤗


  11. My eyes leak too sometimes, Katie. It means we’re full of love. I sure like that about you, and about your mama and daddy. What a beautiful home you have.


  12. Much love to you and your mama, Katie. I’m not blogging a lot, but I always keep an eye out for you, to see how you’re doing. ❤

    Bella Cat, who turned 14 this year, is not sure what she wants to eat, either. We have all kinds of different food and now Izzy Cat (also 14 — they are sisters) is getting fat from eating all the food while Bella loses weight.


    • Oh dear, Miss Robin, we’re sorry to hear about Bella Cat. I hope she decides to eat soon. In fact, she and I should form an agreement to eat at least half our food every day! Though don’t tell any of my friends I’m in agreement with a CAT!!

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Katie girl, you are still so lovely. I am sure my Tucker would have a crush on you, even if you are a wee bit older than him.


    • Well, my heart is permanently attached to my boyfriend Reilly, though he’s at the bridge now. I don’t think he’d mind too much if I was just a good friend to Tucker as long as he got to keep my heart.

      Liked by 1 person

  14. You are still the prettiest princess! Take care of yourself & let your mamma & daddy pamper you! xoxo


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  16. Katie, my eyes are getting leaky, too, but it’s good to hear from you. xxxooo


  17. You look absolutely beautiful, Princess Katie!! And guess what—my eyes got all leaky just now too.


  18. It seems to me Katie that you are as young as you feel. And if you can Mama to give you a good tummy rub I’d say you’re one clever doggy. So wonderful to hear from you again.


  19. Sooo good hearing from you, Princess Katie! Yes, count me in the number of your fans who’ve been worried (or rather, concerned about) you. Thanks for the update. Your yard looks beautiful. I can tell you’ve done a great job keeping the pests away. And that picture of you and your mama? Honey, that’s a keeper!! Makes my eyes leak a wee bit, too.


  20. So good to see you Katie! Our appetites change as we get older. My Sammy and Max (Cocker Spaniels) would only eat boiled chicken and rice. 🙂 Have fun if you camp in the yard. ❤ ❤


  21. Sweet Princess Katie you are not old! You are beautiful! Reading your post made my eyes leak. Sending love, gentle pats, and a kiss for your head. The picture of you cuddling with Mama is priceless! 💕


  22. Your mama has good advice. Keep up the good work and eat!!!


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