Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

Backyard fun


The squirrels have taken over. Katie would be incensed.

“I leaped over here for breakfast, but something seem to be amiss.”

They do provide entertainment though.

“That feeder should be RIGHT HERE!”

And distraction. They all take flying leaps over to a hanging birdfeeder, then eat until they are full.

“I’m so hungry I can hardly move.”

Or until one of us goes out and chases them off.

“The food service around here has declined. I should write a new review for Squirrels Monthly.”

But they come right back. So mostly we just sit and watch the antics.

“The food lady here is pathetic. I’m starving to death and she’s inside taking pictures.”

And then this guy showed up. I thought he was a female, one of the mama deer who are hanging around with their babies.

“I need to watch over my ladies.”

But I guess he’s not a her.

“Maybe I can get something to eat while I’m here.”

Sure is beautiful though.

“Nope. The squirrels are right, there’s nothing good to eat around here.”

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

29 thoughts on “Backyard fun

  1. Wow!

    Mutual Of Michigan!

    Of course, love the khontemplative squirrels –

    We are sure NAPK is enjoying their photoshoots!

    Willow and Phyll


    • She’s probably enjoying the fact that the camera is not pointed at HER and instead I’m focused on all those other animals. She had gotten so she didn’t want her picture taken in the last couple of years.


  2. Wowsah! Lots going on in your backyard.


  3. Ha, yes, or maybe the squirrels are so well fed and fat that they can’t move. 🙂 Lovely deer photos.


    • Yes, our squirrels are very well fed. Even before Katie left, she pretty much didn’t care about them so much. The deer I honestly thought was a doe when I took the pictures…but when I looked at him on a larger screen it was very apparent that he was not a doe at all. Probably one of our babies from a few years ago, all grown up. Or growing up anyway.


  4. I love this! The commentary for the squirrels was hilarious!
    That is a lovely deer, too.


  5. What goofy squirrels! So funny how they lay flat out, or hang by a paw looking for food! ADORABLE. 🤩 I always love your narratives with your photos. You make me giggle! 😂 And that deer is so handsome!


  6. That tired out squirrel laying there made me laugh. It is exhausting trying to get at the feeders.


  7. Hee, hee…. you’re too funny.

    I was in Central Park yesterday, and the squirrels were eating out of people’s hands. Fun to watch them work up the courage to take that last step.


    • I don’t know if I’d want a squirrel to eat out of my hand…though I’m sure they’re very gentle. Yes, it’s hard for a squirrel to trust that it’s safe…but they REALLY want that treat.


  8. haha! Can that squirrel get any more flattened out?! They are so much fun to watch. Great captures, Dawn.


  9. Squirrel antics can be fun, but it’s waaay more fun watching a Sheltie chase them all off! (Sorry, but I know you know this even if you’re not saying it!) For a solid year, after Dallas got his wings, the critters were taking over my yard, too. Squirrels, birds, rabbits, you-name-it. No more. Monkey is on the job, making a bee-line out the door and chasing them away. It’s too soon, of course, but is there a possibility you might open your heart to another dog?


    • Yes we have squirrels and ground hogs and deer and turkey as well as the regular birds. Oh and rabbits now too. We don’t know about another dog…will think about it. It’s almost 3 weeks now since she left. Every day has been excruciating for me.


  10. Wonderful viewing in your yard. I used to love watching whatever wildlife turned up in my yard in the southern part of the state – although the squirrels quickly taught me not to buy plastic bird feeders because they’d chew right through it. Here, the variety is much more limited, at least in my yard – mostly house sparrows with an occasional hummingbird, dove, or jay.


    • Yes squirrels can eat through just about ANYTHING! We never had so many as we do now…but for several years Katie hasn’t been interested enough to scare them off. And I keep feeding the birds so there’s always food and water here. If I stop doing the bird feeder the squirrels will eventually go torment someone else. I wonder why your bird population is so limited?

      Liked by 1 person

      • I don’t know if it has to do with our specific location, the large population of house sparrows, if maybe we’re in a migration not nesting path, or what. My app shows more birds for my area than I see. Last year just east of here, er had tons of Goldfinches for awhile and then they were gone – I think that we were in the migration path for them and they just moved on. I’ll look into it further one of these days.


  11. Beautiful deer and cute squirrels.


  12. It doesn’t take long for the squirrels to notice that the watch dog is not watching anymore. Nice photo of the Buck!


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