Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

And Day Three


Here it is already a week since we drove home from our UP adventure and I still have more to show you. Maybe I should stop talking and just let you look.

Oh! I almost forgot! I had whitefish tacos with pickled onions for lunch, our first day, in Paradise Michigan!

On our third and last day in the UP we got headed west toward Grand Marais where I assured my friend we’d find more stones.

If you stop at the little places along the way you’re liable to find the most amazing things.

But along the way we drove up to Deer Park, north of Newberry, and then along Lake Superior’s coast and stopped at a delightful little beach with the prettiest stones!

Just a little stretch of perfect beach.

I don’t think I found any flat white ones, but my friend found quite a few beautiful souvenirs.

They’re even prettier when they’re wet.

And we left a souvenir for someone else to find too.

I hope this doggie has a new forever home now!

And then we headed over to Grand Marais.

A walk to the beach.

Many people searching this beach are looking for agates. I wouldn’t know an agate from a rubber duck, so I just looked for flat white stones to paint. I didn’t find many of those either.

The sky was almost as mesmerizing as the water.

But the weather was beautiful with big fluffs of white clouds dressing up the sky and we had a great time wandering.

There were lots of rock hunters out on such a beautiful day.

We didn’t stay long, we were hungry and still had miles to go to get to Munising, our next stop. But we left a painted treasure for someone to find before we left.

A fish and his food wait for his person to find him.

It’s kind of a long way to go for a sandwich, but we enjoyed the glimpses of Lake Superior that we found along the way. We were hoping to stop at a couple of waterfalls in Munising before heading back to Whitefish Point for the sunset.

Do you see the surprise?

We ate at Subway, noting exotic, but filling. And of course we stopped for a visit with Munising’s Bigfoot, where we left another treasure.

The traffic was terrible in Munising, backed up for miles coming into town from 3 directions. We decided to nix the idea of getting in line to get out to one of the waterfalls, and headed to one that was on the way out of town, Wagner Falls.

The wildflowers, Joe Pye, goldenrod and queen anne’s lace were so beautiful this trip.

There’s a short mostly flat boardwalk back to the falls, and we were lucky that there weren’t many people stopping for a visit.

We took a few pictures…

The roots were pretty too, but I wish people would be kinder to nature.

…and then hid our treasure and were on our way back toward Whitefish Point.

Hidden in plain sight.

We had a long drive to get there before sunset, but we arrived early enough to appreciate the golden light on all the driftwood, and the clouds streaking the sky. This could turn out to be a stunning sunset!

The light was like this for only a few moments.

We wandered the beach, noticing how pretty everything was in the evening light…

Black ‘sand’ filled the crevices in the lighter sand. Art created by nature.

… and how the beach moves and changes every day.

A little bit of art in the middle of nature’s art.

We found a couple of places to hide more treasure and then waited for the sun to settle down and set.

Is the sky going to get prettier? Or is this it for the evening?

Most people left the beach once the sun was below the horizon, but we were out there for the long haul (and to find Yooper Lights) so we waited in the cooling air to see what would happen next.

An eagle appeared at the horizon.

And we were rewarded by intense color and beautiful shapes. It just kept getting better until it finally died into grey. The sun was done for the day, but we weren’t.

The last of the sunset and the beginning of the search.

After the sun was down we looked for Yooper Lights (stones that glow in inferred light) along with a few other late night stone addicts.

Nothing under here.

Though we didn’t find any that night, the night before, on a cold windy evening, we witnessed a young boy and his dad find a stone that glowed. The boy was soooo excited, jumping up and down in the cold Superior waves. We got him and his dad to show us what the stone looked like, and in the midst of the conversation the boy turned and looked at us, his eyes wide and said:

“I really wish I was wearing long pants!”

We roared in laughter, in all the excitement he’d been running in and out of the water of the coldest lake around without a care. Until he stopped to talk to us.

Saying goodbye to Whitefish Point. We’ll be back!

And that’s kind of the way our whole trip was. We didn’t always find what we set out to see, the perfect rock, the perfect view, the perfect sunset.

Trying to get capture that moon.

But the excitement of the whole experience kept us motivated to continue the adventure regardless. And though there were moments we wished we were wearing long pants, on the whole, it was a perfect summer trip. Mosquitoes and all.

Hoping to be noticed.

And just think, there are all those treasures out there just waiting to be found.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

36 thoughts on “And Day Three

  1. You take the most beautiful photos, Dawn.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You were rewarded with a stupendous sunset! Lunch? I would have headed straight for that brewery with wood fired pizza.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wish I had more time to explore the shores, maybe next time with you.


  4. Iridescent rocks? I’ve living under one because I’ve never heard of such gems.


  5. So very beautiful! I really love the idea of leaving painted rocks for people to find and take home. That little dog is precious.


  6. I like the juxtaposition of all of nature, writ large, against the painted stones, perfectly detailed. It seems like your vacation, which looks like it was wonderful, is telling a timeless story.


  7. WOW… your adventure inspires me to get up to the UP next summer. We made a trip last summer and made it the straits this summer, but maybe we do a BIGGER trip next summer. Keep enjoying the UP and sharing your adventures.


  8. I’ve never heard of Yooper Lights, but I imagine they’re beautiful! Must be a special kind of rock indeed. I love picturing the faces of those folks who find one of your friend’s painted rocks — like an Easter Egg hunt! So much to see and do up there — you’re a good PR person for your state!


    • I never heard of them either until this year. I think it’s some sort of new thing. I love Michigan, there’s something for everyone here! I’m headed back up there this coming week, probably the last trip of this year. Or not. We’ll see!


  9. So much! The sky, the water, the rocks, the “surprise”, the sand, the yooper stuff (UP, I suppose). But mostly I like that you were there with a friend and the friendship was made all the better for it. On the other hand, I really like that eagle in the sunset. 🙂


  10. What a rich post – full of many of the things I love to see. I’d have been over the moon to see a rock that glows, but the pebbles your friend found are lovely too. The art sand made me smile and also the scenic picture of the stump with a window in it.


  11. Dawn, I love that you left little keepsake treasures among the true treasures. Stunning photographs.


  12. Wonderful photos! You show the UP at its best!


  13. What a wonderful trip – I’m so happy to see how much fun you and your friend had left there as little gifts as you went along discovering gifts to keep as memories. Grand Marais is a beautiful place to visit. I’m fascinated that the shoreline is filled with rocks in comparison to the shorelines in FL that are covered with seashells.


  14. I want those tacos. Yes, the rest was great, photos lovely, etc, as always, blah blah. I want those tacos! Oh yum.


  15. Wow, stunning scenery, and I try the fish taco whenever it is on the menu!


  16. This is absolutely wonderful, Dawn. Sorry I missed it. Stoopid Gmail has a weird way of hiding stuff when I fall behind!
    I love your enthusiasm.


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