Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

What am I doing?


I’m off on a grand adventure. Well. An adventure of some sort anyway.

My adventure land for the first two nights.

Have you ever wondered what people do all day when they’re camping? Since I grew up camping I never considered that a question. It’s always been obvious to me. You do stuff.

Mostly what I’ve been doing.

On my current adventure I’ve been reading. And entertaining this guy who tried to climb into my lap on several occasions.

I think he’s had plenty of snacks already.

I haven’t gone exploring or walked the trails. I’ve been here before, many times, usually with Katie. At this exact site. So I spent a lot of time staring up into the sky and talking to her.

Hey girlie, remember all the times we spent here together?

And crying of course. Because I miss her so much. She was definitely with me these last couple of days at site #43.

Katie’s just around that next bend. I’m sure of it.

But mostly what I have been doing is waiting for it to get dark. And hoping that the sky will remain clear. So I can do this.

Maybe I was overrun by aliens. Or shooting stars. Or not.

Well, not exactly this….on this shot the center pole decided to slowly sink and swing the camera around in the middle of the 15 second shot. Still, it’s cool.

No, I was working more toward this.

This was one of the first shots, just to figure out where the Milky Way was.

But not exactly this either. I took a lot more, and I’ve only processed a couple of the images from that first night under the stars.

Actually there’s only been one night under the stars. Because the second day it poured rain.

In between the downpours I ventured into town to get gas.

And when it wasn’t raining I sat and worked on the images from the night before.

Wishing it would stop raining.

I thought about where I’d be going next. I knew it was across the bridge.

Beautiful even in the rain.

I’d never been to the state park I was headed to over there before so I was kind of excited. Not so excited that I wanted to drive across the bridge in the pouring rain though.

So I waited.

On a rainy afternoon might as well go for a hotdog. Actually, no I didn’t.

And waited. And waited But the rain never stopped so eventually I took a deep breath and slowly drove across the bridge to the Upper Peninsula. Where it was raining.

It will clear up soon. I’m sure.

So what happened next? I can’t tell you because I need to take a shower and check out of my hotel room.

Stay tuned.

There might be a barn or two involved.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

34 thoughts on “What am I doing?

  1. Camping: Right? We grew up camping, too. A very very different experience than hotelling or even RVing with those big RVs that are like hotels on wheels. Oh they are so luxurious but… it’s fake camping. 😉
    I need to do camping again. Am now living in an area where camping is very close by (if you get your reservations in on time, I suppose, and I’m not sure whether everything is open during the cold/rainy/sometimes snowy season). Also, I probably need a new tent.
    Feet up on the metal firepit is a familiar activity. Missing long-time camping buddies is familiar, too. I hope you thoroughly enjoy the rest of your trip.


    • Once I found a good spot to land I’m enjoying doing not much of anything. 🙂
      The new to me campsite I reserved was not good, so I didn’t stay there, and did more researching and found a better place where I will spend two nights before heading home on Sunday. I miss my girl so much, but it’s not as painful in this new site where she’d never been and I don’t have any memories with her. Though there are dogs on both sides of me and that makes me wistful. She’d have liked it here.

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  2. My goodness, so many adventures! I’m having trouble keeping up with you.


  3. My husband used to take our boys camping when they were little, and that was always my question: what do you guys do all day? They hike, they build a fire, they explore. I am just not a camper.


  4. Gracious! That’s one chubby chipmunk! It probably sounds crazy, but I’ve never been camping — nor do I feel like I’ve missed out. I’m afraid of snakes and bats, and for me, “roughing it” is staying at a Motel 6! So, I’m enjoying camping virtually through your many adventures. Yes, I understand your missing Katie. When you lose a soul-dog, it’s like losing one of your limbs. Or maybe your heart. Hugs.


  5. You’ve answered a question about camping that I’ve wondered about. So here’s a follow-up query: is there a way to lock your tent while you’re off doing stuff? Or do rely on people being honest and not stealing things?


    • Well, it’s a little of both. I never leave anything valuable in my tent. So if someone wanted to steal something they’d get sheets (usually full of sand) and blankets slightly damp from the morning humidity. And a couple of pillow and some dirty clothes. Also, in state park campgrounds there are mostly families, busier with their own kids than worrying about what I might have to steal. Though once, in all my years of camping I did have an electric skillet stolen off our picnic table when we left it out for the day while we were away. Lesson learned. There’s really no way to ‘lock’ a tent.

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  6. Totally get you. When I lost my Cole, every time I would go out running, I thought I’d see him waiting for me at trail junctions. You heard of phantom rings from a cell phone? I’d often feel the wind against my legs of him running past me. It’s been years since he had to leave, I still miss him.


    • He was your heart dog. I’m glad I got to meet him! I have always wished I had loved on him a bit more when Katie and I were over at your place, just before he crossed the bridge.


  7. Oh man… I just got back from a week away but while I was driving to my destination, I somehow kept thinking of camping and how much I miss it (though we had moved from tent to pop-up tent to trailer so I don’t think I am allowed to call it camping 😉 ) Still. Those hours of just doing stuff and nothing are the best.
    And I love your “slipped shot” – it is cool!
    Looking forward to the next part 🙂


  8. I like aliens, can’t hardly wait to meet one. Of course I’ve never met Katie (or you, Dawn), but I miss Katie too. Rain … sigh. But a barn, from the barn queen, is always the best. 🙂


  9. I swear I saw Katie in one of those photos for a brief second!


    • You probably did. She’s very clever about not revealing herself totally. Just a shadow walking down the hall, or around a big tree. She’s got her nose to the ground all the time, looking for her next adventure. I’m glad when she finds time to stop by.


  10. I love camping, Dawn, and I applaud you for going out and doing it …alone? I’m sure you miss your Katie girl. Your pics are wonderful and hope you had a good time resting. I get it about doing stuff! Hugs.


  11. I Love your camping adventures, sorry it rained so much as I wanted to see more of the milky way. Your photos are always amazing and I miss your sweet girl too. It’s good to choose a different place to help minimize the memories in that way. I absolutely love the barn, all the barns you come across are so COOL!! Thank you for sharing your camping adventures even if it’s relaxing and doing nothing! 🤩❤️


  12. Hahaha! Thank you!! 👍❤️ 🏠

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Please tell me where that giant hot dog is! Not to be crass (and ignore doggie heartache and nighttime skies), but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it, and that puzzles me.


  14. Hi Dawn. You photos are so fine and give a sense of the beauty of earthly places.
    I know how you feel after losing your sweet girl. I walked along a beach for an hour and cried when I lost my sweet girl.
    Thanks for sharing your trip.


  15. Aw, such a beautiful place to share time with nature and work through the memories of Katie. Perhaps all the rain is symbolic of all the tears you’ve held back or yet to shed. Your campsite reminded me of a childhood trip my family took to Canada. The chipmunks were like that and the RAIN was like that. It wasn’t the best time but in retrospect a memorable trip. I even asked my brother the other day if he remembered the trip. He did. I think the fact that we were stuck together as a family in the tent made the difference.
    Your photos are beautiful. Such a gorgeous spot to look at the stars and see their reflections on the water. Next trip, the weather will be better. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.
    I look forward to seeing your next post about what else you did. Thanks for sharing your sacred spot shared with Katie with us.


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