Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.

New feeder


I swear the birds in my yard are so spoiled.

Ms. Downy Woodpecker spent a lot of time on the new feeder yesterday.

They wait every morning, growing more impatient every hour I’m late, for their feeders to be filled.

She was curious about me, just inside the window, but not frightened.

Yes feeders. As in multiple.

They already had an oiler feeder, a thistle feeder, a flat feeder and an oriole and/or hummer feeder, depending on the season.

I love capturing her fuzzy fluffy feathers.

But I follow a bird photographer who just purchased a new feeder that seemed to be a bird favorite, so I ordered one too.

Then Mr. Downy showed up, chasing her off. He thinks he’s special I guess.

The birds love it. I don’t know if it’s just because it’s new, or because the bigger birds who can’t fit through my caged feeder have a new source of snacks.

He’s fuzzy too.

Yesterday it enticed three different types of woodpeckers to spend time near our windows.

And then Ms Red-bellied arrived, chasing Mr. Downy off the feeder.

I hope you enjoyed seeing them as much as we did!

And Ms. Hairy Woodpecker arrived too, with her long beak. She at least shared the feeder with the little birds.

And go over and read Backyard Bird Nerd’s blog. You’ll love the variety of birds that she attracts to her yard!

Hey! What about ME? I’m pretty too….but they won’t let me on the popular feeder.

I’m looking forward to spending more time with my birds, but I’ll try to get up earlier to get those feeders filled before they go on strike and demand one treat per image taken. It’s possible Katie left them a copy of her contract and I don’t want that kind of thought process to spread.

I’m new around here (red breasted nuthatch, I’ve never seen here before!), so I’ll just look for seeds over on the railing.

Author: dawnkinster

I'm a long time banker having worked in banks since the age of 17. I took a break when I turned 50 and went back to school. I graduated right when the economy took a turn for the worst and after a year of library work found myself unemployed. I was lucky that my previous bank employer wanted me back. So here I am again, a long time banker. Change is hard.

29 thoughts on “New feeder

  1. That is absolutely wonderful, Dawn! I’m promising myself that next year, I am going to get a couple!


  2. You spoil your birds and they spoil you by providing so many neat photo ops!


  3. Looks like a cool feeder. I want to get a new one, but have been waiting for the bears to go into hibernation. I’m using my beat up, bear broken/Jeff repaired ones for now 😂

    Sun comes up later and later, hopefully those birds are starting to sleep in a bit for you 😊


  4. Lovely! Was that little one a house finch?


  5. It’s amazing how bossy birds can be when their seed is delayed! And thanks for the kind mention. Glad you like the feeder!


    • Everybody is really enjoying it. Including a raccoon (I think) at night who takes it down and cleans it out. Guess I’m gonna have to bring it in for awhile until the coon moves on down the road.


  6. Wonderful that the new feeder is such a hit! We have the same assortment of birds at our feeders. Love those fluttering beauties.


  7. How fun! Will be looking into that feeder for here in Pennsylvania.
    Great photos of your continuous entertainment!


  8. Sweet pics of birds doing their thing, Dawn. Your post works well with my Sunday Stills color challenge theme. The day came that I dreaded–my little Aero crossed the rainbow bridge last week. I’m sure they have met and are having a blast!


  9. I love you photos; birds, lighthouses, and starry nights. Thought of you this past week when I was teaching science…. your photos of the stars are amazing. As for the feeder, looks interesting. I’ve been neglectful of my feeders back home – been busy and out of town the past two weekends. It’s a Monday afternoon project to refill and clean up. the hummingbirds have flown the coop, but I saw one last week in Anaheim, California on my way to watch the Rangers play the Angels. Will be watching my feeders and checking out the feeders at the hardware store. Stay well and enjoy fall. Peace.


  10. That’s one fancy-pants bird feeder! I’m glad your diners seem to appreciate the menu — bonus for us humans that we get to admire them while they eat. Not sure I’d like having a flock of birds watch me while I eat though, ha!


  11. Wonderful photos! Perhaps I need one of those bird feeders… Our woodpecker seems to stay on the fencepost when it visits (or at least I’ve not yet caught it on the bird table or feeders).


    • Hmmmm….could be what you’re serving on the feeder isn’t his or her thing. I use black oilers (sunflower seeds, not the striped ones) and some shelled split peanuts. I use suet in the winter, but the coons and squirrels like that too, so sometimes I give up on that.


  12. Great photos of the birds. Did’nt realize there are so many different types of woodpeckers, and they are all in your neighborhood.


  13. Absolutely stunning shots, Dawn!


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