Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.


So easy to forget

You know how we’ve all been complaining about the s*** and how brutal this winter was?  Well I agree, it was brutal…but tonight I was looking through some old pictures for another project and I came across these:

Which were taken April 6, 2009.

So I’m thinking that sometimes we just forget that winter is winter and probably one is like the other and maybe, since we’re not in the middle of a blizzard right now, we should just be happy.

So I am.




Got to the park before the sleet got to us.

There’s another (perhaps the last?) cold front coming through now.  Katie and I watched the weather on the news this morning and decided we would try to squeeze in a small adventure before the storm hit.

We just made it.

It was cold.  And windy.

And the park people had recently done a controlled burn of acres and acres of fields.


It smelled pretty bad to me, probably worse to Katie.

But we had fun anyway, and made it home just as the first spits of sleet hit the windshield.  I’d tell you what it’s doing now but I promised not to talk about s*&! anymore.


My day

I was thinking that having a blog that wouldn’t upload pictures might be, in a strange way, a good thing.  That it would force me to concentrate on words rather than relying on photos to tell my story.  And I even had a couple of thoughts I wanted to write about.

But another busy day at work has me whipped.  So I’m falling back on the photos to tell you all about it.

It started with the usual commute into the sun.  But it’s always good to have sunshine so I didn’t mind.  After a crazy  9 hours I left work to find it was snowing!

What’s with that?  Is this not the end of March?  Didn’t that Groundhog Phil guy predict that this year we were NOT going to have 6 more weeks of winter?  Wasn’t that sometime at the beginning of February?  I just don’t get it.

Once home we were sitting around eating some homemade Tuscan soup when Katie alerted us to events outside.

“There are deer out in my yard Mama!  Come see!  Come see!”

We’ve had four or five deer hanging around for a couple of weeks.  Tonight there were at least a dozen.

And most of them were eating bird seed under our bird feeder and drinking out of the birdbath.

These aren’t great photos because they’re taken from inside through the window with all sorts of reflections…but you get the idea.

It’s been an exciting evening here at the old King homestead.  We’re all still on guard, no rest for the Sheltie!



Winter slides away

Maybe it’s just me being hopeful, but this morning I could almost feel spring in the air.

Yes there’s still snow on the ground.  In fact it snowed yesterday and it’s supposed to snow again this weekend. But like the snow sliding down the windshield of the car parked out front I feel winter sliding away.

This morning Katie and I were out in the driveway practicing our heeling.  (I think I almost have it down now.  She says it’s about time.)  Across the street birds began singing and as I glanced that way I think I saw a flock of robins!  Squirrels are playing.  The SUN is shining!  The birch trees in the back yard are glowing.  And there are tulips poking their little green heads up through the snow by the front door.  Mostly I think spring is in the air because Katie wants to be OUTSIDE NOW MOM!  And she doesn’t want to come back in after our trip to the mailbox to mail our weekly letter.

I bet if I checked blog posts from a year ago I’d find that I was saying the same thing.  Every year I get my hopes up.  Maybe this year, after such a difficult winter, spring will slide into my world without first dashing my hopes.

Hope springs eternal.  So they say.


Signs of spring

We still have snow on the ground even though it rained all day yesterday.  And with so much water on and in the ground this morning we are waking up to a fog advisory.  Less than an 1/8 of a mile visibility here.  It’s going to be another interesting commute!

But last night, at 2:30 in the morning as Katie and I were exploring outside to find the perfect spot I noticed how quiet it was.  I could hardly hear the freeway, and the air felt soft and warm.  I almost wanted to stay out longer to enjoy it.  But it was 2:30 in the morning and I have to go to work today.

This morning as Katie and I were outside looking for another perfect spot I heard what I thought was one cardinal calling from high up in a tree to my left.  Or was he to my right?  Or maybe across the street?  As I listened I realized there were three cardinals all calling together, one after another, around and around me.  Singing their hearts out.

And yesterday driving home from work I saw two hawks sitting side by side in a tree near the freeway.  I’ve never seen hawks sit next to each other like that.  I prefer to think that they’re in love…another sign of spring.

But the clincher was this morning when, while picking up the newspaper at the end of the driveway, I could hear my neighbor, two houses down yelling at his boys.  I never hear that in the winter…but it’s an all summer long thing.

Must be spring.