Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.


A Tail of Three

It all started early one morning when we noticed a visitor breakfasting in the back yard.

But wait! Look who else has arrived!

A young buck enjoys our house special, succulent turf du jour.
Are you looking at me, lady?
Just a moment…do I hear something over there?
I guess it’s nothing. If that lady is going to be taking pictures I better spruce up a bit.
Meanwhile, another visitor approaches the buffet.
Just one moment! Who are YOU?
Why, no one important, sir!
OK then. Just so it’s clear who’s the big buck around here.
Yes sir, of course sir!
Shhhhh! Just a word of warning, watch out for the big guy over there.
Thanks for the tip!
And another thing, you two youngsters need to show more respect!
I swear, this younger generation has no idea. The things I had to put up with when I was a kid. Why I walked to school in blizzards, uphill both ways!
I’ll just grab a quick snack to go…
Need to find me a quiet place for a nap.
Kids today…gotta keep em in line. Yep, always something….