Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.



It’s definitely spring here in Michigan. Proof is everywhere, but especially at our backyard birdfeeders.

The male goldfinches have turned yellow, and it seems like it happened overnight.

Olive green one day, brilliant yellow the next.

Or so it seems anyway.

I hope my little goldfinch made you smile. What says spring where you live? Has it happened yet or does winter still hold your neighborhood hostage? OR….are you in the southern hemisphere and you’re headed into autumn? What changes are happening in your backyard?


Tales (or Tails) from the backyard part II

These midsummer days are perfect for hanging out on the deck watching the antics of those expecting to be fed.

Wonder what she’s serving today?
The food lady has been a bit slow to serve us lately, I hope I’m not disappointed this morning!
Not one of your better offerings, lady. Maybe you should consider expanding the menu.

Well I certainly don’t have an issue with the menu!

I’m just going to stuff as many seeds into my cheeks as possible….

…oops! The lady is OUT HERE ON THE DECK!!!! RUN!!!!!!