Change Is Hard

…but change is certain.


How to smash a whole lot of stuff into one weekend.

I’m retired, so one day is pretty much like another. Weekends have no real significance, and Monday is now my favorite day of the week because most of you go back to work and I don’t have to.

Welcome to the 2018 Woodward Dream Cruise!

I know. That’s just cruel.

But then again sometimes weekends are filled with so many fun things that I actually am sorry to see them end. Like this past one.

It started out with me volunteering on a campaign for a woman who is running for Congress in my district. Our district has been represented in Congress by one party for as far back as I can remember. This year there’s a serious contender, a woman with military experience, who has worked for the Pentagon and was willing to sit with my husband and I for over an hour discussing truck safety issues.

It’s unique.

She’s got my vote.

So, though I am not political and have never worked on a campaign before, Saturday morning found me sitting in a small stuffy room with several other people my age, all of us peering through our bifocals at our laptops as a young campaign worker explained the data entry project we volunteered to help with.

Good to have a matching umbrella to ward off the sun.

She was so patient with us as we fumbled through connecting to their WiFi, stumbled over the password, then tried to understand the data entry program. Never once did she roll her eyes, though I have to admit I did at least once.

Lots of color and detail.

Turns out she had just graduated from high school, and was taking a gap year before she went to college just to work on this campaign. Amazing. She was nineteen and had the ability to make us not feel stupid when we asked questions as we worked through the huge pile of reports filed with information from volunteers out canvasing neighborhoods.

It wasn’t restricted to just cars.

Her enthusiasm was contagious and we willingly worked past the time we originally committed to get the job done.

And to reward myself for sitting in that small room straining my eyes for hours I took myself to the Woodward Dream Cruise that was happening in a town not so far away.

There was plenty for sale if you caught the car bug.

If you’re asking what that is, well, you’re not from around here.

In the old days, on Friday and Saturday nights the locals would drive their muscle cars up and down Woodward Avenue, through and between several towns. These days, for one weekend every August, people come from all over the country, some bringing their antique muscle cars, to do the same.

Muscle from the old days.

The streets are lined with people who enjoy watching the beautiful cars go by. Parking lots are filled with more of the vehicles.

Lots of money in this lot next door to the Porsche dealership.

They’re everywhere.

Back in the neighborhood a few blocks away from the main drag.

I fell in love with this pair of vehicles.

There’s a sort of elegance that most cars today lack. I guess we’re more functional and less stylish these days.

I enjoyed wandering around, though I walked less than one mile down Woodward Avenue, and spent maybe an hour there. I loved taking pictures of old cars, the lines so beautiful, the colors so vibrant.

Hard to miss this one!

Anyway. That was Saturday. Sunday a college friend and I went kayaking at my favorite park.

Spending Sunday morning on a lake. Perfect.

We rented kayaks there, for only $8 an hour. We told the (very) young lady there we’d be out for an hour at most, after all we were old. She smiled politely.


We were out for 2 hours and I’m not even sore this morning. Pretty good for a couple of old broads!

Two hours later the skies began to cloud.

And I slept out in the backyard in the tent all weekend too, getting geared up to take at least one camping trip this summer…before summer slides away!

Katie says she hasn’t gone on one camping trip all summer. She says that’s unacceptable. I have to agree.

Stay tuned.

These looked fun too, maybe next time!


Orphan car show

Husband and I wandered through an “Orphan” car show this weekend down in Ypsilanti Michigan. No, these aren’t cars that were abandoned on firehouse steps, these are cars that are no longer produced. The Edsel, the Hudson, the AMC Rambler, the Studebaker and so many more.

Lots of cars!

Lots of cars!

Old cars from before I was born, and cars I remember from my teenage years. I learned to drive a stick shift in one like this years ago.

The AMC Pacer...lots of glass!

The AMC Pacer…lots of glass!

There were so many beautiful cars. The lines and details were amazing.



And that’s mostly what I focused my camera on. If you want to see whole cars you should stop by my Facebook page where my husband posted loads of beautiful photos.

Here I’m going to show you details. There are so many it’s hard to know where to start. So I’ll just put together a slideshow of some of my favorite colors and shapes. And the chrome! Oh my the chrome!

I hope you enjoy:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We had such a good time!

And then we walked back through the historic district and found a Hudson museum! It was originally a dealership for Hudson automobiles and stayed open until after the car was no longer being built, selling used Hudsons for years.

The door slides into the frame!!

The door slides into the frame!!

There were more beautiful cars there! And featured was a 1955 Hudson Italia built in Milan Italy, #20 of only 26 ever built. It’s the color of rich butter pecan ice cream and simply beautiful. Look at the lines, the shapes, the details.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I wonder. In 100 years, which of our cars will be sitting in museums for people to enjoy? Which ones will look like art?

I didn’t grow up as a ‘car person’ but over the years I’ve learned to appreciate beautiful design combined with quality function. I hope you enjoyed the tour, and maybe it will inspire you to stop by a car show near you.

Hudson hotrod

Tucker hotrod


Rush hour musings

The traffic was stop and go on my way to work today.  So I had a lot of time to contemplate the license plate on the car just in front of me.


Say it out loud.   You’ll get it.

After I got it I started looking at the car itself.  Was it a Lexus, a BMW, a Cadillac?  No.  It was a very very old Oldsmobile.  They don’t even make the Oldsmobile anymore…and this wasn’t one of the last ones built.

It was big as a tank, square, low.  Probably rides great and still looks pretty good except for the rust around the bottom of the trunk lid.  So.  He owes a lot.  Obviously not on this car, so must be somewhere else.   Which made me wonder.   Aren’t vanity plates expensive?  If you owe a lot why would you spend money on a more expensive license plate?

Oh.  Wait.  Maybe he compulsively buys things.  Like vanity plates.  Maybe that’s why he owes a lot.

You know, I bet there’s more to this story.


Definition of winter

Car on the wall.

Car on the wall.

Scott has challenged us to show what winter means to us.     Since I live in Michigan I suppose you are expecting snowy photos.  But we don’t always have snow where I live near Detroit.  Maybe you expect to see wide expanses of frozen lake.  But our lakes don’t always freeze either.  So what does happen each year at the height of winter here?  Well, the North American International Auto Show happens in January, here in Detroit, every single year.  Even in the bad years the show went on. but you can tell the auto industry is on its way back by the size of the show this year. (Click on the photos to see the detail.)

Especially beautiful were some of the concept cars…

Concept cars stretch our imagination.

Concept cars stretch our imagination.

…and the extraordinarily expensive cars…

This Bentley was only $135,000.

This Bentley was only $135,000.

…and today’s version of muscle cars.

Life size hot wheel car.

Life size hot wheel car.

So many cars, so many choices.  It’s hard to choose!  How about one of each?!



The color of summer – photo challenge

Karma has issued her August photo challenge.  This time it is all about color.  In fact our assignment was to find all the colors of the rainbow represented in summer fun.

We have lots of summer color around here, so I’m taking you on three different photo tours. It’s difficult to choose just one photo for each color, so I’m splurging on three categories!

First is the county fair.  I went to the fair specifically to find the colors of the rainbow.  Some of you have seen many of my fair photos; I posted them shortly after I was there.  But I saved the photos here just for this challenge.

Second is our own garden.  After I read the challenge I realized that all the colors of the rainbow were right here at home.

Third is an annual event that occurs here every August called the Woodward Dream Cruise.  People from all over the country converge on our county and drive their antique and muscle cars up and down miles and miles of Woodward Ave, just like teenagers used to cruise Woodward in the 50’s.  It’s a huge event and there are beautiful cars on display for miles.  I’ll show you just a few.  I found that I was more interested in the art of pieces of vehicles than the whole car or truck.  So mostly you’ll see pieces of them here.










And as a special bonus, a picture of ME doing something summery.


Woodward Dream Cruise


Every year lovers of antique cars and trucks show up here and cruise Woodward Avenue, reminiscent of the teenagers who used to cruise up and down that road back in the 50’s.  It’s a huge event; people bring their cars from all over the country.

I wish you all could have been there.

I’m not a car crazed person, even though I live in Michigan.  And though this event has been going on and growing bigger and bigger for years, I’ve never attended.

I went this year and wandered around on one mile of a several mile extravaganza.

The cars were beautiful.

The noise of hotrods on the street was overwhelming.


It was a blast.